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Quality People.
Quality IT Solutions.
We are leaders. We are innovators. We are changing the rules. We get results. We are...
We are dedicated.
We are driven.
We are changing the rules.
Time is money. Quality is priceless. When you want to
deliver ...
We partner.
We raise the bar.
We succeed.
At Timberhorn IT Solutions, we understand that no two clients are               ...

APPLICATIONDEVELOPMENT                                                                              ...
Timberhorn consultants have impressive track records of providing clients with proven project
Offshored projects include those that create a high level of business impact and have a high “value”  ...
The CaptiveLITE model maintains many of the intentions and benefits of the full Captive approach while minimiz...
In today’s dynamic work environment, there is no substitute for a sharp mind.
At Timberhorn IT Solutions, we have relation...
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Timberhorn IT Brochure


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Timberhorn IT Brochure

  1. 1. Quality People. Quality IT Solutions. We are leaders. We are innovators. We are changing the rules. We get results. We are Timberhorns. IT Solutions
  2. 2. We are dedicated. We are driven. We are changing the rules. Time is money. Quality is priceless. When you want to deliver IT solutions on-time and on-budget, there’s only one company you need to know – Timberhorn. We have built relationships with the best and brightest IT professionals. Whether you need Technology Solutions, Technical Staff Augmentation, a Rapid Deployment Program, Global Recruiting or Near Shore/Offshore Services, Timberhorn IT Solutions has the most-qualified talent in the industry. We exceed. We learn. We innovate. We do whatever it takes. You are about to join a new era in IT solutions. It is led by highly motivated, uniquely innovative individuals known as Timberhorns. A Timberhorn is a new type of worker – one that harnesses the power of technology and world-class processes. A Timberhorn is someone with an insatiable appetite to provide unparalleled customer service. A Timberhorn works smart and hard to always find a better way. Timberhorns are the best in the world at what they do. They go the extra mile and do whatever it takes to get the job done.
  3. 3. We partner. We raise the bar. We succeed. At Timberhorn IT Solutions, we understand that no two clients are Today’s companies need a flexible partner who will help them alike and each day brings new challenges and new opportunities. solve critical business problems with technology solutions. At Having a consultant who can respond quickly and decisively to Timberhorn IT Solutions, we have built relationships with the new situations is a tremendous asset. That’s why we work hard best and brightest IT professionals, both locally and around the to learn about our clients and gain a better understanding of globe. Whatever your need, we have the most-qualified talent their needs so we can tailor our services accordingly. in the industry. TIMBERHORN CDS We lead. We produce. COMPREHENSIVE DELIVERY SYSTEM TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS Application Development Project Management Business Intelligence Business Analysis Quality Assurance Infrastructure/Communications ERP Solutions We get results. TECHNOLOGY STAFF AUGMENTATION INTERNAL STAFF Contract Contract-to-hire Direct hire STAFF AUGMENTATION TIMBERHORN SERVICE LINES RAPID DEPLOYMENT PROGRAM Timberhorn IT Solutions offers a broad spectrum of capabilities Provide clients with free bidding and pricing resources for their statements of work OUTSOURCING that strengthens our focus on building strong relationships and Delivery of high-quality IT talent to software and hardware vendors, partners and resellers providing individual attention to each of our clients. OFFSHORE GLOBAL RECRUITING National TIMBERHORN International DELIVERY MODEL NEAR SHORE/OFFSHORE Captive CaptiveLITE CaptiveLITE PLUS Global Vendor Optimization Services Timberhorn IT Solutions can be your local partner who provides global services, offering onshore, near shore and offshore technology solutions. We align internal staffing, staff augmentation, outsourcing and offshoring on a mutual platform to give you the best resources in the most cost-effective manner.
  4. 4. TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS APPLICATIONDEVELOPMENT B USINESSINTELLIGENCE Timberhorn IT Solutions combines technical and business consulting experience to create technology solutions that The ability to collect and analyze internal and external data can dictate how well an organization can generate knowledge achieve your business goals. and ultimately value. Timberhorn IT Solutions offers a comprehensive set of Business Intelligence services to help clients harness structured data to improve decision-making, financial management, regulatory compliance and customer service. Our application solution expertise spans the following areas: We have experts in leading Business Intelligence technologies, as well as other analysis and planning applications, user Microsoft.NetDevelopment RichInteractiveApplication(RIA)Development interfaces and process automation tools for integrating and delivering business performance management information. • C# .NET, ASP.NET, .NET 3.5, .NET 3.0, .NET 2.0, • Flash, Silverlight, WPF, WCF, AJAX, DHTML, XAML Our Business Intelligence specialties include: ASP.NET 2.0, ADO.NET, VB.NET, Visual Studio, .NET Compact Framework, SharePoint, BizTalk OtherCustomSoftwareDevelopmentToolsandTechnologies • Hyperion Essbase • Business Objects • PHP(LAMP), C++, AJAX, XML, XSL/T, IIS, Web • Microsoft BI Stack • Microstrategy CoreJava,EnterpriseJavaandAdvanceJava Services, Windows Services, Advanced HTML and • Informatica • IBM DB2 OLAP Server • J2SE, J2EE, JDK, Swing, Struts, JSP, JMX, JAX, CSS, ActiveX, COM, SOAP, Ruby on Rails • Cognos (Ipromptu / PowerPlay) XML, JMX, Ajax, EJB, Servlets, SOA, Hibernate EnterpriseContentManagement INFRASTRUCTURE/COMMUNICATIONS DatabaseDesignandDevelopment • Custom Content Management Solutions When your network experiences any kind of complication, you need to be able to correct it as quickly as possible. With • SQL Server Database, T-SQL, OLAP Cube • SharePoint Consulting Services the increasing amount of information and formats placed on the network, the chances for error are greater than ever. A Analysis, MSDE, SQL Server Express, ODBC, Timberhorn IT Solutions expert can help quickly identify, isolate and resolve any problems that may arise. Areas of service Microsoft Access SoftwareReview/Validation include the following: • Reporting: SQL Reporting Services, Crystal • Code Review Reports, Active Reports, Analysis Services • System Audit • Networking • Storage • Oracle Implementation and Design, • SQL Audit • Security • Data Center PL/SQL Development • VoIP • Virtualization • MySQL ArchitectureReview • Server • Desktop/Help Desk • Scalability/Extensibility MobileApplicationDevelopment • Performance E NTERPRISERESOURCEPLANNING(ERP)SOLUTIONS • Windows Mobile, Windows CE, Pocket PC, Windows • Security At Timberhorn, we know that facilitating the flow of information between all functions of a business is crucial to running XP Embedded (XPe), Tablet PC, iPhone Apps an efficient organization. That’s why we provide Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions that consolidate all business operations, such as financial information, materials and human resources, into a uniform and enterprise-wide system. Our ERP system can either be housed in a centralized server or distributed across a variety of modular units, eliminating the need for complex and expensive computer systems. Either way, Timberhorn IT has a trained specialist that can fill any need. Our ERP Solutions include: • SAP • JD Edwards • Oracle (HR, Financials) • Salesforce • Peoplesoft Pre-Oracle • Lawson • Sterling Commerce • Microsoft Dynamics (GP, NAV, CRM and SL)
  5. 5. P ROJECTMANAGEMENT Timberhorn consultants have impressive track records of providing clients with proven project management consulting solutions that are both effective and cost-efficient. Our consultants have the experience to roll-up their sleeves to help drive your high-priority project to successful completion. They also have the expertise to mentor your personnel through the process of adopting a more structured approach. If you require a customized approach, Timberhorn will work with your organization to deliver near-term successes on your projects while moving your organization in the right direction. Our consultants are either PMP certified or follow PMI, Agile and/or RUP Methodologies. With four different levels of consultants, we are equipped to take on many different roles and provide a broad range of services including: project management training, mentoring, and on-site project office development. B USINESSANALYSIS Timberhorn IT Solutions has business analysts who are skilled at working with end-users to determine what their needs are. Each analyst is responsible for drilling down into each business requirement to ensure that what is being asked is actually what is feasible and necessary. Timberhorn Business Analysts have full Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) experience. Our skilled BA’s have experience working on large scale projects as well as working on numerous concurrent projects with multiple Project Managers and PMO’s. QUALITYASSURANCE Timberhorn IT Solutions is engaged in the software development process at each stage to ensure the highest quality. Our QA services include: • Test automation • Usability assessment • Code inspection and review Our baseline testing process includes: • Test design • Test execution • Defect tracking • Result reporting • Review of documentation Types of testing we conduct are: • Component/System functional • Regression • Localization • Compatibility/Configuration • Stress/Volume • Load • Performance • Security
  6. 6. RAPID DEPLOYMENT PROGRAM If you sell hardware and/or software solutions for small-and large- scale customers and your solutions include Networking, Security, VoiP, Server, Storage, Data Center and Virtualization, Timberhorn can provide you with a unique partnership to deliver your solutions. Whether you need 5 or 50 resources within 24 hours to implement your hardware and software solutions, Timberhorn can deliver high-quality talent to complete your SOW’s and help you meet KPI’s. Timberhorn is a true partner for large scale hardware and software resellers and implementation niches providing the following services free of charge: • Bid and SOW completion – Timberhorn can help you identify resources in any geographic area of the U.S. and help you meet your RFI, RFP and SOW deliverables. • Skills Identification – Timberhorn will identify and determine if resources are readily available to meet your implementation needs. • Resource Pricing – Timberhorn will provide your company free resource pricing for any city and state in the U.S. regardless of skill set within 24 hours notice. Because of our extensive network of experienced professionals, we will deliver high-quality IT talent to software and hardware vendors, partners, and resellers. GLOBAL RECRUITING TECHNOLOGY STAFF AUGMENTATION At Timberhorn IT Solutions, we understand the process of acquiring the most capable and competent resources. We are headquartered in Frisco, Texas, but our ambitions are not restricted by local boundaries. That’s why we Timberhorn IT Solutions places a premium on qualified, talented individuals who can step into your business and have built relationships with the best and brightest IT professionals around the world. make a positive difference. Depending on your need, we can fill Contract, Contract-to-Hire and Direct Hire positions. Timberhorn IT Solutions can be your local partner who provides global services, offering onshore, near shore • Contract employees provide the flexibility for your staff when the workload and offshore technology solutions. Unlike most IT companies who provide internal staffing, staff augmentation, either becomes too heavy or you have a temporary vacancy. outsourcing and offshoring on a mutually exclusive platform, we align the four components to give you the best resources in the most cost-effective manner. • Contract-to-hire employees are hired for a specific project and remain on the job until they are converted to a Direct Employee of our clients. These individuals possess a very specific skill set which requires customized recruiting. • Direct hire allows for a candidate to be hired directly to your payroll with the same eligibility of benefits as regular employees.
  7. 7. NEAR SHORE/OFFSHORE Offshored projects include those that create a high level of business impact and have a high “value” With increasing complexity of systems and processes, as well as the ever-increasing need for creation potential. In addition to lower cost and higher savings, Timberhorn IT and our partner offshoring core and emergent processes, the captive model has emerged as the preferred offshore ANSR Source can help you realize greater process efficiencies and resource productivity. model for many reasons: Captive • Ability to offshore core processes and systems The Captive model involves the establishment of a wholly-owned offshore subsidiary. Timberhorn • Management and retention of control over risk profile, especially for critical business areas IT Solutions provides a full range of advisory, consulting and support services for organizations • Development of global delivery models with centralized and standardized processes seeking to directly access offshore advantages through a Captive unit. We provide captive strategy • Companies can leverage partnerships to mitigate risks and reduce the implementation development services, implementation assistance, and ongoing management and optimization of cycle significantly, substantially accelerating the break-even point the entity. While India remains the preferred location for multinational Captive entities, other • All investments made in people and infrastructure are completely protected destinations are emerging. In the Captive model, all core systems and processes are transitioned to • Allows the constant optimization of the outsourcing strategy to create enterprise value the subsidiary, ensuring no compromises in the alignment of the goals and objectives of the subsidiary • Creation of opportunities to enter new markets and the parent while providing direct access to traditional and enhanced offshore benefits. • Better control over processes, time lines and enhanced quality of operations • Ensure greater flexibility and transparency in operations enabling better monitoring of Establishing a Captive center in an offshore location involves a series of activities including performance, productivity and management insight incorporation of the subsidiary, ensuring legal and statutory compliances, acquisition and operation • Alignment of offshore initiatives and their cultures and values of facilities and infrastructure, recruitment and training of senior management and staff, branding, • Benefits of offshore cost arbitrage and additional savings in terms of related profit margins marketing and communications and building a world class service delivery organization. It is critical • Ensure compliance of regulations like HIPAA, Sox, etc. designed to protect integrity of to take into consideration issues such as local taxation, permanent establishment guidelines, reporting processes for protection of companies, customers and investors and optimum transfer pricing policies. The meticulous planning, industry and regional expertise • Companies can create a substantial competitive advantage by leveraging new processes required, combined with the level of risk involved has led most companies to leverage the experience and technologies along with high-quality resources at a substantially lower cost and of a proven partner such as Timberhorn IT Solutions to achieve efficient execution of their Captive improving processes offshore strategy. • Develop robust technology infrastructures for greater efficiency and scalability of operations • Protection and security of IP and data • Once an optimal level of benefit realization has been achieved, the organization has the option to create further value through an IPO or a partial sign-off • Companies can commence their quality quests by aligning their systems and processes to defined global standards and quickly receive various certifications like CMMi, BS7799, COPC, etc. indicating a level of process maturity, expertise and quality
  8. 8. CaptiveLITE The CaptiveLITE model maintains many of the intentions and benefits of the full Captive approach while minimizing your level of risk and investment. This approach allows your organization to test the concept by starting with a small dedicated offshore center that is established and managed completely by Timberhorn IT Solutions on behalf of the client. We will hire resources who are dedicated to the client’s projects and processes. You maintain the right to transition the entity to a wholly-owned Captive operation at the appropriate time. As with the Captive strategy, Timberhorn IT Solutions will assist with the strategy development, implementation, ongoing management and optimization of the entity. Our CaptiveLITE consultancy services focus on India, which remains the preferred destination for most multinational organizations. Our experience with and ongoing research of Captive models ensures that your organization will have the most tested and relevant approaches available, along with the support of a veteran management team experienced in executing such strategies. CaptiveLITE Benefits • Complete control of offshore team and facility • Flexibility in adopting optimum strategic directions • Initial investment could be minimized IT Solutions • Reduced organizational, IP and political risk • All IP is protected and process improvements stay with parent • Reduced administrative and project management burden • Creates an offshore team indoctrinated with the parent culture • Goal alignment – Timberhorn IT Solutions will provide all support to facilitate creation/transfer of captive TheCaptiveLITEPLUSModel The CaptiveLITE PLUS model builds on the CaptiveLITE approach to include the establishment of a legal entity in India. Timberhorn IT Solutions will continue to assist with all elements of strategy development, implementation, and management of the subsidiary. The CaptiveLITE PLUS model goes a step beyond CaptiveLITE in that it allows you to leverage your brand equity to attract and retain the best talent in India. CaptiveLITE PLUS allows you to test the Captive concept by starting with a smaller offshore subsidiary that is established and managed by Timberhorn IT Solutions on your behalf. GlobalVendorOptimizationServices – Timberhorn IT Solutions will select best-of-breed vendors on a global basis for specific IT and BPO needs.
  9. 9. In today’s dynamic work environment, there is no substitute for a sharp mind. At Timberhorn IT Solutions, we have relationships with the brightest, most qualified IT professionals, whether they are down the street or across the world. Put our unparalleled solutions to work for you. 3000 Internet Blvd. Suite 100 IT Solutions Frisco, TX 75034 Quality People. Quality IT Solutions.