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iPad-tastic TCEA


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Published in: Education, Technology
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iPad-tastic TCEA

  1. 1. Educreations Popplet Lite iPad-Tastic Vocabulary Karen Wright-Balbier @kbalbier on twitter
  2. 2. Educreations Popplet Lite Animoto for iPhone Skitch iPad-Tastic Vocabulary Karen Wright-Balbier @kbalbier on twitter
  3. 3. Back Channel to ask questions, share thoughts, and ideas about this session.
  4. 4. Reading is... ...the product of decoding (the ability to read words on a page) and comprehending language (understanding those words). words).
  5. 5. Good Vocabulary Instruction “Good vocabulary instruction helps children gain ownership of words, instead of just learning words well enough to pass a test. Good vocabulary instruction provides multiple exposures through rich and varied activities to meaningful information about the word.” (Stahl & Kapinus, 2001, p. 14)
  6. 6. Steps for Explicit Vocabulary Instruction Vocabulary Instruction 1. Have students say the word. 2. Provide a definition of the word, using student-friendly explanations and visuals. 3. Have students discuss what is known about the word. 4. Provide examples and non-examples of the word. 5. Engage in deep-processing activities by asking questions, using graphic organizers, or having students act out the word. 6. Provide scaffolds so that students can create powerful sentences with the new word. (August et al., 2005; Vaughn & Linan-Thompson, 2004)
  7. 7. Educreations
  8. 8. Educreations Example
  9. 9. Educreations Brainstorming: What are some other ways you can use Educreations to provide varied vocabulary instruction?
  10. 10. Let’s Share!
  11. 11. Popplet Lite
  12. 12. 3rd Grade Example
  13. 13. Additional Creation Apps Animoto Skitch iPad Camera (Video)
  14. 14. Resources EPISD TV Studio on YouTube- What’s Appening