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Winter 2008 Syllabus J452


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Winter 2008 Syllabus J452

  1. 1. WINTER TERM 2008 J4/552: Adv PR Writing nature of tactics that Course Objectives you might be re- sponsible for execut- ing with three to five Apply theories from J350: • Public Relations Principles years of experience to write strategically for in public relations. I defined outcomes expect you to think as a professional and Build on the foundation • stretch yourself to from J440: Public Relations write and produce as Writing by using an appro- a professional. priate voice and style for publics My Expectations: Advance technical skills You will be expected • developed in J440, paying to think, to be crea- Advanced PR Writing is the special attention to strong tive, to manage multiple dead- newest course in the public verbs, brevity and colorful lines and to pay attention to relations sequence. In this language class, you will need to rely on detail. If something is unclear that basic knowledge from PR – come see me. If you want to Execute specialized forms • Writing and expand your skills brainstorm ideas – come see of writing for a portfolio, me. I’ve designed this class, such as new media and to think strategically, and and the assignments, to re- presentations communicate persuasively. flect the nature of work that Develop an understanding • Work of the Course: The as- you’ll find in many agencies. of direct-to-consumer signments in this course were communications in several created to approximate the contexts, including non- profit and corporate envi- ronments SEE YOU ONLINE. Course Web Sites: Blackboard;; ichat: Yahoo!: kmspin MSN: Skype: kellimatthews PAGE 1
  2. 2. WINTER TERM 2008 IT’S A WRITING CLASS, AFTER ALL... GRADING CRITERIA To ensure a consistent, clear grading policy, I will C (2.0 or 70-79): Meets Minimum Standards use the following grading scale, which is based on You can make eight to 11 edits (basic, advanced or content, in addition to the number and severity of both). If the work has a basic edit, it starts at a C. the edits I make to your documents. In the real world, a major edit jeopardizes a quick promotion and if caught by a client, it would dam- age the organization-client relationship. Firms Basic Edit Examples have lost clients because of spelling errors. Spelling error, fragment, missing period, factual error, poor content D (1.0 or 60-69): Does Not Meet Standards You would need to make 12-15 edits (basic, ad- Advanced Edit Examples vanced or both). If the work has at least two basic Wordiness, passive voice, AP style, lack of strategic edits, it starts at a D. The work exhibits borderline thinking, poor framing, organizational problems, comprehension and performance. comma placement, not following class format, lack of parallel structure F (0.0 or 59 or below): Unacceptable You need to make at least 16 edits (basic, advanced I will accept passive voice when I cannot improve or both). The work demonstrates unsatisfactory your sentences by using active voice. comprehension and performance. A (4.0 or 90-100): Excellent You can make between zero and three advanced edits. Your work exhibits excellent comprehension and performance. The material is ready for publi- cation and shows outstanding scholarship, mas- tery of facts, narrative flow, writing and news judgment. B (3.0 or 80-89): Above Average You can make four to seven advanced edits. Your work does not have basic errors. It exhibits good comprehension and performance. The material is written well. It shows mastery of the subject and good scholarship, but you need to make minor changes before publication. THE WHEN & WHERE Class Time: 10 am - 11:50 am Tu/Th Instructor: Kelli Matthews Email: kmatthew@uoregon Office Hours: 12 noon - 1:30 pm Tu/Th Web: Blackboard; Blog: PAGE 2
  3. 3. WINTER TERM 2008 THE ASSIGNMENTS You will complete seven major assignments, most with multiple components. Each assignment is due the Tuesday after the week it’s assigned. The general topics include: Graduate students will be expected to complete 3 additional writing assignments as determined by their interests and will be added onto one of the topic units listed. Example: for the financial/investor relations assignment, a graduate student could opt to create copy for an annual report. Or in addition to the presentation on corporate social responsibility, the graduate students could opt to create complementary marketing communication mate- rial. Grading Criteria: Each assignment grade is taken as a raw score and the point value is assigned based on the “level of difficulty.” *Many assignments must be submitted with a “creative brief” (example at- tached). Week Assignment Points Possible 2 Feature Article 20 points 3 Personal Blog Assignment 10 points each post * 13 posts + 6 comments 5 points each comment 5 Social Media Strategy 100 points 6 PR Podcast 20 points 7 Sponsorship Material 20 points 8 Shareholder Letter 20 points 9 Presentation 100 points All assignments are eligible for a revision. The final grade will be determined by averaging your first and second versions. Classroom Protocol: You are expected to be in class on time, every time the class meets. Every student is expected to accept responsibility for getting assignments, understanding precisely what is expected, and getting the work done to a high professional standard on or before specified deadlines. Disabilities: Students with documented disabilities who may need accommodations, who have any emergency medical information the instructor should know of, or who need special arrangements in the event of evacuation, should make an appointment with the instructor as early as possible, no later than the first week of the term. Inclement Weather: I live in North Eugene. In the event of any inclement weather, chances are, class will be can- celled. Check your email before you come to class. PAGE 3
  4. 4. WINTER TERM 2008 Date Description Reading Topic: Overview, Assignment, Creative Brief, Key Messages, Presentation Overview Jan. 8 Overview, Introductions, Made to Stick, Chapter 1 1 10th Persuasive Writing, Sticky Messages Assignment: Topic: Feature Writing 15th Trade Media, Contributed Articles Made to Stick, Chapter 2 2 EConnect article 17th Topic Overview, Workday Assignment: Due 22nd - 1500-word feature article Topic: Social Media Overview, Personal Blogging Assignment 22nd Social media overview: the basics PR2Essentials: 3 [packet] Backbone Media Study; [packet] Huyse, 7 Habits; Blogging 24th [packet] LifeHacker, commenting tips; [packet] Edelman 3 Web 2.0 presentations Assignment: Set up personal blog + one intro post Topic: Social Media Strategy Overview strategy & Assignment 29th 3 Web 2.0 presentations Reading: Made to Stick, Chapter 3 4 SHIFT: blogger relations guidelines Kami Huyse, MyPRPro 31st Sea World San Antonio Social Media case study Assignment: List of influentials Topic: Social Media Continued Social media press release Feb. 5 5 Web 2.0 presentations Reading: Made to Stick, ,Chapter 4 5 About blogging, social media New Tools: Twitter, Facebook 7th 5 Web 2.0 presentations Assignment: Social Media Strategy for Eco Dolls Topic: Podcasting 12th Podcasting basics Reading, MTS, Chapter 5 6 [packet] Podcasting for dummies; Listen to 2 episodes of FORWARD 14th Paull Young, Converseon (via phone) Assignment: PR Podcast Topic: Nonprofit Sponsorships and Fundraising 19th Cause Marketing and Sponsorships Reading, MTS, Chapter 6 7 [packet] idealist reading; [packet] Martin 21st Sponsorship writing Assignment: Sponsorship levels and solicitation letter Topic: Investor Relations 25th Overivew, investor relations [packet] Financial reports for dummies 8 [packet] Aronson; [packet] Cole 28th Overview, business of retail Assignment: shareholder letter Topic: Corporate Social Responsibility & Presentations Mar. 4 CSR Reading, MTS, Epilogue; Reading, CSR (to be determined) 9 [packet] presentation zen 6th Giving Presentations Assignment: speech and presentation on CSR Topic: Presentations, Wrap-Up 11th Presentations 10 13th Presentations PAGE 4