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UON SPH Workshop - Open licenses - Handout


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This is a handout for the workshop "Open Education for Collaboration, Flexibility, and Global Visibility", which I gave at University of Nairobi on August 27, 2013. All of the materials for the workshop are available at

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UON SPH Workshop - Open licenses - Handout

  1. 1. Open Education for Collaboration, Flexibility, and Global Visibility: Open Licenses University of Nairobi, Workshop, August 27, 2013 What are some motivations for making materials public and adding an open license? Indicate the open license for each acronym below: CC BY _________________________________________ CC BY SA _________________________________________ CC BY NC _________________________________________ CC BY NC SA _________________________________________ CC BY ND _________________________________________ CC BY NC ND _________________________________________ What are the main steps for creating open content? L _________________________________________________ U __________________________________________________ A __________________________________________________ S __________________________________________________ What legal issues must be addressed prior to sharing content publicly? C __________________________________________________
  2. 2. P __________________________________________________ P __________________________________________________ What are possible actions for third-party content contained within materials? R _________________________________________________ R __________________________________________________ R __________________________________________________ P __________________________________________________ What information should you include for properly attributing an openly licensed material? T_________________________________ A_________________________________ S_________________________________ L_________________________________