Nuestar "Big Data Cloud" Major Data Center Technology


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Nuestar "Big Data Cloud" Major Data Center Technology

  1. 1. POWER ON WITH NUESTAR COMMUNICATION – BIG DATA PRIVATE CLOUD TECHNOLOGY Essentials of Big Data, Cloud Technology By Kathy Matney
  2. 2. White Paper Nuestar Communications Clearwater FL: 877-871-5251 | n u e s t a r m o b i l e m a r k e t i n g l l c . c o m
  3. 3. The amount of data in our world has been exploding, and analyzing large data sets—so-called big data—will become a key basis of competition, underpinning new waves of productivity growth, innovation, and consumer surplus. The increasing volume and detail of information captured by enterprises, the rise of multimedia, social media, and the Internet of Things will fuel exponential growth in data for the foreseeable future. The use of big data will become a key basis of competition and growth for individual firms. From the standpoint of competitiveness and the potential capture of value, all companies need to take big data seriously. In most industries, established competitors and new entrants alike will leverage data-driven strategies to innovate, compete, and capture value from deep and up-to-real-time information. Page | 1
  4. 4. Nuestar Press Releases: Big Data is the foundation for creating new levels of business value. With integrated storage, analytics, and applications, Big Data helps drive efficiency, quality, and personalized products and services, producing higher levels of customer satisfaction and experience. Big data is a popular term used to describe the exponential growth and availability of data, both structured and unstructured. And big data may be as important to business – and society – as the Internet has become. Why? More data may lead to more accurate analyses. More accurate analyses may lead to more confident decision making. And better decisions can mean greater operational efficiencies, cost reductions and reduced risk. Specialist Midmarket to Enterprise Customers. The Importance of Big Data and What You Can Accomplish The real issue is not that you are acquiring large amounts of data. It's what you do with the data that counts. The hopeful vision is that organizations will be able to take data from any source, harness relevant data and analyze it to find answers that enable 1) cost reductions, 2) time reductions, 3) new product development and optimized offerings, and 4) smarter business decision making. For instance, by combining big data and high-powered analytics, it is possible to:  Determine root causes of failures, issues and defects in near-real time, potentially saving billions of dollars annually.  Optimize routes for many thousands of package delivery vehicles while they are on the road.  Analyze millions of SKUs to determine prices that maximize profit and clear inventory.  Generate retail coupons at the point of sale based on the customer's current and past purchases.  Send tailored recommendations to mobile devices while customers are in the right area to take advantage of offers.  Recalculate entire risk portfolios in minutes.  Quickly identify customers who matter the most.  Use clickstream analysis and data mining to detect fraudulent behavior. Page | 2
  5. 5. Powerful big data analytics to report, analyze, visualize and predict: Nuestar Communications provides tightly coupled data integration with full business analytics - offering a big data solution that supports the entire big data lifecycle. With a modern platform, the solution supports all popular big data stores, as well as traditional relational data sources, mission-critical enterprise applications and standards-based information exchange formats. Nuestar Communications innovates by partnering with strategic big data technology providers and a supportive community to help optimize the process of realizing value from big data. Big Data Exploration Big Data Exploration addresses the challenge faced by every large organization: business information is spread across multiple systems and silos and people need access to that data to meet their job requirements and make important decisions. Big Data Exploration enables you to explore and mine big data to find, visualize, and understand all your data to improve decision making. By creating a unified view of information across all data sources - both inside and outside of your organization - you gain enhanced value and new insights. Ask yourself: Are you struggling to manage and extract value from the growing volume and variety of data and need to unify information across federated sources? Are you unable to relate “raw” data collected from system logs, sensors, or click streams with customer and line-of-business data managed in your enterprise systems? Do you risk exposing unsecure personal information and/or privileged data due to lack of information awareness? Page | 3
  6. 6. Challenges Many organizations are concerned that the amount of amassed data is becoming so large that it is difficult to find the most valuable pieces of information.  What if your data volume gets so large and varied you don't know how to deal with it?  Do you store all your data?  Do you analyze it all?  How can you find out which data points are really important?  How can you use it to your best advantage? Until recently, organizations have been limited to using subsets of their data, or they were constrained to simplistic analyses because the sheer volumes of data overwhelmed their processing platforms. But, what is the point of collecting and storing terabytes of data if you can't analyze it in full context, or if you have to wait hours or days to get results? On the other hand, not all business questions are better answered by bigger data. You now have two choices:  Incorporate massive data volumes in analysis. If the answers you're seeking will be better provided by analyzing all of your data, go for it. Nuestar High-Performance Technologies that extract value from massive amounts of data are here today. One approach is to apply high-performance analytics to analyze the massive amounts of data using technologies such as grid computing, in-database processing and in-memory analytics.  Determine upfront which data is relevant. Traditionally, the trend has been to store everything (some call it data hoarding) and only when you query the data do you discover what is relevant. We now have the ability to apply analytics on the front end to determine relevance based on context. This type of analysis determines which data should be included in analytical processes and what can be placed in low-cost storage for later use if needed. Page | 4
  7. 7. Nuestar Communications Extreme-Object-based Storage Capacity At this point, there is no doubt that technologies such as the cloud are permanently changing Business IT. Estimated that 90 percent of data stored right now has been created within the last two years. This trend is only going to get more pronounced as computing power and data frameworks continue to evolve. This massive data explosion is the backdrop that the CSA uses to explore how big data will alter the IT security landscape in the coming years. As noted in the Cloud Security Alliance report, some sectors have been using advanced analytics to search for crimes such as bank fraud for years, but the infrastructure built for this specific purpose did not carry over well into other areas of security. Now, it appears that off-the-shelf big data solutions and techniques are ready to rise to the challenge presented by the rise in information security issues. The end result will be robust data security solutions that can take an enormous amount of incoming data, combine that data with historical trends and provide both real-time preventive intelligence and deep forensic insights. IT Security a Focus for Midsize Businesses and Enterprise Corporations: While some existing security solutions already incorporate aspects of big data, the important point here is that these changes will be happening across the board instead of solely in expensive, custom-built situations. The problem is not simply that traditional tools are not powerful enough to handle massive amounts of data; rather, in general, these tools cannot effectively analyze unstructured data, so the transition is far more complex than merely upgrading a few appliances or adopting some level of cloud-based analytics. Midsize businesses are in the midst of a security crisis. Historically, they have survived on account of the fact that they were poor targets for hackers and thieves because they had little to offer those persistent enough to break through the existing basic security measures. Today, the growth of cloud computing and the increasing value of data means that midsize businesses are encountering an unprecedented number of advanced persistent threats while they lack the robust security applications, appliances and experience that enterprise firms have developed over decades of dealing with these types of attacks. Page | 5
  8. 8. Data Virtualization Solutions Organizations with business critical information scattered across separately owned and managed silos need this data in one place. Nuestar Enterprise SQL database overcomes the Limitations of Rigid RDBMS-based systems, enabling comprehensive data virtualization. The growing volumes of information available today continue to put a heavy work load on data analysts. It is difficult and often too time consuming for analysts to separate the useful information from the rest. They risk drawing incorrect conclusions because they missed buried, relevant information. Or they risk missing a critical deadline or opportunity because it took so long to analyze the data. Data Virtualization & Enterprise Agility Most organizations have information that resides in many different silos and is identified with metadata that differs from department to department. Assembling this data has, until now, required extensive manual search and retrieval – delaying access or even limiting use altogether. Today, organizations can more easily gain a single view across separately owned data silos using Nuestar This gives them a complete picture of all their information to enable better decision-making. Nuestar provides the only Enterprise NoSQL database that gives organizations a powerful, unified search and retrieval interface. Page | 6
  9. 9. Nuestar Communications- Big Data-Cloud Solutions- US and International -Next Generation Provider Nuestar says its Big Data Solutions suite gives enterprises and government organizations access to the compute, storage and high-bandwidth network capabilities required to power virtually any analytics application. Nuestar' managed services for NueCloud and NueMap platforms are included. Big Data Solutions offers hosted, fully managed hardware and software services for optimizing data storage, integration, retrieval and analysis. Nuestar designed the suite to respond to today's rapidly evolving analytics technologies, which require a good amount of computing power and infrastructure to operate. Page | 7
  10. 10. About Nuestar Communications- Next Generation Cloud Provider: Nuestar #1 Private Cloud SIP, MPLS Platform- Private Network- Specialist- Storage Disaster Recovery- Hosted, Managed Service -Next Generation Solutions Provider, Nuestar Business Partners- Global Experts. Custom Solution Provided to customer. US (+1) 877-871-5251 (Toll free) KATHY MATNEY 727-560-9698 (Cell) WebSite: Published By Kathy Matney CEO-President Nuestar Communications Page | 6