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Skills Development Journal


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Skills Development Journal

  1. 1. I used this grid to help me keep everythinglevel. To use this tool you goview/show/grid. You can toggle this on andoff by using Alt and h at the same time
  2. 2. This is a font that I copied and pasted to use as my masthead. I chose itbecause it looks relevant to the genre as it is bubbly andbold.
  3. 3. I dragged the masthead to the top left of thecover, this is because when a magazine is on a shelfthis is the bit which is visible to the audience.
  4. 4. I copied and pasted each of the men separatelyand then resized them using edit/free transform. Idragged them into position and then merged allthe layers to make it easier to move them all asone.
  5. 5. I changed the background colour ofthe cover by using the paint filler, Ichose a metal grey so it did not takeaway from the colours of the men.
  6. 6. To achieve this effect I double clickedon the layer and added a gradient. Thisadds more tone and interest to thebackground.
  7. 7. I restored the background white after changingmy mind. I used the paint filler to make themasthead a bright and fun blue to fit the genre. Ithen added a pink banner using the rectangletool.
  8. 8. To achieve the other boxes I copied and pasted imagesfrom the internet and deleted the background byselecting it with the magic wand tool. I used textboxes to fill the banner with appropriate sentences.
  9. 9. After finding a font I liked from Iwanted to create a patterned effect inside the ‘D’. Icopied and pasted a patterned image that I liked anddragged the letter over the top. I changed the opacityof the letter and then merged the layers together. Ithen deleted all the pattern on the outside using themagic wand tool and was left with a patterned ‘D’.
  10. 10. I placed the patterned letter along withthe originals to create my Dainamasthead. I chose the pattern to makethe image represent feminism and fun.
  11. 11. I made several copies of the masthead by selectingthe whole thing then holding Ctrl/c to cope andthen Ctrl/v to paste. I then tried out different colourschemes by going into image/adjustments/hue andsaturation and changing the levels appropriately. Tohave as many different versions as possible.
  12. 12. To start my front cover I took away thebackground of my photo by drawing aroundit with the magnet lasso. After deleting it Iused the paint bucket tool to fill thebackground in light pink.
  13. 13. I copied and pasted my masthead onto the topof my magazine, I did this to follow the usualdesign conventions and keep it to seeand attractattention.
  14. 14. I included a strap line under mymasthead, I did this using the text box.
  15. 15. I added another strap line at the bottom, for this Iused the rectangular tool to make the box andthen used the paint bucket to colour it a dark pink.I then added text over the top using the text tool.