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Rollins, desgin presentation


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Rollins, desgin presentation

  1. 1. Goals and Influences By Katie Rollins
  2. 2. • How do we get there?• What is our goal?
  3. 3. How do we get there?Standard 2-4 (Writing: Developing WrittenCommunication): “The student creates writing thatincludes a clear focus, coherentorganization, sufficientelaboration, effective voice, andappropriate use of conventions.”
  4. 4. What is Our Goal?• Students will know how to use the 6+ Writing Traits to become better writers.
  5. 5. Objectives• Students will be able to: – Explain each of the 6+ Writing Traits – Determine effective writing by analyzing writing samples – Apply the 6+ traits in their own writing
  6. 6. Theoretical InfluencesADDIE Bloom’s Taxonomy
  7. 7. ADDIE• Analyze – identify prior knowledge and learning goals• Design – identify objectives, design instruction• Develop – create content and other material• Implement – deliver material to teachers and students• Evaluate – formative and summative assessment
  8. 8. Bloom’s Taxonomy• Create – generate new ideas or products• Evaluate – justify a decision• Analyze – break information into parts• Apply – using information in a similar situation• Understand – explaining ideas or concepts• Remember – recalling information
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