HRx Consultancy Services
HRx Consultancy ServicesOrganisations often fall victim to        HRx was founded to provide advice and support, specifica...
HRx Consultancy Services                                                                                   pageS 1 – 2SERV...
EmpLOYEE HaNDBOOkS                                                    JOB DESCRIpTIONSIncorporating Policies & Procedures ...
HRx Consultancy Services                                                                                                  ...
SaLaRY & BENEFITS aDmINISTRaTION                                       TRaINING & DEVELOpmENTMost start-up and emerging co...
HRx Consultancy Services                                                                                                  ...
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HRx Brochure


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Our sister company\'s brochure a HR Consultancy

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HRx Brochure

  1. 1. HRx Consultancy Services
  2. 2. HRx Consultancy ServicesOrganisations often fall victim to HRx was founded to provide advice and support, specifically to start-up and emerging businesses.constantly changing employment HRx comprises a flexible team of consultants with experience in different aspects of the human resource functions such aslegislation as the excitement and policies and procedures; employment law; career counsellingpressures of business development and development; recruitment and outplacement. HRx teams are brought together under a project director tooften override human resource provide expertise on an assignment by assignment requirements. HRx offers a cost-effective, flexible solution to short-term and ongoing human resource management for: Start-up companiesThe importance of keeping up with Developing businessesthe changes in employment law Organisations that are embarking upon the establishmentshould not be underestimated. of in-house, dedicated human resource management HRx also offers support to established Human ResourceThe benefits of having professional departments.advice and guidance readily available HRx offers services across a wide industry ensure that accurate detaileddocumentation and procedures arein place will help avoid potentialcostly litigation and result in greaterefficiency, whilst ensuring staffmotivation and commitment.
  3. 3. HRx Consultancy Services pageS 1 – 2SERVICES OFFERED BY HRx INCLUDE• Employee Handbooks • Absence Management• Standardised Documentation • Discipline, Dismissal & Grievance• Job Descriptions & Person Specifications • Career Development• Recruitment • Payroll Administration• Interview Techniques • Pension Administration• Induction • Change & Crisis Management• Salary & Benefits Administration • Outplacement & Coaching• Performance Appraisal • Retirement• Training & Development
  4. 4. EmpLOYEE HaNDBOOkS JOB DESCRIpTIONSIncorporating Policies & Procedures & pERSON SpECIFICaTIONSan employee handbook is an important communication tool that Regardless of the size or complexity of an organisation, a joblets employees know what is expected of them and what they description that is current and comprehensive is an effectivecan expect from their employers. If your organisation doesn’t management tool for communicating job requirements andhave written policies and procedures that are implemented in performance standards to employees. a job descriptiona consistent and fair manner, chances are your managers and helps introduce new employees to their jobs and aids in theirsupervisors are making personnel decisions based on personal on-the-job training. Job descriptions also play an importanthunches, likes/dislikes, attempts to avoid an issue or even role in evaluating job performance by helping to compare ancontentment with an established yet inefficient system. employee’s actual performance with the set standards as indicated on the formalised job description.HRx can develop an employee handbook that is tailored toyour organisation’s individual requirements. Our customised Job descriptions and person specifications give managers andemployee handbook will incorporate all the HR policies and supervisors the guidelines to hire, promote and supervise withprocedures your organisation needs to ensure compliance with maximum effectiveness. If your organisation wants to increaseemployment regulations, improve employee communications, employee communications and maximise productivity, well-and create consistency in policy application. written job descriptions and person specifications are essential. HRx offers customised job descriptions and personSTaNDaRDISED DOCUmENTaTION specifications. Our comprehensive job descriptions demonstrateConsistency is vitally important to the smooth running of an compliance with current and approaching legislation.organisation regardless of size or industry sector. It is alsoimportant when dealing with issues such as promotion, disciplinaryhearings or redundancy decisions, based on factors such asattendance and performance.HRx can provide your organisation with a comprehensive list ofdocument templates, which will be customised for your organisation,for use in recruitment, holiday requests, training applications,performance appraisals, disciplinary hearings, remunerationstructuring, benefits package monitoring and many other areas.
  5. 5. HRx Consultancy Services pageS 3 – 4RECRUITmENT INTERVIEW TECHNIQUEattracting the right person for the job will save you time and Having prepared a justification for the role along with a jobmoney. Detailed Job Descriptions and person Specifications description and person specification, it is imperative thatenable an organisation to identify what the job requires and the candidates are interviewed in a timely, professional andskills needed to perform the job, but the recruitment process, consistent manner. Managers and supervisors involved in theif handled incorrectly, can be expensive and time consuming. recruitment process need to be trained to ensure that they anda poorly worded or misplaced advertisement can attract the the candidates gain the maximum from the interview(s) and canwrong people to your door and in today’s employment climate form a considered judgement on how to need to be as specific as possible to reduce the number of HRx offer a comprehensive training programme with supportinginappropriate applicants. documentation that supplements the job knowledge and skillsHRx can manage your complete recruitment process for all appreciation of the line managers as they seek to select fromCorporate Support and Commercial personnel. Our sister those candidates short-listed for acknowledge Resourcing, provide a comprehensiverecruitment service for engineering, Scientific and IT Specialist INDUCTIONpersonnel. The first few days of a new job are extremely important to a newHRx also provides clients with support and guidance where the recruit. Simply providing a handbook and sitting them at theirrecruitment process is to be managed internally. This includes work-station is not with the creation of client advertisements and ensuringthat they are placed in the most appropriate media. Help is also HRx can provide you with a complete induction programmeavailable for the sifting/short-listing process and attendance from the moment the new recruit is employed to the follow upand support during interviews, with a view to providing a further meeting by their line manager or supervisor at the end of theobjective opinion of candidates. agreed induction period.HRx will provide a time-table of events to aid the smoothmanagement of the recruitment process, thereby ensuring thatall applicants are dealt with in a timely and efficient manner.
  6. 6. SaLaRY & BENEFITS aDmINISTRaTION TRaINING & DEVELOpmENTMost start-up and emerging companies do not have a formal Through a wide network of training providers, HRx offerssalary and benefits administration programme in place. The a variety of training and development options for bothoverall goal of a salary and benefits administration programme management and employees. Training topics available include,is to attract, retain, and motivate employees and to help an but are not limited to:organisation achieve its management objectives. Communication SkillsBecause employees represent a substantial investment in an Counselling and Coachingorganisation and labour costs have a significant impact on theannual budget, it is critical for employers to adopt an effective employee Motivation and Morale enhancementsalary and benefits administration programme. Sales and MarketingThe loss of quality personnel due to an ineffective Recruiting and Interviewingcompensation programme has an impact far in excess ofthe obvious costs of replacement. Management Skills Development Team BuildingpERFORmaNCE appRaISaL problem Solving and Conflict ResolutionDo your employees know how well they’re performing? areemployees given attainable and quantifiable goals to strive towards? performance appraisalsMost employees want and expect regular performance feedback. Information Technology (beginner to advanced levels)a performance appraisal programme achieves this goal byproviding an ongoing process for evaluating job performance aBSENCE maNaGEmENTand providing constructive feedback. By acknowledging absenteeism results in a dramatic adverse cost to allan employee’s contributions to the organisation and setting businesses, no matter whether these intervals of absence are forchallenging but attainable goals for the next review period, the odd day or for extended periods.the performance appraisal provides an effective method ofincreasing employee motivation. Organisations that don’t There are a variety of approaches that may be employed to manageevaluate their employees usually have lower productivity, poor these interruptions and HRx will advise on what is most appropriateemployee morale, and higher staff turnover. for specific circumstances.HRx can develop and implement a performance appraisalprogramme that is tailored to the specific and unique needsof your organisation. Our services include creating effectiveperformance management policies and procedures, developingcustomised appraisal forms, and conducting employee andmanagement/supervisory training and coaching.
  7. 7. HRx Consultancy Services pageS 5 – 6DISCIpLINE, DISmISSaL & GRIEVaNCE pENSION aDmINISTRaTIONFurther to the introduction of the aCaS Discipline and grievance Many different pension schemes are available today. HRx willcode in april 2009 all employers, regardless of size, should operate provide introductions to professional advisors who will identifyminimum dismissal, disciplinary and grievance procedures. those schemes best suited to your organisation and will help you through the pensions maze.a formal disciplinary procedure should be in place in orderthat employees are aware of what constitutes acceptable andunacceptable behaviour. This will ensure all deviation is dealt CHaNGE & CRISIS maNaGEmENTwith in a fair and equitable manner. Restructure, Reorganisation or RelocationThe ultimate step in the disciplinary procedure is dismissal, We are in a constantly changing business environment.which comes into effect if, despite warnings, conduct or acquisitions, mergers, buy-ins, buy-outs, spin-outs, start-ups,performance does not improve, or for a first offence of gross and regrettably some closures, will continue to be a featuremisconduct. Many employers are nervous when it comes to of the business world. HRx can help make the transition rundismissing employees, as they are concerned that a potential smoothly and ensure effective communication with employees,minefield of legislation awaits them. which is key to business employee working in an organisation may, at some time,have problems or concerns about their work, working conditions OUTpLaCEmENT & COaCHINGor relationships with colleagues that they wish to talk about with Whether voluntary or involuntary, redundancy is often a difficulttheir manager. They will want the grievance to be addressed, time for employees. It is important that the organisation supportsand, if possible, resolved. It is in the organisation’s best interest the departing employee(s) and not lose sight of the impactto resolve problems that if left unresolved could develop into redundancy has on those remaining.larger issues. HRx provides introductions to a variety of specialist outplacementWith discipline and grievance issues, fairness and consistency are consultants who will help the redundant employee find new workvital to a successful conclusion. HRx will give advice and guidance or ease into retirement.through the stages required to ensure discipline, dismissal andgrievance processes are compliant with current legislation. HRx will also provide guidance on how to avoid low morale of the remaining employees during and after redundancies.CaREER DEVELOpmENTOnce you have recruited and trained your employees it is important RETIREmENTthat they are kept motivated and interested in the job and their employers and employees often underestimate the effect ofskills are developed. Once skills are mastered, often with additional retirement on both the organisation and the individual. Thequalifications obtained, it is human nature to want to move onto the potentially adverse impact on staff morale and the skill gapsnext level. It is important to have career development programmes in created during the retirement process need to be identified andplace to accommodate personal growth. addressed so as to ensure that all parties are comfortable with the transition.paYROLL aDmINISTRaTION HRx can help with the administration and management ofThere is a vast array of systems on offer at this time to manage employees embarking on retirement.payroll. HRx provides advice and guidance on the mostappropriate software for your organisation.
  8. 8. HRx Consultancy ServicesT: 0870 145 4436 E: W: