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Presentation tools


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Presentation tools

  1. 1. Free, Fun, Alternativesto PowerPoint
  2. 2. What Could Possibly Be Better? Prezi A great way to jazz up your presentations!
  3. 3. Prezi Features
  4. 4. How Much Will Prezi Cost Me?
  5. 5. Refer 3 People…Get Upgraded!
  6. 6. Your Prezi Dashboard
  7. 7. How to Get Started Building a presentation on Prezi is a lot easier than it looks Watch the instructional videos, and use some of your old PowerPointpresentations to get
  8. 8. “Prezify” Your PowerPoints! The best way I have found to use Prezi (in the beginning) You don’t have to make your own content to start, just import one of yourold PowerPoints! Play around inside the Prezi software to make it look cool There is a video called “Prezify Your PowerPoint”
  9. 9. Empressr View Empressr tutorial
  10. 10. Empressr
  11. 11. Instructions
  12. 12. Empressr Categories Google Yahoo PhotoBucket Flickr Or use your built-in webcam to take a picture and insert directly into yourpresentationImport Images From…
  13. 13. Empressr is a Community!
  14. 14. Getting Started
  15. 15. Importing Your PowerPoint
  16. 16. Loading….
  17. 17. PowerPoint Loaded!
  18. 18. Empressr Dashboard
  19. 19. What Could Possibly Be Better? Zohoshow
  20. 20. ZohoShow Front Page
  21. 21. ZohoShow Features
  22. 22. Why Try ZohoShow?
  23. 23. Questions? Go to the Forum!
  24. 24. Photo Peach Probably the easiest to use of all of the sites.
  25. 25. How to Make a Presentation Facebook Picassa Your computer
  26. 26. Photos Uploaded
  27. 27. Choose Music & Name Show
  28. 28. Example… My Weekend in SeattleNotice the “Ken Burns Effect”, as the programzooms in and zooms out on each photo as it showsStory View
  29. 29. Convert PowerPoint Slides Take a “screen shot” of each of your PowerPoint slides “Prt Scr”, then paste into Paint, then save the picture Insert the pictures into PhotoPeach Your PowerPoint will play with the press of a button…and includebackground music!Technology for Free!
  30. 30. Other Alternatives to PowerPointPhotoStoryMovie MakerTikatok – imagine a story, create a book – create videos – photos with commentary http://www.voicethread.comPhotopeach – slideshows – interactive posters brochures, invitations Storytelling – create your own comics – cartoons and animations list below are not what would be considered “slidepresentation applications” but can be an alternative for students todemonstrate their understanding to the class.