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Getting set up for final project


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Creating a new directory in webfaction and uploading a starter theme in Wordpress.

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Getting set up for final project

  1. 1. Getting Started on the Final Project Creating a new directory in Webfaction and installing a starter Wordpress theme
  2. 2. Create a new directory in Webfaction • Go to “websites” tab in Webfaction, click on site
  3. 3. Add a new application
  4. 4. 1. Call it “magazine” 2. Change app category to “WordPress” 3. Add “magazine” to the url 4. Save
  5. 5. Save your new directory *Note: Your site might not show up right away
  6. 6. Congrats! • You now have two different Wordpress installs • yourdomainname (portfolio site) • yourdomainname/magazine • Use will use a different username and password to log into each site
  7. 7. Visit yourdomainname/magazine • Click “Log in” on bottom left
  8. 8. Your username is “admin” • What’s your password? Go to Webfaction.
  9. 9. Go to the “applications” tab • Click on your new magazine directory
  10. 10. Copy the “Extra info” at the bottom
  11. 11. The “Extra info” is your temporary password
  12. 12. Log in to your new Wordpress dashboard
  13. 13. Add yourself as a new user as Administrator
  14. 14. Log out, log back in w/ new password
  15. 15. Go to Users and delete Admin
  16. 16. Attribute posts to you, then confirm
  17. 17. Now you’re ready to download a new theme • Go to Appearance  Themes  Add New
  18. 18. Install the tk-1.0 starter theme • You will first need to download this theme from the class website
  19. 19. Activate the new theme
  20. 20. Refresh yourdomainname/magazine • You are now ready to start building your site!