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  1. 1. Own Your Energy
  2. 2. Mission statement: Create Networks between merchants and clients to increase the number of green energy systems and a growth in sales for the merchants
  3. 3. The energy war The competition in solar panels, wind turbines and related devices market is grown incredibly in the last few years. Please refer to the beside graphic related to Worldwide Cumulative PV Growth. Your company is surely part of it. Can your revenues be improved? 2011 2012 2013 2014 70.3 GW per Mile 100.4 GW per Mile 138.8 GW per Mile 183.8 GW per Mile
  4. 4. The solution To sell more your company requires more visibility. We propose a free affiliation to our E- Commerce website! This means a blog and social media marketing for free and a professional E- Commerce window for your products.
  5. 5. Merchants Program We propose to become your affiliate and improve traffic and visibility of your products. Please refer to beside graphic related to US E-Commerce growth by referral channels and affiliates. 16% of E-Commerce orders in 2015 came through affiliates. 3% Growth from 2014 We are suggesting a huge help for your company grow year by year.
  6. 6. Benefits ❏ Free marketing services for your products ❏ Low risk ❏ Network building (social media included) ❏ Ready made Specialist Networks/Providers ❏ Global 24/7/365 Sales workforce working to grow your revenues
  7. 7. Milestones We are building the network between your company and your clients. April 2016 Proposing OwnsEnergy as affiliate to merchants June 2016 E-Commerce website available worldwide September 2016 2000 subscribers and 14000 visits per week December 2016 Special Offers and substantial sales growth January 2017 OwnsEnergy is an authority in Green Energy Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar
  8. 8. How it works Step 1 Contact OwnsEnergy, discuss term and conditions and sign the contract Step 2 Provide all the required details about your products Step 3 Follow the orders by OwnsEnergy, ship your products to the clients, check the revenues growth
  9. 9. Revenue model The consumer makes a purchase through website. OwnsEnergy has already added a small percentage to the merchandising price. Your company earns the full price without paying any fees to OwnsEnergy. Consumer Your Company
  10. 10. Questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us at: