Franklin roosevelt project 2


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Franklin roosevelt project 2

  1. 1. Franklin D.RooseveltBy: Kendall Lavin-ParsonsAP US HistoryPeriod A
  2. 2. Biography/Early LifeO Born January 30, 1882O Attended Harvard and married Eleanor Roosevelt 1905O Lived as a lawyer in NYO Won NY state senate election as democratO 1912 became assistant sec of NavyO Chosen as VP with Cox but lostO Contracted polioO Elected governor NY 1928O Elected President 1932O Died April 12, 1945
  3. 3. First New DealO “Relief, Recovery Reform”O Emergency Banking Act (1933)O Glass Steagall Act/ FDIC (1933)O Federal Emergency Relief Administration-CCC and AAAO NIRA (opposed by Supreme Court)O Reduction in military spending 1934O Withdrawal of pensions of VeteransO BIG mistake, given back
  4. 4. Second New DealO Work Progress AdministrationO Social Security ActO National Labor Relations ActO (Labor unions, Collective Bargaining, Strikes)O American Liberty League criticism
  5. 5. Early Foreign PolicyO FDR hated imperialismO Instituted Good Neighbor PolicyO Ended Latin American countries time as “protectoratesof the USO In reaction to Anti-Comintern Pact btwn Germany andJapan  mandatory arms embargo
  6. 6. Ending NeutralityO Quarantine Speech 1937O Close relationship w/ Winston Churchill (Prime Ministerof Britain 1940)O First break of neutrality = Destroyers for BasesAgreementO Lend Lease Act March 1941(Britain, China, and SovietUnion)O Arsenal of Democracy fireside chat and Four Freedomsspeech 1940-41
  7. 7. Reaction to Pearl HarborO December 7, 1941 Pearl Harbor was attacked by theJapaneseO Destroyed 16 warshipsO Killed almost 3000 citizensO Both Britain and US declared war day afterO Executive order 9066 removing Japanese citizens fromcoast line 1942O Tehran and Yalta conferenceO United Nations
  8. 8. DeathO Vacationing in Warm Springs, GeorgiaO Posing for a portraitO Cerebral hemorrhageO Death was suddenO People were shocked the president who had lead themthrough depression and World War II was deadO Truman became president and was filled in on theatomic bombO Thousands offered their goodbyes
  9. 9. FUN FACTSO Only president to win election 4 timesO Married the niece of Theodore Roosevelt his fifth cousinO Cheated on Eleanor with her secretary Lucy Mercer andcontinued it even when she found outO First president to speak on televisionO Wore a dress until age 5O First president to fly in an airplane
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