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Streetwise Media: Media Ket


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Streetwise Media: Media Ket

  1. 1. The view from inside Boston. A STREETWISE MEDIA PROPERTY 2012 Media Kit
  2. 2. The Future of News in Boston Within two years of launching, BostInno has become one of the leading online properties in Boston, reaching over 1 million people per month. Our community represents current innovators and the future leaders ofBoston. Our platform hosts thousands of articles from local companies and innovators. Our reach includes the most influential people on social media in the region.
  3. 3. Our AudienceCombining a fast, edgy, and opinionated editorial team with a rapidly growingcommunity publishing platform, we’re reinventing news online.
  4. 4. Our Content BostInno’s content covers everything our audience needs to know about the city. Work Play Buzz Business news News andThe biggest stories in and coverage of information about Boston working life all the fun and inside the most entertaining things to do in Boston. innovative city in the world.
  5. 5. Channels: Community Publishing for Companies A Channel is a space on our platform that you design, to which you can publish unlimited branded content. Sharing your content on BostInno means you can focus on your message, and let us take care of building the audience. And it’s all at no cost to you. Activate your audience. By connecting with our audience in a genuine way, Channels have proven to attract top talent for job candidates, drive leads and increase brand awareness. Easy-to-use. Control your Channel via a user-friendly dashboard. Add images and branding, automatically pull in your blog posts, and invite other authors and Channel managers. Your space, your content. Post unlimited approved content, including your current blog posts, on a page with your branding. Our editorial team provides support and expertise, and all Channel posts are featured on BostInno’s home page.
  6. 6. Sponsorship & Advertising Opportunities In the sea of content online and an age when anyone can publish, it is not enough to just buy advertising, start a blog, or post an opportunity on a job board. BostInno’s sponsorship, career posting, and advertising opportunities tie your brand to unique value, creative dialogue, with in-person elements that activate, engage, and expand your audience. Sponsored Content Event Sponsorships Careers on BostInno
  7. 7. Sponsored Content SeriesSponsored content series give companies the opportunity to generate targeted awarenessby being at the center of a valuable topic. Go beyond a static traditional ad and engage in adialogue with our audience.Customized Packages Available:•Timeframes of 1, 2, 4 or 6 weeks•3 to 10 post series available, writtenby BostInno’s editorial team overspecified timeframe•All posts featured on homepage andpromoted via social media•Includes 728x90 leaderboard (withavailable upgrade to 970x90 superleaderboard) and a 300x250 mediumrectangle
  8. 8. Sponsored VerticalsPut your company at the center of conversation and buzz in a particular vertical onBostInno to grow awareness and brand equity. Package: • Exclusive Trade Organization or Company Sponsorship of a BostInno Vertical (City News, Tech, Edu, Marketing & Advertising, Health, etc.) • Inclusion of up to 4 right rail widgets, provided by Sponsor, ranging in size from 250x150 to 250x250 to promote events, videos, calendars, or member updates. • Ad slots 970x90 super leaderboard & 300x250 medium rectangle
  9. 9. Careers on BostInnoLaunched June 2012, BostInno Careers allow you to reach Boston’s most active, engaged,and influential job-seeking audience with the view from inside your company. Show candidates what they want to see: • Automatically create a Channel with your branding on BostInno to profile your team and celebrate your culture at no cost Go beyond boring, traditional jobs sites: • Career postings featured throughout the site, both on the Careers directory and your Channel page • Career postings reach job-seekers, referrers, and influencers alike, to reach an even broader audience Pricing: • $99 per 30 day post (for a limited time)
  10. 10. Event Sponsorship OpportunitiesCombine customized in-person engagement with online elements for a branding reachthat’s simultaneously expansive and targeted. Meet ups: Reach 300 - 700 engaged & driven Boston professionals in person, & thousands more with branding online. Packages include in-event brand activation, coupled with promotion online via posts, photos, and videos. Monthly Meet Ups BostInno Pillar Events Our pillar events draw between 700 - 2,500 attendees, focusing on a specific theme or goal. Sponsorship packages are highly customized, tailored for optimum on-site & online brand reach & engagement. You’ll reach hundreds of thousands, receive leads & custom attendee info, & tie your brand to a positive, engaging, interactive experience.
  11. 11. Our Sponsors & Advertisers Include:
  12. 12. The view from inside Boston. To buy, please Thank you.