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This presentation was developed in early 2012 for Jewish organizations in Western Massachusetts. It focuses mostly on more advanced uses of Facebook to engage an audience. This presentation also touched upon basics and best practices for Twitter. Finally, there was some discussion about setting goals for effective use of Social Media.

The session covers:

- How Facebook EdgeRank determines what content will be seen by those who Like your Page (and how to take advantage of this formula)
- Great content ideas for Facebook
- Planning content to be more efficient and ensure communications are consistent across media channels
- Promoting your Facebook presence online and off
- Taking advantage of the new Timeline features of Facebook
- Twitter basics

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Social media-201

  1. 1. S o c ia l M e d ia 2 0 1What Else Can You Do?May 2012Kevin MartoneTechnology Program ManagerGrinspoon Institute for Jewish
  2. 2. 900 Million Monthly Users Can’t All Be WrongFACEBOOK
  3. 3. From Carie Lewis, Humane Society of the US (@cariegrls)
  4. 4. What Will People Actually See? The following determine how likely the people who Like your Page will see a post: » Recency – Posts within the last few hours are more likely to be Top News » Relevancy – If the user Likes, comments on, or Shares your Posts (or if they simply return to your Page), your posts are more likely to be in their Top News » Resonance – If a post gets a large number of comments, Likes, and Shares overall it is more likely to be Top News
  5. 5. Ask Questions
  6. 6. Questions for Your Social Presence? It’s Teacher Appreciation Week! Thanks to all of our dedicated teachers at <School Name>. What teacher made a great impact on you when you were in school? What is your favorite book to read with your children? Happy Memorial Day! What book are you planning to bring with you to the beach this summer? What is your child’s favorite subject here at <School Name>? Is it your favorite, too? Children can be picky eaters. Any easy kid-friendly dishes your kids will eat? What fun family activity do you have planned for the weekend? Welcome back to school! Where did you travel this summer? NOW YOUR IDEAS!!
  7. 7. Ask for Likes and Shares
  8. 8. Ask People to Respond! d Can yo u respon s  Phone? to my question k? on Faceboo  Email? Exercise:  Identify 5 people in your Community to respond to your questions
  9. 9. Contests
  10. 10. Make It Easy for People to Act
  11. 11. Plan Your Content Week Days Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Weekend Month January           Focus: Promote new Week of: sign-ups Smith Family  Status Tag Event  FB Posts  Theme: PersonalLegend: Jan. 1 Profile on JCC Pg this wk Stories Video of  FB Posts  JCC ReadingeNewsletter Jan. 8 Event this wk Keywords:Facebook -  Send link to sign- FB Posts  Events: Readings atWall Jan. 15 up for PJ this wk JCCFacebook -  FB Posts Update Jan. 22             this wkFacebook Collab Month February           Focus: Love the PJVideo Week of: Library! What do you  Promote Feb.  love about  FB Posts  Theme: Love of Books,Blog Feb. 1 Readings PJ Library? this wk PJ Status Tag  JCC Print  Event on  Video of  FB Posts  ReadingNewsletter Feb. 8 JCC Pg Event this wk Keywords: FB Posts  Events: Readings atTwitter Feb. 15 this wk JCC FB Posts PR Feb. 22             this wkEvents Month March           Week of: Focus: Passover FB Posts  Mar. 1 this wk Theme: Passover FB Posts  Mar. 8 this wk Keywords: FB Posts  Events: Various
  12. 12. Schedule Content
  13. 13. Connect FB Relationships to the Real World
  14. 14. Cross-Promote!
  15. 15. Status Tagging
  16. 16. New Facebook Page Layout
  17. 17. Cover Photo
  18. 18. Milestones
  19. 19. Pin Content to Top of Page
  20. 20. Highlight Content – Width of Screen
  21. 21. It’s Not Just About What You Had For BreakfastTWITTER
  22. 22. Twitter LingoTweet An update on TwitterFollow/  Determines which tweets will show up in your personal Unfollow twitter feed – who/what you want to readFollowers People subscribed to receive your tweetsHashtags (#) Allows easy searching; global “conversation”Retweet (RT) Forward other people’s tweets@ Replies Send (public) msg directly to user on TwitterDM (Direct  Send (private) msg directly to userMessages)Favorites “Save” specific tweets as favoritesBlock Block a User from Following your TweetsJuly 21, 2009 Twitter for Nonprofits 26
  23. 23. Conversation
  24. 24. Sharing Information
  25. 25. Make It Fun!
  26. 26. #TweetChats
  27. 27. Recipes, Fashion, Dream Weddings…So What?PINTEREST
  28. 28. Share Your Interests Visually
  29. 29. Central Location for Your Organization’s ContentBLOG
  30. 30. Blog
  31. 31. What Goes Viral?
  32. 32. Goals? Enrollment Increased Awareness Event Attendance 2-3 Build Community Donations top ? Other? UR line YO on are als What ty go priori
  33. 33. What’s YOUR Plan? 2-3 Priority Goals for YOUR Organization » 3 Tactics to help you reach EACH of those goals
  34. 34. Website Facebook eNewsletter Phone_____________ _____________ _____________ __________________________ _____________ _____________ __________________________ _____________ _____________ __________________________ _____________ _____________ __________________________ _____________ _____________ _____________Trad. Newsletter/ Blog Goal 1______________Direct Mail __________________________ _____________ Goal 2___________________________ __________________________ _____________ Goal 3___________________________ _____________Events Twitter, Other SM In Person Other_____________ _____________ _____________ __________________________ _____________ _____________ __________________________ _____________ _____________ __________________________ _____________ _____________ __________________________ _____________ _____________ _____________Remixed from Idealware’s Nonprofit Social Media Decision Guide (
  35. 35. Go For It!