Crash Course in Creativity Assignment: Creative teams assignment re: six hats model


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Crash Course in Creativity Assignment - Creative Teams. This assignment asked us to consider the Six Hats Model and how you feel trying on each of the six hats, especially while taking on creative work.

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Crash Course in Creativity Assignment: Creative teams assignment re: six hats model

  1. 1. Creative Teams Assignment – Six Hats Model 1) What hat color is most comfortable for you?As someone who studied engineering and worked for years in project management, I have the mosttraining and experience using the Logical and Organized hats in teams. However, I most enjoy wearingthe Creative hat, coming up with many new ideas/solutions, even if I haven’t had as much practice withthat hat. 2) What hat color is the least comfortable for you?I’ve had some experience with each of the hat colors, but the Intuitive hat is the one that I feel leastcomfortable wearing. I prefer to prepare thoroughly and feel comfortable with a project or situationbefore moving forward, rather than using intuition to make decisions. I’ve been able to wear theIntuitive hat when necessary, but prefer to manage with the Logical or Organized hats. 3) Try on several different hats – how does each feel?Logical – Wearing the logical hat feels very comfortable to me because of my background in engineeringstudies and system implementation. However, I found it difficult to come up with very creative ideaswith this hat. For me, it helps me define logical processes and procedures, but tends to keep outsolutions and options that aren’t obvious and logically in the timeline.Creative – Wearing this hat really helped in the brainstorming assignment. Ideas I would not normallycome up with were much more likely to come to me with this hat on. I still had to try different tactics toimprove the brainstorming process, but those ideas were much easier to find with this hat on.Intuitive – This hat is the most difficult for me to wear comfortably. I work more by knowledge andexperience than intuition. But this hat can help me try “little bets” or small tests of something new thatmy logical/organized hats would eschew.Organized – From years of project management experience, the organized hat feels very comfortable tome. In the brainstorming assignment, this hat helped me to put the various solutions to my problem inlogical buckets. Then the creative and optimistic hats could work more effectively coming up withsolutions in those buckets.Cautious – The cautious hat is not my usual mode, but I can definitely take part in a project as a devil’sadvocate. I can easily think through the potential problems of a proposed plan or solution, but I don’tusually focus on this. I will instead wear a logical hat to come up with both pros and cons (not just cons)of a proposed solution. I find the cautious hat to usually be an impediment to creative ideas, quicklyknocking down ideas before they have a chance to blossom.
  2. 2. Optimistic–I find the optimistic hat to be the opposite of the cautious hat. It allows me to come up withcreative ideas that I might normally ignore because I don’t think they have any real potential to beimplemented. Instead of comparing pros and cons, I focus on the pros of an idea, allowing it time tobreathe. Even if none of these ideas ever blossom into a solution, they might inform other, moreplausible ideas, to bubble up. After the Creative hat, the Optimistic hat helps me come up with the mostbrainstormed ideas.