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Cite up company profile (regional)


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Cite up company profile (regional)

  2. 2. THE Who is cite up?CUSTOMEREXPERIENCECOMPANY Cite Up Ltd. is the only Customer Experience Company in the English-speaking Caribbean. With operations in Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica and Barbados, Cite Up Ltd. is enabling our Clients to create the WOW! Factor for their customers everyday. Powered by professionals with over 50 years combined experience in Strategic Marketing and Brand Activation, Service Excellence Benchmarking, Training & Development and Retail Execution, we take pride in delivering value to our stakeholders and surpassing client expectations. Call or email us today for your complimentary consultation. 11-15 Princess Margaret Street, San Fernando. Trinidad, 1c Braemar Avenue, Kingston 5, Jamaica. Phone: 868 652 9084 (Trinidad) 876 978 6119 (Jamaica) Email: Web: www.citeup.com2
  3. 3. THECUSTOMEREXPERIENCE Why is customerCOMPANY experience important? Customers have unlimited information and countless options when considering a purchase. In today’s rapidly growing consumer market, customer experience is the only differentiating factor between you and your competition, because an experience cannot be easily replicated. To ensure business continuity, organisations must move beyond providing customer satisfaction and develop new ways of staging experiences for customers at every touch point in the business process. The nature and quality of the experience enjoyed by your customers is limited only by your ability to fire up a desire for excellence in your people. Let Cite Up Ltd. take you the whole 9 yards and set you head and shoulders above your competition!3
  4. 4. THECUSTOMEREXPERIENCECOMPANY The WOW! Process DISCOVER the emotions that motivate your customers to buy. EMPOWER your people to deliver these experiences consistently. EXPRESS your brand in a way that appeals to your customers’ senses. DISCOVERY EXPRESSION Mystery Shopping EMPOWERMENT Strategic Branding Brand Audits Brand Activation Exit Polls Visual Merchandising Focus Groups Service Excellence Workshops Point-of-Sale Design Service Excellence Benchmarking Retail Training Sessions Point-of-Sale Themes Staff Incentive Programs Product Knowledge Training4
  5. 5. THE Beginning with a complimentary consultation, we work withCUSTOMER you to understand your brand promise. Our unique 360 degreeEXPERIENCE process helps to uncover gaps between your objectives andCOMPANY the reality of the customer experience. We then apply a suite of solutions that keep your customers emotionally attached to your brand. / Discovery Using leading-edge technology and time-tested systems we answer your burning questions through Mystery Shopping, Focus Groups, Exit Polls, Shelf Reviews and Service Excellence Benchmarking. / Empowerment Through our learning engagement, including seminars and workshops on service excellence, service leadership, team building, supervisory skills, selling skills, and retail operations, your team develops the skills, knowledge and abilities to stage experiences and delight your customers consistently. / Expression With a series of branding solutions, ranging from PR & media to brand activations and visual merchandising, you appeal to the senses of your target group to create an experience that will promote affinity to your brand and attachment to your products and services.5
  6. 6. THECUSTOMEREXPERIENCECOMPANY / Discovery Become more competitive by seeing your business through your customers’ eyes. Mystery Shopping We match our trained and experienced mystery shoppers to your customer profile and provide 24/7 customised online reports. • Test your service standards • Reward your staff for delighting your customers • Continuously assess and improve your operations Brand Audits We work with our clients to develop service standards and test for consistency in service delivery. • Write service standards to which all must adhere • Test for consistency in service delivery • Keep staff motivated towards achieving the highest standards of service • Ensure brand consistency6
  7. 7. THECUSTOMEREXPERIENCECOMPANY / Discovery (continued) Exit Polls Our 24/7 automated online reports give you quick answers to emerging issues. • Reduce customer churn • Increase your conversion rates • Increase the average spend per customer • Determine what drives your customers to spend Focus Groups We use persons from a wide cross section of society to ensure you get accurate feedback. • Learn how your customers feel about you • See how they feel about your competitors • Test new services, products and concepts7
  8. 8. THECUSTOMEREXPERIENCECOMPANY / Discovery (continued) Service Excellence Benchmarking Benchmarking will clarify how your brand is performing internally and externally. • Benchmark against regional leaders in Service Excellence • Achieve brand consistency across locations • Compare your brand to your competitors’8
  9. 9. THECUSTOMEREXPERIENCECOMPANY / Empowerment Favourable customer experiences can only be consistently created when staff buy in and have the necessary tools to WOW customers on a daily basis. Our Empowerment sessions get staff at all levels pumped up about creating elated customers. Service Excellence Workshops Our in-house Customised Sessions and Public Workshops are designed to improve frontline staff’s: • Customer Sensitivity • Selling Skills • Team Work • Supervisory Skills Retail Training Sessions We offer Retail-Based Training Programs exploring the mechanics of: • Retail Metrics • Visual Merchandising • Managing People in Retail • Shrinkage Control • Customer Care • Retail Trends9
  10. 10. THECUSTOMEREXPERIENCECOMPANY / Empowerment (continued) Staff Incentive Programs Cultivate a high performance team by establishing customer service standards and a customised staff incentive program driven by mystery shopping scores. Watch your staff reach for the stars and see your sales soar. Product Knowledge Training Train your salespeople how to translate product features into benefits and ultimately make those emotional connections that cause customers to buy.10
  11. 11. THECUSTOMEREXPERIENCECOMPANY / Expression The key to creating memorable customer experiences is to appeal to their senses. Our Expression tools bring your brand to life at every point of contact with your customers. Your customers will feel good about buying and look forward to doing continuous business with you. Strategic Branding Develop communications that powerfully express your competitive difference. Brand Activation Whether a product, service or both, we create and execute unique and effective promotions that positively impact your target audience. Visual Merchandising Our merchandisers work at your point of sale, or at your reseller’s stores, to seek optimal visual positioning and create striking displays.11
  12. 12. THECUSTOMEREXPERIENCECOMPANY / Expression (continued) Point-of-Sale Design We work with the industry’s leaders in point of sale design to ensure that your point of sale is both functional and visually appealing. Point-of-Sale Themes Themes take seasonal promotions to a higher level. We bring concepts to life at your point of sale and create life long memories for your customers.12
  13. 13. THECUSTOMEREXPERIENCECOMPANY Our Client List Over the years, we have earned the trust and respect of many companies who have quality of service. Service Providers Manufacturers Blink Bermudez Biscuit Company Bmobile TCL Caribbean Broadcasting Company (CBC) GTECH Latin America Financial Sector Gulf View Medical CLICO J.D. Sellier & Co. Ltd. CMMB Micon Marketing First Citizens Bank (FCB) TSTT Guardian Life of the Caribbean Flow Jamaica Republic Bank Ltd. Retailers Scotia Bank Budget Marine Cari Can Aire Clark’s Shoe Stores College Health Foods Hi Lo Food Stores Ltd. Superpharm Westport13
  14. 14. THECUSTOMEREXPERIENCECOMPANY Our Client List (continued) Government Departments Hospitality and Entertainment Barbados Light & Power Chancellor Hotel Lake Asphalt Ltd Crews Inn Ltd. Ministry of Public Admin Eat IT Ministry of Public Utilities Hyatt Regency Ministry of Trade & Industry Movie Towne TTPOST Paria Suites T&TEC Ruby Tuesday National Initiative for Service Sandy Lane Hotel Barbados Excellence Barbados (NISE) Trinidad Hilton National Insurance Board (NIB) TTHTI National Lotteries Control Board (NLCB) Global Corporations Petrotrin ADL Associates Port of Port of Spain Customer Care Management and WASA Consulting (CCMC) IBM Worldwide Corporation Maytag International Sony Corporation Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Blackberry Samsung14