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ICTD2012 - Open License Activity Tags


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This presentation was shared as part of a workshop at ICTD2012. The DOC version of these slides are at

This activity was designed for ICTD2012 for this workshop:

See the introductory workshop slides at:

The example lecture slides that accompany this activity are at

This document is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license

Published in: Education, Technology
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ICTD2012 - Open License Activity Tags

  1. 1. Slide 1 Slide 4Except where otherwise noted, thiswork is available under a Creative The Tragedy (1903) by PabloCommons Attribution 3.0 License( Picassolicenses/by/3.0). Copyright 2012 The Source: National Gallery of ArtRegents of the University of Michigan.Slide 5 Slide 6 Image by Aaron Escobar Source: FlickrSource Undetermined ( aaronescobar/2163469900/)Slide 7 Slide 8Source Undetermined Source UndeterminedSlide 9 Slide 10Source: TA Gustafon et al. J. Biol. Chem.14669.html 262:13316-22, 1987.      
  2. 2. Slide 11 Slide 12 Source: United StatesImage by Andreas Vasalius Department of Health andSource: Book Five of De Human Services,Corporis Human Fabrica (1543) opengovernmentplan/index.htmlSlide 13 Slide 14 Image by Kathleen LudewigSource Undetermined OmolloSlide 15 Slide 16Image from Public Health ImageLibrarySource: Centers for Disease Source: and PreventionSlide 17 Slide 18Image by Huhu Uet Image by Kawasaki riderSource: Wikimedia Commons Source: Wikimedia Commons( (!_Kohlmeise_01.jpg) File:%22Carnival_Glory%22.jpg)    
  3. 3. Slide 19 Slide 1Image by Benson KuaSource: Flickr, 4 Slide 5Slide 6 Slide 7Slide 8 Slide 9    
  4. 4. Slide 10 Slide 11Slide 12 Slide 13Slide 14 Slide 15Slide 16 Slide 17  
  5. 5.  Slide 18 Slide 19Slide 3Slide 13
  6. 6.  Slide 17