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You want only the best for your customers. Great! So do we. Here at Cite Up, we get what buyers want brands to know: You're only as good as your last impression. That's why our team of marketing specialists will work with your company from A to Z, to help you create and deliver a consistent WOW! experience for your target audience — whether in store, in the field or online.

Who Are We?

Simply put, we're passionate folks who believe in a powerful idea: that successful marketing is fueled by empathy and creativity. Established in 2005, Cite Up now has offices in Trinidad, Jamaica and Barbados. We're considered the leading marketing agency in the Caribbean, providing results-driven solutions to businesses in the region and worldwide.
Our Mission: To make things as easy and enjoyable as possible — both in how you deal with us, and in how your customers deal with your crew and product.
Our Focus: We specialize in affordable marketing opportunities that engage consumers directly and create a personal connection. Such as product launches, Visual merchandising, Promotional mailings, Exhibitions and so on.
Our Promise: If you're not satisfied, then neither are we. We may be easygoing, but we'll work our asses off to get you measurable results.

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