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Endeca OAUG SIG Webinar: Valdosta State University Student Activity Analysis Using Oracle Endeca Information Discovery (OEID)


This includes slides from a webinar where Valdosta State University demonstrates how they have become a trailblazer in the use of Oracle’s Endeca Information Discovery (OEID). First they developed a comprehensive look at student activities and attributes and their impact on retention and success rates, which allows them to target assistance to those that need it most. Now they are launching a similarly comprehensive view of faculty, incorporating data from their Banner GL system, Digital Measures faculty reporting system, and other information systems, with the intention of matching their interests and experiences with research grants and faculty scholarships as they become available. These slides demonstrate Valdosta’s implementation of Endeca and discuss how information discovery can benefit your organization.

The Oracle Application User Group (OAUG) Endeca Special Interest Group (SIG) was formed to allow users to share information, best practices and the use of Oracle Endeca modules, including Oracle Endeca Commerce, Oracle Endeca Information Discovery and Oracle E-Business Suite Extensions for Oracle Endeca. Through the SIG, users have access to education and training programs and may provide feedback to Oracle by recommending product enhancements and influencing future versions of the software. If you are interested in participating in the SIG, please join the membership at our web site at or at our LinkedIn group at

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Endeca sig valdosta_state_webinar.8_13_14.kl.v7

  1. 1. Endeca SIG Webinar: Valdosta State University Student Activity Analysis Using Oracle Endeca Information Discovery (OEID) August 13, 2014
  2. 2. Details About Today’s Webinar • Submit your questions in the Questions box on the bottom right of your screen • Your name and questions will not be accessible to other webinar participants • A copy of the presentation will be available after the webinar to attendees • These slides represent the work and opinions of the presenter and OAUG makes no representations or warranties with respect to the ideas or techniques contained in this document
  3. 3. Agenda • Endeca SIG and Presenter Introductions • Valdosta State Case Study • Questions
  4. 4. Endeca SIG Focus • The goal of the Endeca SIG is to provide information to help you enhance your knowledge about the Endeca suite of products, such as Oracle Commerce, Oracle Endeca Information Discovery (OEID), and Oracle E-Business Suite Extensions for Oracle Endeca • Why should you join OAUG and participate in the Endeca SIG? Benefits include: – Education and Training. Access regularly-scheduled webinars from Oracle’s product teams and Endeca customers and partners – Networking. Connect with your peers and other leaders in the Endeca customer and partner community both through the SIG’s social media channels as well as through attending events such as the Endeca SIG group meetings at OAUG Collaborate and Oracle OpenWorld – Professional Development. Apply for a volunteer role and take advantage of the opportunity to participate in areas such as communications, recruiting or facilitating a domain area that you might not get to work on in your “day job!”
  5. 5. Introducing Your SIG Leadership • Today’s presenters include: – Kirby Lunger, Co-Chair is the Chief Sales & Marketing Officer at Performance Architects, an Oracle Platinum Partner that specializes in the EPM (Hyperion) and BI (OBIEE, Endeca) technologies. She maintains over 18 years of experience in the consulting, internet services, and software markets at organizations She is a frequent presenter at industry events and writes for groups such as Association for Financial Professionals (AFP), BeyeNetwork, ComputerWorld, Enterprise Systems, Information Management, The National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO), NICSA, and The Data Warehousing Institute as well as local and national Oracle events such as Oracle OpenWorld, COLLABORATE, and the Northeast Regional Higher Education Users Group (NERHEUG). • Other leadership roles include: – George Somogyi, Co-Chair – Ramesh Kumar, Endeca EBS Extensions Subcommittee Chair – Sean Suskind, Oracle Endeca Information Discovery Subcommittee Chair – Jeff Reid, Oracle Commerce Subcommittee Chair
  6. 6. Upcoming SIG Events • Endeca SIG meeting at Oracle OpenWorld – Date and time TBD – Meeting ID = 9019 • Additional August webinar – Oracle Human Resources Extensions for Oracle Endeca – Tuesday, August 19th, 12:00 PM EST –
  7. 7. Introducing Today’s Presenters • Andy Clark is the Vice President for Enrollment, Marketing, and Communication at Valdosta State Insert Photo Here • Brian Haugabrook is the Chief Information Officer at Valdosta State Insert Photo Here
  8. 8. Agenda • Endeca SIG and Presenter Introductions • Valdosta State Case Study • Questions
  9. 9. • Located in south Georgia, Valdosta State University offers the best of both worlds — the extensive academic, cultural, and social opportunities of a major university and the small classes and close personal attention found at smaller institutions. Students are attracted to the close-knit community where learning occurs in a supportive environment and faculty members challenge each student’s potential. Valdosta State University
  10. 10. • Opened in 1913 as South Georgia State Normal College for women • 11,500 students currently enrolled • Over 200 student organizations • 2004, 2007, 2012 DII National Football Champions • 2012 DII National Softball Champions • 2006, 2012 DII National Men’s Tennis Champions Valdosta State University
  11. 11. • Georgia has a goal to graduate an additional 250,000 over the next 8 years • Over 60% of all jobs will require a certificate or degree • Only 42% of young adults in Georgia are prepared • Use data and analytics to identify at-risk behavior • Implement Guided Pathways to Success initiatives • Structured schedules • Early intervention strategies Complete College America/Georgia
  12. 12. • Database 11g • Data Integrator (ODI) • Application Express (APEX) • Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) • OBIEE Financial Analytics • Endeca Information Discovery Oracle Technology
  13. 13. • Planning: 3 months, Nov 2011 – Jan 2012 • Faculty Portal Development: 6 months, Jan 2012 – Jun 2012 • Data Warehouse – Data Collection, nightly extracts from Banner: Sept 2011 - Current – Infrastructure Setup, VM: 2 months, Feb 2012 – Mar 2012 – OBIEE Installation/Setup: 5 months, Mar 2012 – July 2012 • Release to Campus: August 2012 • Oracle Endeca Information Discovery POC – Data Collection: Feb 2013 (2 weeks) – Web Interface: March 2013 (2 weeks) • Oracle CRM On-Demand: Fall 2014 Oracle Implementations
  14. 14. Class Roster with Photos and Direct Link to DegreeWorks
  15. 15. Automatic Alerts, Triggers, and Events • Sends notification to the student’s advisor and academic success center • If the student lives on campus, a wellness check is automatically triggered through the housing office • If the student is in an FLC, all other instructors are notified
  16. 16. • A three part process that examined: – Quality of High School – High School Grade Point Average (HS GPA) – SAT Scores (ACT converted) At-Risk Factors
  17. 17. Pass Rates 3% increase Retention Rates 2% increase Progression Rates 5% increase Valdosta State University: ROI First Year At-risk Characteristics SAT Total HS GPA High School First year at VSU
  18. 18. • Combine both structured and unstructured data • Prioritize strategic goals and identify opportunities for improvement • Quickly find trends and patterns across numerous data silos • Reduce time to deployment • Gain valuable information from big data • Improve operational performance with fast ROI Endeca Information Discovery
  19. 19. • Will exercising make a difference in academic success • How does the hours spent in tutoring affect success • Does eating breakfast daily really matter • How does the library affect student success • Will living on campus increase my success • Should we promote student jobs on campus • What combinations of academic and social data yield the highest/lowest retention rates How Can We Measure Engagement
  20. 20. • How can we measure the effectiveness of a class • How can we determine the best learning models • How does unstructured data from surveys relate to a course, event, or university sentiment • What combination of classroom, social, and non- academic activities do drop outs frequently exhibit • How can mining social media help us increase student success Digging Deeper with Endeca
  21. 21. Oracle Endeca Information Discovery Understand the Complete Picture with Context from Any Source Data Warehouse / Business Intelligence Banner/ODS PeopleSoft One Card Blackboard Sales Transactions Prod ID W k CustI D Dat e Deale r Price 506 25 1233 10/ 3 Dealer 1 $35,0 00 507 26 1545 09/ 4 Dealer 2 $22,0 00 Student Record Stud ID Clas s ID Sec Da Inst Cours Spend Cost 12324 506 234 12/ 3 1233 Class1 $300 $200 12325 507 235 12/ 4 1545 Class2 $450 $900 Verbatim Text Surveys and Evaluations “..student heard a rattling sound toward left front side of room. Had issues with understanding professor…” Websites Sports Other HigherEd Government Agencies Bureau of Labor/Statistics INSLDS/FAFSA/IFAPS Population ages, median income, home values, land area, unemployed, number of small businesses…. “.. Valdosta State wins another state championship…” “ … University of Georgia hires a new vice president.” “Love Valdosta State University. The campus is in a great area. It is large enough to have everything you need, but still small enough……..” Social Media Student Sentiment/Blogs/Tweets “How do we view a successful student?
  22. 22. • Student Portal v2 & Oracle CRM – Implement Oracle CRM on Demand – Targeted supplemental instruction materials displayed as ads – Student employment opportunities based on financial analytics • Oracle Endeca Information Discovery – Combine quantitative and qualitative data – Incorporate social media and survey data – Enhance research and grant opportunities Fall 2014 Implementation
  23. 23. • Measuring engagement is a strong indicator of success • Engagement metrics MUST be included in any data warehouse implementation • We do not track enough unstructured data such as surveys and event registrations • Universities have many years of data in numerous information systems that could be used to improve student success. Endeca highlighted two new initiatives for VSU within the first two hours of use Lessons Learned
  24. 24. Agenda • Endeca SIG and Presenter Introductions • Valdosta State Case Study • Questions
  25. 25. Questions? Valdosta State Contacts Andy Clark Brian Haugabrook Endeca SIG Contact Kirby Lunger Keep in Touch! Endeca SIG Resources Oracle Applications Endeca SIG LinkedIn Group Endeca SIG web site