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Social Media Strategies for Business


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Social Media Strategies for Business

  1. 1. Social Media for Business
  3. 3. Before the Internet, "we used to gather toshare our passions
  4. 4. Earlyinternetincludedmessageboards and chatrooms
  5. 5. Now, social media is…
  6. 6. PaidInternet Advertising PPC – Search Marketing Mobile Advertising Sponsorships Paid Applications
  7. 7. Paid Earned Social Media Internet Advertising (Pages and Feeds) PPC – Search Word of Mouth Marketing Mobile Advertising User Forums News, PR, Sponsorships Announcements Blogger Paid Applications Relationships
  8. 8. Paid Earned Owned Social Media Brand and ProductInternet Advertising Websites (Pages and Feeds) Mobile Brand and PPC – Search Product Websites Word of Mouth Marketing Proprietary Mobile Applications Mobile Advertising User Forums Customer Care Services News, PR, Sponsorships Proprietary Digital Announcements Content Blogger Paid Applications Proprietary Blogs Relationships
  9. 9. Whoisdoing it RIGHT ?
  10. 10. isdoing it RIGHT
  11. 11. By the end of 2009, Dell had generated $6.5 million in sales from Twitter alone.
  12. 12. isdoing it RIGHT
  13. 13. On April 8th, 2008,Frank Eliason set upa Twitter account to help Comcast users " in need.
  14. 14. On April 8th, 2008,Frank Eliason set upa Twitter account to help Comcast users " in need. Since then, Comcast has helped over 150,000 customersthrough Social Media.
  15. 15. isdoing it RIGHT
  16. 16. Starbucks gave their consumers a voice
  17. 17. Resulting in over 50,000 product ideas
  18. 18. One message before Social Media…
  19. 19. One message after Social Media…
  20. 20. The message is distributed across Social Media channels…
  21. 21. We have reach like never before…
  22. 22. We have reach like never before……wherebusinesses canembrace theircustomers.
  23. 23. How can a business implement a Social Media Strategy?
  24. 24. 1. Establish Goals
  25. 25. 1. WRITE DOWN2. Specific business3. Goals and4. Objectives
  26. 26. Learn about your audience: Who/Where are they? What is their personality like? How/Where do they consume? How/Where do they engage?
  27. 27. 3. Build
  28. 28. Choose your channels wisely many!)!(t here areTHE CONVERSATION PRISMby Brian Solis & JESS3
  29. 29. Set Your Home Base Blog, ! Corpor ate site, a ge, etc.! Fac ebook P
  30. 30. Use Your Channels
  31. 31. Use Your Channels to Engage and" Drive Traffic
  32. 32. 4. Engage
  33. 33. 4. Engage BUT HOW?
  34. 34. Make  sure  you   comment  on   today’s  blog  post  to   win  two  free   8ckets!     AskQuestions
  35. 35. Make  sure  you   comment  on   today’s  blog  post  to   win  two  free   8ckets!     AskQuestions Check  out  our  latest  installment  in  our  educa8onal   video  series  and  give  us  your   thoughts!  
  36. 36. Make  sure  you   comment  on   today’s  blog  post  to   win  two  free   What  are  your   8ckets!    thoughts  on  our  newest  product?   Ask Likes/Dislikes?   Questions Check  out  our  latest   installment  in  our  educa8onal   video  series  and  give  us  your   thoughts!  
  37. 37. @Amanda_W  –   Thanks  for  reaching   out!    How  can  we   help  you  today?   Make  sure  you   comment  on   today’s  blog  post  to   win  two  free   What  are  your   8ckets!    thoughts  on  our  newest  product?   Ask Likes/Dislikes?   Questions Check  out  our  latest   installment  in  our  educa8onal   video  series  and  give  us  your   thoughts!  
  38. 38. Choose the right team to engage
  39. 39. Choose the right team to engage n is a m ust!! Passio
  40. 40. Partic ipate
  41. 41. Partic ipate ds dirty)! (G et your han
  42. 42. Timeliness and" Frequency
  43. 43. Timeliness and" Frequency Create a solid! content plan and stick with it!
  44. 44. Transparency
  45. 45. Transparency your cu stomersLet to sho w your in h umanity!
  46. 46. Connect
  47. 47. Connect conduit betweenBe the nce and y our audie aluable c ontent ! v and res ources!
  48. 48. Relevance
  49. 49. Relevance Before y ou link to sure itco n tent, make is relevan t and adds value to your au dience!
  50. 50. Connect …and NEVER SPAM! Be th e conduit betw een your nce and v aluable,audie evant con tent and rel re sources!
  51. 51. 5. Analyze & Optimize COURTESY OF SWIXHQ.COM
  52. 52. Social Media Channels Blogging Facebook Twitter (… just a few)
  53. 53. Active Worldwide Users X 500,000,000+SOURCE: FACEBOOK.COM/PRESS/INFO.PHP?STATISTICS – SEPTEMBER 2010
  54. 54. 45,000,000,000 Pieces of content shared per monthSOURCE: FACEBOOK.COM/PRESS/INFO.PHP?STATISTICS – SEPTEMBER 2010
  55. 55. 1,500,000 Local businesses with active Facebook pagesSOURCE: INSIDEFACEBOOK.COM – FEBRUARY 2010
  56. 56. Creating more than 5,300,000,000 fansSOURCE: INSIDEFACEBOOK.COM – FEBRUARY 2010
  57. 57. Coca-Cola Fan Page – 14,000,000+ fans
  58. 58. 156,000,000+ " registered usersSOURCE: TWEETREPORTS.COM – AUGUST 2010
  59. 59. 5.4 Billion+ updates per monthSOURCE: TWEETREPORTS.COM – AUGUST 2010
  60. 60. 31% of users" follow a brandSOURCE: TWEETREPORTS.COM – AUGUST 2010
  61. 61. 7,800,000+ brand recommendations per monthSOURCE: TWEETREPORTS.COM – AUGUST 2010
  62. 62. September 2010: 144,200,000 viewersSOURCE: COMSCORE.COM – OCTOBER 2010
  63. 63. Users: 100+ videos per viewerSOURCE: COMSCORE.COM – JUNE 2010
  64. 64. Most Searched: Google #1, YouTube #2
  65. 65. Social Media Tools and Applications
  66. 66. Update TweetDeck Co-Tweet Seesmic Hootsuite TwitterFeed DisqusIntenseDebate FriendFeed Ping.FM
  67. 67. Update RSS TweetDeck Alltop Co-Tweet AddThis Seesmic MuckRack Hootsuite Tweetake TwitterFeed DisqusIntenseDebate FriendFeed Ping.FM
  68. 68. Update RSS Listen TweetDeck Alltop & Connect Co-Tweet AddThis Monittor Seesmic MuckRack TweetGrid Hootsuite Tweetake Mr. Tweet TwitterFeed Twitter Karma Disqus RefollowIntenseDebate Twellow FriendFeed Wefollow Ping.FM
  69. 69. Update RSS Listen Image TweetDeck Alltop & Connect Tube Mogul Co-Tweet AddThis Monittor Ustream Seesmic MuckRack TweetGrid JustinTV Hootsuite Tweetake Mr. Tweet Twitcam TwitterFeed Twitter Karma Blip.TV Disqus Refollow TwitpicIntenseDebate Twellow FriendFeed Wefollow Ping.FM
  70. 70. Social MediaMeasurement
  71. 71. You can measure:Reach ConversationsFrequency and Transactionsand Traffic SustainabilityInfluence Sentiment
  72. 72. With tools like: Alexa Social Mention Blogpulse Technorati Compete TwittermeterInsideFacebook YouTube " Quantcast Insight
  73. 73. “Realize that the social media successequation isn’t big moves on the chessboard, it’s little moves made "every day that eventually "add up to a major shift.”- Jay Baer
  74. 74. Thank You!Make sure we connect:
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  77. 77. Social Media for Business