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These are the introductory slides for a workshop "Open Education for Collaboration, Flexibility, and Global Visibility", which I gave at University of Nairobi on August 27, 2013. All of the materials for the workshop are available at http://openmi.ch/uon-aug2013.

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  • Personal introduction: I have been working with open education at University of Michigan and our partner institutions since 2008. My background is in computer science, information science, and public policy. I work with information services for the Medical School, but I partner with other departments on campus, especially the other health sciences. The goal of my department is to enable the right learning for the right people at the right time.
  • This is your workshop. With this group, we have an amazing collective pool of knowledge about higher education and public health education and fieldwork, policy, and technology. Let’s use this time for something relevant and engaging. My goal is for this workshop to be transparent – not just with you the participants so you know what to expect, but to others unable to attend in person who also wish to learn from it. All of the materials that I’m going to share with you are also shared publicly, under licenses that allow others to copying and adapt for their own purposes. All of today’s slides and related documents that I’ve created will also be shared under similar licenses.
  • My goal today is to be a facilitator, not a lecturer. I want to introduce you to some new concepts, lead your through some exercises, and stimulate discusson about how you may apply these concepts to your work here in the School of Public Health
  • Collect feedback from the audience – can do by cards or in large group
  • UON SPH OER Workshop Intro

    1. 1. Kathleen Ludewig Omollo University of Michigan - Open.Michigan Initiative Audience: University of Nairobi School of Public Health Download slides: http://openmi.ch/uon-aug2013 Except where otherwise noted, this work is available under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. Copyright 2013 The Regents of the University of Michigan Workshop Format & Introductions Workshop Objectives Workshop Schedule Open Education for Collaboration, Flexibility, and Global Visibility 1
    2. 2. Workshop Format 2 Transparen t Participatory Collaborative
    3. 3. Workshop Format 3 Minimize presentations: Maximize interactions: Images from: Designing Collaborative Workshops, Peer to Peer University, CC BY SA, https://p2pu.org/en/courses/77/designing-collaborative-workshops/.
    4. 4. Workshop Format 4 Know your Peers: Introductions, under 2 minutes each: •Name •Specialty •Any experience you have with “open” (e.g. open educational resources, open access, open data)
    5. 5. Workshop Format 5 Participant feedback: What are you hoping to cover during today’s workshop?
    6. 6. Workshop Objectives 6 1. Define key terms and concepts 2. Understand the basics of copyright law and open licenses 3. Identify and address incentives for and myths about open content
    7. 7. Workshop Objectives 7 4. Search for, locate, and evaluate open educational resources for public health 5. Understand how to legally identify, classify, and attribute third-party content 6. Demonstrate tools for creating and distributing digital learning materials
    8. 8. Workshop Objectives 8 7. Examine approaches to designing learning experiences that promote social-cognitive learning 8. Brainstorm opportunities to integrate open education practices into the local curriculum 9. Recommend guides and interest groups for open education exploration
    9. 9. Workshop Schedule 9 9:30 Key Definitions and Concepts 9:50 Example Open Educational Resources for Health 10:00 Dispelling Myths and Addressing Motivations for Open Education 10:15 Introduction to Open Licenses 10:25 Hands-On Activity: Locating and Evaluating OER 11:00 Tea Break
    10. 10. Workshop Schedule 10 11:15 Share Results of Hands-On Activity: Locating and Evaluating OER 11:30 Models and Technologies to Support Open Education 11:50 Hands-On Activity 2: Addressing legal issues before releasing content publicly 12:20 Open Education - Designing the Learning Experience 12:40 Small Group Discussion: Integrating Open Education into the School of Public Health
    11. 11. Workshop Schedule 11 13:10 Closing Remarks 13:20 Complete Feedback Forms 13:30 Lunch
    12. 12. Questions? 12