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ICTD2013 - Accessibility Workshop - Crowd-sourcing subtitles to increase access to educational videos


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Presentation from ICTD2013 conference ( accessibility workshop on Dec 10, 2013 in Cape Town, South Africa. Download PDF, PPT version at: Slides are CC BY 2013 The Regents of the University of Michigan

Workshop description: "Accessible Technology in ICTD"
Organiser: Joyojeet Pal
This session will introduce participants to accessibility and assistive technology and their role in ICTD. A lecture and interactive form workshop will introduce concepts of disability studies, international law related to accessibility and various assistive technologies.

Published in: Education, Technology
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ICTD2013 - Accessibility Workshop - Crowd-sourcing subtitles to increase access to educational videos

  1. 1. Crowd-sourcing subtitles to increase access to educational videos Policy Technical Social Social Synthesis Kathleen Ludewig Omollo International Program Manager, Office of Enabling Technologies University of Michigan Medical School ICTD2013 Conference, December 10, 2013 Download slides: Except where otherwise noted, this work is available under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. Copyright 2013 The Regents of the University of Michigan
  2. 2. Policy:  Individual  Access   •   Americans  with  Disabili9es  Act  is   reac9ve;  ins9tu9ons  must  respond  to   specific  requests  for  accessibility.     •   e.g.  student  who  is  blind  can  request   privileged  access  to  full  digital  text  from   Google  Books  partnership  with  university   library,  including  digital  copies  that  are   copyright  restricted  to  general  public.     2
  3. 3. Policy:  Public  Service   The  mission  of  the  University  of  Michigan   is  to  serve  the  people  of  Michigan  and   the  world  through  preeminence  in   crea4ng,  communica4ng,  preserving   and  applying  knowledge,  art,  and   academic  values,  and  in  developing   leaders  and  ci9zens  who  will  challenge   the  present  and  enrich  the  future.   Source:  hGp://       3  
  4. 4. Policy:  Public  Access   •   Privacy:     •   If  you  film  someone  and  intend  to   publicly  distribute  result,  you  need  his   or  her  informed  consent.   •   Copyright:   •   CapAons  or  translaAons  are   derivaAve  works  of  the  original  video   and  require  permission/license.   4
  5. 5. Policy:  Public  Access   Open.Michigan  (hGp://,   Two  goals:   1.  to  sustain  a  thriving  culture  of   sharing  knowledge  at  U-­‐M   2.  to  provide  comprehensive  public   access  to  all  of  U-­‐M’s  scholarly   output   5  
  6. 6. Policy:  Public  Access    “Open”  by  unbundling  educa9onal   content  so  that  it  is  portable  across:   ▪ structures  (e.g.  courses,  tutorials)   ▪ mediums  (e.g.  print,  digital,  audio)   ▪ devices  (e.g.  desktop,  tablet,  phone)   ▪ types  of  networks  (online,  offline,  hybrid)   ▪ audiences  and  markets  (e.g.  languages,  K-­‐12   vs.  undergraduate,  all  free  vs.  free  sample)   6  
  7. 7. Policy:  Open.Michigan     Content  Formats   Quality   Compressed   Editable   Embeddable,  Buffered   Watching  or  Browsing   Downloadable   Examples   PDF,  ZIP,  FLV,  SWF,   PNG   DOC,  FLA,  SVG   YouTube,  Internet   Archive,  Slideshare     MP4   7  
  8. 8. Cap9oning  and  Transla9on:     Technical:  Op9ons     Translator  View  in Sub9tles  –  Openly  Editable   hGp://         (formerly  hGp://   Auto-­‐transcribe  audio;  Auto-­‐sync  transcript;     Sub-­‐9tles  by  invita9on hGps://     Design  for  Different  Learner  Styles   hGp://           Slides  to  Web  Accessible  Text   hGp://     8
  9. 9. Cap9oning  and  Transla9on:     Technical:  Op9ons     Translator  View  in Text  to  Text  (e.g.  Language,  Level)   hGp://       MOOC  from  Open  University  UK   on  Open  Transla9on   hGp://         9
  10. 10. Cap9oning  and  Transla9on:     Technical:  Features   Translator  View  in   •  Par9cipatory:  Anyone  can  view,   create,  edit  sub9tle   •  Versioning:  Track,  revert  sub9tles   for  given  language   •  Import/export  in  standard  formats   •  Open  source  plakorm   10
  11. 11. Cap9oning  and  Transla9on:     Technical:  Features   Translator  View  in   •  API:  Query  number  of  sub9tles  and   9tles/languages  for  tracks   •  Syncing:  Edit  in  Amara,   automa9cally  push  new  sub9tles,   sub9tle  link  to  your  YouTube   channel   11
  12. 12. Cap9oning  and  Transla9on:     Technical:  Sub9tle  Viiew  in   Translator  View   n   Image  source:   hGp://­‐of-­‐a-­‐gram-­‐posi9ve-­‐ bacterium/,  Fair  Use   12
  13. 13. Technical:  Presenta9on  on  YouTube   Image  Source:  hGp://,  CC  BY   13
  14. 14. Technical:  Features   •  Turn  cap9ons  on/off   •  Auto-­‐transcribe  or  auto-­‐translate   •  Search/browse  cap9ons  to  jump  to   matching  9me  in  video.   •  If  shared  under  Crea9ve  Commons   AGribu9on  3.0  license,  a  remix   buGon  allows  you  to  copy  the  video   your  account  to  modify/mash-­‐up.   14
  15. 15. Social:  Ease  Sign-­‐Up,  Promote  Results   Image  sources:   hGp://­‐microbio-­‐ 15 lab/2009,  CC  BY  NC  Yaw  Adu-­‐Sarkodie,  Cary  Engleberg,  Charles  Agyei  Osei  
  16. 16. Social:  Ease  Sign-­‐Up,  Promote  Results   Our  cap9oning   and  transla9on   is  ongoing.  All   languages  are   encouraged.   Image  source:  hGp://  ,  Fair  Use     16
  17. 17. Social:  Recognize  Volunteers   Screenshot  of   hGps:// 2013/08/22/interview-­‐with-­‐eve-­‐ nabulya-­‐luganda-­‐transla9ons-­‐for-­‐ my-­‐community/,  CC  BY  Eve   Nabulya   17
  18. 18. Social:  Open.Michigan  Cap9on  Results   *numbers  from  Nov.  21,  2013   #  LANGUAGES  PER  VIDEO   OTHER  THAN  ENGLISH   #  VIDEOS     6   3   5   2   4   5   3   6   2   36   1   1   TOTAL  VIDEOS     *31  IN  ORIGINAL  CAMPAIGN,   MORE  ADDED  LATER   53   #  VOLUNTEERS  PER   #  CAPTIONS   COMPLETED   TRANSLATION   2  (TRANSLATOR   AND  REVIEWER)   43   1   96   TOTAL   139   More  details:   hGp://­‐ avu13       18
  19. 19. Social:  Open.Michigan  Cap9on  Results   *numbers  from  Nov.  21,  2013   AFFILIATION  OF   VOLUNTEERS   #  VOLUN-­‐ TEERS   UNIVERSITY  OF   MICHIGAN  ACTIVE   MEMBER  OR  ALUMNI   27   EXTERNAL  OR   UNKNOWN   35   #  CAPTIONS   CONTRIBUTED   #  VOLUN-­‐ TEERS   CONTRIBUTED  >=1   cap9on   35   1   12   MAX  =  31   1   MEDIAN   2   MEAN   More  details:  hGp://­‐avu13       4.63   19
  20. 20. AVU  Recap:  Crowd-­‐sourcing   Lessons  from  November  Panel   African  Virtual  University  (AVU)  Conference   November  22,  2013   African  Virtual  University,  Siyavula,  University  of  Michigan   hGp://     20
  21. 21. AVU  Recap:  Lessons  from  Panel   1.  Address  copyright  of  original  and   cap9ons  (try  open  licenses)     2.  Review  original  for  quality,  accuracy   3.  Design  workflows  to  accommodate   varying  9me  commitment,   availability,  levels  of  subject   knowledge.   21
  22. 22. AVU  Recap:  Lessons  from  Panel   4.  Recruit  volunteers  using  formal  and   informal  social  networks   5.  Develop  a  lexicon  of  core  technical   terms  for  the  given  subject     6.  Use  sowware  to  manage  parallel   work  and  versioning   22
  23. 23. AVU  Recap:  Lessons  from  Panel   7.  Arrange  proofreading     8.  Review  formaxng  of  cap9ons/ transla9ons  for  consistency  of  style   9.  Recognize  or  reward  the   contribu9ons  of  volunteers     10. Promote  the  results  (more   volunteers,  more  learners)   23
  24. 24. Thank  You   Email:   TwiQer:  @open_michigan     Access  this  slide  set:     hGp://­‐cc-­‐ictd2013     Project  details  (ongoing  sign-­‐up):   hGp://­‐overview     Image  sources:  Paper,  envelope  icons  from,  public  domain.  Others  from   TwiGer,  Slideshare.   24