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Leukocytes slides


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Leukocytes slides

  1. 1. Leukocytes: A visual tour Laboratory Procedures
  2. 2. Segmented Neutrophil (The Adult)
  3. 3. Band Cell (The “baby” Neutrophil)
  4. 4. Hyper-Segmented Neutrophil (The Senior Citizen)
  5. 5. Lymphocyte (The Guard Dog)Large Nucleus
  6. 6. Monocyte (The Scavenger) Has Vacuoles
  7. 7. Eosinophil (The Allergy Slayer)Granules stain RED
  8. 8. Basophil (The Unknown Stranger)Granules stain BLUE
  9. 9. The Agranulocytes(No granules in cytoplasm) The Monocyte The Lymphocyte If there appear to be granules in a Monocyte’s cytoplasm, it is probably debris from it’s last meal! Look for vacuoles (Stomachs) to tell if it is a Monocyte.
  10. 10. The Granulocytes(Have granules in cytoplasm) Segmented Neutrophils Basophils Eosinophils On Basophils, the granules will stain BLUE On Eosinophils, the granules will stain RED
  11. 11. Lets compare!