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How to use LinkedIn as a businesss


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How to use LinkedIn as a businesss

  1. 1. By: Bridgette Gigear, EddieFennimore, Keith Mader, and Jennifer Mui-Chan
  2. 2. LinkedIn Company and Background• A professional networking site used by both individuals and businesses• 150 million members build upon their professional network and manage their own professional identity• Started in 2002 but wasnt officially launched until May 5, 2003• Every Fortune 500 company from 2011 has executives as members on LinkedIn
  3. 3. Discussion QuestionHow can LinkedIn be used to leverage your client? •Brand Awareness? •Target Customers, Distributors, Bloggers , etc? •Promotions?
  4. 4. LinkedIn Advantages1. Using LinkedIn as a Promotional Tool2. Integration of LinkedIn With Other Media Platforms3. Using LinkedIn to Build Brand Awareness4. Using LinkedIn to Drive Traffic5. Using LinkedIn to Build Targeted Relationships
  5. 5. Using LinkedIn as a Promotional Tool• Businesses can also purchase advertising space on other profile accounts to better maximize customer reach• LinkedIn can be used as a way for businesses to fundraise as well as a way to find potential investors• Its a great location to promote an event• Creating LinkedIn Ad Campaigns• Utilizing Events to Engage Clients
  6. 6. Integration of LinkedIn With Other Media Platforms• On products page, there is a location for posting YouTube videos that can link to the company YouTube page.• LinkedIn allows businesses to enter keywords into their summary pages on their profile.• LinkedIn can be synced with Twitter to update statuses.• Import your WordPress, TypePad, Movable Type, Vox,,, Blogger, LiveJou rnal blog feed to your profile.
  7. 7. Using LinkedIn to Build Brand Awareness1. Employees contributing to conversations/ forums. “Brand Advocates”2. Company Pages/ Brand Pages.3. User recommendations for products.
  8. 8. Using LinkedIn to Drive TrafficLink to your company website via:• 1) Employee profile pages• 2) Company Pages• 3) Conversation/ Forums• 4) Recommendations• 5) News Feed for followed companies
  9. 9. Using LinkedIn to Build Targeted Relationships• Allows companies to research on prospective clients, current product users, and monitor chatter in applicable group message boards.• Its often important to develop relationships with distributors and distributor representatives.• Using Groups to Connect with People
  10. 10. Questions? • How can LinkedIn be used to leverage your client’s: • Brand Awareness? • Target Customers, Distributors, Bloggers , etc? • Promotions?