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Engineering Design Portfolio


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Engineering Design Portfolio

  1. 1. KRISTINA MARRERO st o ryt e lli n g
  2. 2. Using my left brain for problem solving and analysis, and my right brain for intuition and creativity, I apply tools and techniques of design to create functional and delightful products. To me, great design improves lives, brings meaning, Kristina Marrero | 305.281.9096 | and empathizes with the user. I strive to uncover unmet opportunities, frame the problem and innovate solutions to meet the needs of the user, all with the iterative design process. Identify the Build Brainstorm Mock-ups Test Prototype Problem
  3. 3. W rin g it Out..................................... 4 Sing le Garment Wringi ng Aid e 5 Me mber Tea m | 8 We ek Duratio n | Spring ‘09 C lea ni ng with M ag ic................. 10 At th e Ga s Pu mp.......................... 6 Walt Di sn ey Va cu u m Clean er Erg ono mic Fue l Noz zle 5 Wee k Du rat ion | Wint er ‘09 4 Me mber Tea m | 8 We ek Duratio n | Spring ‘07 A Speedy, Stylis h Un de r th e Sea................................ 8 Brea kfast.......................................... 12 Kristina Marrero | 305.281.9096 | Kit ch en Appli an ce Lin e Dol phin Enrichm ent Toy 2 Wee k Du rat ion | Wint er ‘10 5 Me mber Tea m | 15 We ek Duratio n | Fall ‘08 From A rt to Pa rt............................ 14 Injectio n-M old ed Re cord Pl ay Thin king for Asse mbly............. 16 3 M em be r Tea m | 7 Wee k Duer rat ion | Wint er ‘10 Manufacturi ng a Coffee Table 2 Week Duratio n | Fall ‘09 From My Sket chbook................. 17 Assortm ent of Sketch es F ine Art............................................ 18 Ack nowledge ments.................... 19 Resu mé........................................... 20
  4. 4. Wring it Out. Aft er han d-wash ing a garment, ma ny peo ple find it cha llen gin g and tim e-co nsu min g to wrin g out excess wat er before han gin g it to dry. The goa l of this proje ct was to des ign a prod uct that give s use rs a mechan ical advant age in wrin gin g the ir garments. Kristina Marrero | 305.281.9096 | R ef ra m in g th e Pro ble m Aft er brai nsto rm in g, ou r tea m foun d an oppo rtu nity ga p an d pl an ned to de sig n a prod uct fo r wa shin g a sin gle ga rm ent. U se r ob se rvatio ns a nd inte rv ie w s sh owed th at dryi ng a ga rm ent wa s actu ally m ore diff icult a nd ti m e- co ns u m in g th a n wa sh in g on e, so we ch a ng ed ou r fo cu s to re flect th at ob se rvatio n.
  5. 5. Prototy pi n g a n d N ext St ep s Ou r tea m created a se rie s of m ock- up s fo r us er te sti ng an d ev al uatio n. Te sti ng re su lts sh owed th at w rin gi ng wa s still th e m ost ef fe ct ive m et ho d. Ou r propos ed de sig n m ak es th e w rin gi ng m ot ion ea sie r by se cu rin g th e ga rm ent with cl a m ps an d a st able fo ot ba se. Kristina Marrero | 305.281.9096 | Early testing showed that the prototype removed up to 45% of the water in the garment in under fifteen seconds of use.
  6. 6. At the Gas Pump. Shifter Mock-Up Fu el nozzles are cu mbers om e sa de vices, yet a ny on e wh o drive h ca r mu st fre qu ently int era ct wit th e m. Th e goal of th is project wa s to de sig n a nozzle th at is re erg on om ica lly su pe rio r a nd mo us er- fri en dly th a n th e ex ist ing Kristina Marrero | 305.281.9096 | de sig n. Handle Mock-Up B uildin g M oc k-U ps Inte rvi ew s a nd ob se rvatio ns pro ve d us ers are m ost co ncern ed with im pro vin g bo th th e cle a nli ne ss of th e fu el ha nd le a nd th e fu nctio n of th e auto m at ic fu eli ng sy ste m. Us ers wh o te ste d Trigger Mock-Up fo ur m oc k- up s ag reed th e trigg er a nd th e sli de r we re Slider Mock-Up th e m ost int uit ive fu nctio ns to in clu de on th e ne w fu el nozzle.
  7. 7. Kristina Marrero | 305.281.9096 | Pro po se d D es ig n Th is de sig n in co rp orate s bo th th e sli de r a nd trigg er fu nctio ns. Th e trigg er fu nctio n is fa m ilia r a nd ea sy to us e, wh ile th e sli de r fu nctio n allow s on e- ha nd ed op eratio n a nd auto m at ic fu eli ng. Th e up dated nozzle m ai nt ai ns th e int ern al fu nctio n of th e cu r- rent m od el wh ile im pro vin g us a bilit y with th e sli de r fu nctio n.
  8. 8. Under the Sea. ho locat ion D olp hi ns ra rely us e th eir ec a nd ne ed sig na lin g in a n a qu ariu m th eir da ily ente rta in m ent in betwee n th is project pe rfo rm a nces. Th e goal of ic u nd erwat er wa s to de sig n a n auto m at es th e do lp hi ns de vice th at bo th sti m ul at m ent. a nd en riche s th eir environ Kristina Marrero | 305.281.9096 | T he d ev ice sati sf ie s th d es ig n re qu ire m ents: e fo llo w in g - D et ects do lp hi n echo locat ion wa ve s as a n in - Tra ns m its th e in put to put sig na l th e op en in g a nd clo sin g of a va lve - R elea se s ai r fro m a re se rve ta nk to ex pe l bu - In de pe nd ently ho us es bble s electro ni cs a nd po we r su pp ly
  9. 9. Preliminary Cover Co m po ne nt D es ig n to ty pe Th e oute r do m e of th e pro nt s fro m sh iel ds th e in ne r co m po ne ae sth et ic fo r do lp hi ns a nd pro vid es a n m po ne nt s lie th e de vice. Th e int ern al co ble we ight on a pl a na r su rfa ce fo r sta res th e ai r di strib ut ion. Th e ba se se cu Preliminary Systems Layout ne nt s. ta nk a nd ele ctron ic co m po Kristina Marrero | 305.281.9096 | M at eria l Se le ct io n M at eria l se lectio n so ftwar e id entif ied fiberg la ss fo r th e oute r do m e fo r its du ra bilit y a nd ad ap ta bilit y to a m arin e environ m ent. It also id en tif ied 6061 Al u m in u m Alloy fo r th e ba se fo r its du ra bilit y a nd co rro sio n res ist a nce.
  10. 10. Cleaning with Magic. s to de sig n Th e goal of th is project wa g th e sty le a we ll- kn ow n produ ct us in fin al of a n ex ist in g bra nd. Th e alt D isn ey de sig n in co po rat ed th e W y of a bra nd int o th e fu nctio na lit po rta ble va cu u m cle a ne r. Kristina Marrero | 305.281.9096 | Be fo re brai nsto rm in g, it wa s ne ce s- sa ry to a na lyz e th e fe at ur es of a po rta ble va cu u m cle a ne r. Th e ae s- th et ics are in sp ired by th e cla ss ic M ick ey M ou se hat in th e fe at ure fil m, Fa nt as ia .
  11. 11. Kristina Marrero | 305.281.9096 | du ct po si- B ra nd pe rso na lit y a nd pro rm in e th e tio ni ng m ap s he lpe d dete th e Walt de sig n di rectio n. Alth ou gh ltu ral D isn ey bra nd ha s a va st cu ” a nd inf lu en ce, th e wo rd s “si m ple cu s th e “m ag ica l” he lpe d bett er fo sth et ics. de sig n arch ite ct ure a nd ae ve s th e Th e Walt D isn ey bra nd gi nd ly ae s- de vice a fu n a nd kid-f rie a ny liv in g th et ic. Th e de sig n m ak es m ore roo m or bedroo m tidier a nd m ag ica l.
  12. 12. A Speedy, Stylish Breakfast. m ed Th is creative ex erci se ai e of to de ve lo p a prod uct lin ia nces co u nt erto p kit ch en appl u nt fo r Fra nces ca, a n acco qu ic k ex ecut ive w ho ne ed s a ery a nd m obile brea kfast ev m orni ng. Kristina Marrero | 305.281.9096 | Co ncep t D evelop m ent Fra nces ca ’s origi na l produ ct lin e co ns ist ed of a co ffe e m ak er, a toaste r, a sin gle- se rve blen de r a nd a wate r filte r pit ch er. Th rou gh id eatio n sk et ch in g a nd ad dit ion al res ea rch of th e pe rso na ’s wa nt s a nd ne ed s, th e produ ct lin e wa s red uced to a co ffe e m ak er a nd a toaste r, two appli a nces th at ca n suff ici ently prepare brea kfa st in u nd er th ree m in ut es. F inal Design Sketches
  13. 13. Persona Francesca Parker Background Age 33, single Creatin g a Pe rso na Kellogg MBA Graduate Account Executive/$75,000/yr Fra nces ca is a statu s-o rie nte d wo ma n wh o Leading-Edge Electronics User as pires to be co me CEO at he r pla ce of e m- Loves Hi-Fashion plo ym ent. Sh e spe nd s ove r ten ho urs at wo rk Kristina Marrero | 305.281.9096 | eve ry da y, a nd tra vels at lea st on ce a mo nth for bu sin ess. Every nig ht, sh e co me s ho me to a lof t in th e he art of do wntow n. He r tim e is va lua ble, esp ecial ly in th e mo rn- ing. Af ter wo rki ng out for 45 mi nute s, Fra nces ca tri es to pre pa re a sim ple a nd mo bile bre akfast. Fra nces ca ap pre ciate s a nd ca n aff ord hig h-e nd, qu ality pro du cts. Sh e live s a stress fu l, fast-paced life , so sh e wa nts th e produ cts sh e ow ns to be qu ick a nd ea sy to us e.
  14. 14. From Art to Part. s to de sig n a Th e goal of this project wa th th e pl astic pa rt to be m an ufa ctu red wi Ou r fin al pa rt inj ectio n m oldin g proce ss. er m od eled wa s a six-p iece record pl ay tu rnt able. Fro m afte r th e fa m ou s Te ch nics d th e pa rts an d in iti al sk etche s, we m od ele g CAM progra m de ve loped a m an ufa ctu rin Kristina Marrero | 305.281.9096 | in Un igrap hics N X 5.0.
  15. 15. Kristina Marrero | 305.281.9096 | Th ere we re ve ry fe w dif ficult ite s du rin g th e produ ction proce ss. Th e two m old s we re m od eled with draft an d sa nd ed afte r m an ufa ctu rin g to en su re ea se of rem oval of ea ch pa rt. Th e record pl ay er ha s a sh ift in g equa liz er, a rot at in g powe r kn ob an d a bi ax ia l rot at in g ne edle. This de sig n wo n fir st pla ce a m on g 11 tea m s.
  16. 16. Thinking for Assembly. Th is brief project fo cu se d on de sig ni ng a co ffe e ta ble fo r ea sy m a nu fa ct urin g a nd asse m bly. I fo cu se d on ho w to atta ch th e to p a nd bo tto m co m po ne nt of ea ch ta ble leg, as we ll as ho w th os e pie ce s co ul d be bo th ch ea ply m a nufa ct ured a nd ea sily as- se m bled. Kristina Marrero | 305.281.9096 |
  17. 17. Kristina Marrero | 305.281.9096 | From My Sketchbook.
  18. 18. Kristina Marrero | 305.281.9096 | 1 4 5 2 3 6
  19. 19. Fine Art. Acknowledgements. On Prev iou s Pa ge: St ud ents Fa cu lty 1. H eat, 12” x 12” Ro be rt B row n B ru ce A nk en m a n Acry lic on ca nvas Le ah Ca rls on Co nra d Albrecht-B ue hle r 2. Gree d, 16” x 20” St acy Be nja m in Kristina Marrero | 305.281.9096 | Acry lic on ca nvas Sa ra h Co pp ola Eva n D ick ers on-R us a n A nd rew Fa lk ow sk i 3. Se lf-Po rtrait, 16” x 20” Suja n D os hi Walt er H erbst Oil on ca nvas W illi a m Fa n Pe nn y Hirs ch 4. Cu rio us ity, 18” x 24” A nd rew H utto n Greg H old erf iel d Oil on ca nvas Jo sh ua La u A nn M cK en na 5. F loatin g, 18” x 24” Oil on ca nvas St acey M os ley 6. A Wom a n’s Wort h, 12 H en ry Petra sh ” x 12” Oil on ca nvas A nd rew Po tt ebau m Jo sh ua Rive ra A ug ustu s Ts ai
  20. 20. Kristina Marrero Throughout my time at Northwestern, I have learned to use both my left brain for problem- solving and analysis and my right brain for intuition and cre- ativity. My training in violin performance and painting has also enhanced my artistic abilities. As a whole-brain engineer and a human-centered designer, I strive to uncover opportunities, frame the problem and innovative the solutions to meet the needs of the user. education NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY, Evanston, IL, Graduating June 2010 B.S. Manufacturing and Design Engineering, Certificate in Engineering Design Major Program GPA: 3.22/4.0 GM Summer Scholar, Summer 2006 NEW WORLD SCHOOL OF THE ARTS, Miami, FL, Graduated May 2006 Instrumental Music Magnet Program, Violin Kristina Marrero | 305.281.9096 | design experience THE SEGAL DESIGN INSTITUTE, Evanston, IL Engineering Design Intern, Summer 2009-Present • Collaborated with the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC) to design rehabilitative devices for stroke survivors • Corresponded with RIC clients to conduct user testing and gain feedback Independent Study Projects, Fall 2009-Present • Studied principles and methods of industrial design with Professor Walter Herbst, IDSA, founder and chairman of HLB, and Professor Greg Holderfield, IDSA, formerly of Leo Burnett Northwestern Organization of Design Engineers (NODE), Spring 2008–Present • Promoted design thinking by coordinating quarterly design challenges for students Human-Centered Design Courses, Winter 2007–Spring 2009 • Devised a portable drying mechanism for a single garment load • Designed an underwater device to stimulate dolphins and enrich their aquarium environment • Designed a portable vacuum cleaner using the Walt Disney brand’s style and essence • Proposed an ergonomic redesign for the fuel nozzle SABIC INNOVATIVE PLASTICS, Ottawa, IL Utilities Co-op, Summer 2007 • Reduced brine usage by 50% in Boiler House; installed softener resin cleaner pump • Devised an action plan to optimize performance and reliability on demineralizer trains
  21. 21. additional experience CITY OF EVANSTON, NOYES CULTURAL ARTS CENTER, Evanston, IL Cultural Arts Intern, Winter 2008-Summer 2009 • Assisted in planning and promoting the City of Evanston’s summer programming: the Ethnic Arts Festival, the Lakeshore Arts Festival and the Starlight Concert Series REPNATION, Evanston, IL Starbucks Brand Ambassador, Fall 2008 • Promoted a new line extension for Starbucks doubleshot Energy + Coffee and collaborated with campus officials and policies to effectively build awareness for Starbucks • Executed and managed large promotional events with attendance upwards of 300 people skills and activities • Knowledgeable in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook; Adobe Photoshop and InDesign; MATLAB; Kristina Marrero | 305.281.9096 | NX 5.0; Solidworks; CES Material Software; Conversational Spanish • Philharmonia Orchestra, Northwestern’s symphony orchestra for non-music majors, Fall 2006-Fall 2009 • Dance Marathon, Largest student-run philanthropy in the nation, Fall 2006-Present • Zeta Tau Alpha Fraternity, Charter Member, Philanthropy & Fundraising Chair, Spring 2007-Present • A&O Productions, Northwestern’s premier programming organization for concerts, speakers and films Corporate Relations Director, Street Team Member, Fall 2007- Present • Mayfest Productions, Northwestern’s Spring programming responsible for their annual Dillo Day music festival, Special Events Director, University Relations Committee, Spring 2007-Fall 2009 references Walter Herbst Anand Raghu Stacy Benjamin Director of MPD program Mixing II Building Engineer Senior Design Engineer Clinical Professor SABIC Innovative Plastics Northwestern University Northwestern University Ottawa, IL 61350 2133 Sheridan Rd. B-105 847-467-3375 815-433-7535 Evanston, IL 60208 847-491-2013 Ellen Worsdall Bruce Ankenman Greg Holderfield Asst. Dean of Student Affairs Associate Professor Co-Director of MPD Program McCormick School of Engineering Northwestern University Senior Lecturer Northwestern University 847-491-5674 Northwestern University 847-491-5173 847-491-2897