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#14 freak of the week, paterson critique


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#14 freak of the week, paterson critique

  1. 1. #14 Freak of the Week, Paterson CritiqueName:Period:Date:Insert image here:Directions: Evaluate your Freak of the Week, Paterson piece using the following guidelines.Write one paragraph for each number. Make sure your name, period, and date are on your typedpiece. Each step must be paragraph in length!1. Description: Describe the subject matter of each piece, what do you see? Be specific;describe every detail of the photograph. What do you see, hear, feel, smell, and/or taste.Give only the facts!2. Analysis: Discuss how and why your pieces are “Art.” Write about how you used theappropriate elements (Line, Shape, Form, Color, Value, Texture & Space) and principles(Balance, Movement, Rhythm, Contrast, Emphasis, Pattern, & Unity).3. Interpretation: This is the purpose or meaning of the piece. Answer, “What ishappening?” & “What is the artist (you) trying to say?” You will interpret (explain or tellthe meaning of) the work. Be creative but stick to your observations & specific evidencethat is inside or outside the photograph.4. Judgment: You judge whether or not the work succeeds or fails. This is your time togive your opinions. You must make up your own mind & need to know why you feel theway you do. Consider your use of art and composition, do you feel like your work is asuccess? Why or why not?b. What would you score yourself for this assignment? Why? Personal Assessment =____/100c. How will you improve on your next Freak of the Week?d. Tools: Explain the tools you used in Photoshop and briefly describe what they do, howyou might use them in the future, and what you learned by using them.When finished, save & name (Martinsen_K_14.docx) to YOUR FOLDER. Then copy & pastethe file from your folder into the IN-BOX under your period & the #14 folder.