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Tile based map publishing with WMTS TileServer, MapTiler and TileMill (FOSSGIS 2013)


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Fast online maps for web, mobile and desktop applications from a traditional Apache/PHP/MySQL web hosting or from the Amazon S3 cloud

Almost all mapping applications available today on the web and in mobile devices are in fact using tiles as the core for online distribution of maps. This presentation shortly explains the tiling basics and shows the open-source software typically used for generating and distributing tiled maps in the most popular Spherical Mercator system (EPSG:3857 / EPSG:900913) visible in Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, Bing Maps and other online maps. The tools for rendering maps such as the MapTiler (powered by GDAL/GDAL2Tiles) and TileMill (powered by Mapnik) will be demonstrated. The presentation also introduces a new open-source project called TileServer which allows to distribute rendered map tiles (directory or MBTiles) from any ordinary web server (Apache/MySQL) in the standardised OpenGIS WMTS format without a need to install, configure or maintain any additional dynamic software or web server extension. Any traditional web hosting can be therefore used for online distribution of maps. It is a rapid, extremely high-performance and scalable way how to publish maps. Hosting of the rendered maps is also possible from the cloud, such as Amazon S3/CloudFront or RackSpace Files. The published custom maps can be used in HTML5/JavaScript applications (OpenLayers/Leaflet), on mobile devices (iOS: MapKit/RouteMe, Android: OSMDroid), or even opened in desktop GIS systems such as QGIS, UDig and ESRI ArcGIS Desktop. This presentation contains a practical demonstration of map tile rendering and online publishing.

Spherical Mercator and Tiling Systems

TileServer.PHP server:

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Tile based map publishing with WMTS TileServer, MapTiler and TileMill (FOSSGIS 2013)

  1. 1. Petr Pridal <>June 14th, Rapperswil 2013Tile based map publishingwith WMTS TileServer, MapTiler and TileMill
  2. 2. Pre-renderedCaching / SeedingDynamicVS
  3. 3. DynamicWMSOpenGISWMTSOpenGISTileCacheMapCacheGeoWebCacheMapTiler / GDAL2TilesTileMillMapServerGeoServerMapnikPre-renderedCaching / SeedingOSGEO TMS
  4. 4. AdvantagesEasy to prepareFast and beautifulNo extra server software neededAny hosting or cloud storage, SLA, files or blobsReliability - cheaper to maintainBasemaps, data without frequent updatesEasy offline mode - mobile appsDisadvantagesPossibly large data to storeData for distribution different from master dataLive updates, extra processing, transfer
  5. 5. mbutil
  7. 7. SPHERICAL MERCATOR• Popular on the web: Google Maps, OpenStreetMap,Microsoft Bing Maps, ...• Lat/Long WGS84 (GPS devices) datum coordinatesalways displayed to users - KML• Map rasters are projected by a global Mercatorprojection: “Spherical Mercator”. EPSG:900913 /EPSG:3857 (meters)• Conformal, cylindrical. Cropped to square (maximallatitude ~ 85.05 degrees), WGS84 ellipsoid is sphere!
  8. 8. MapTilerRaster datawww.maptiler.orgwww.maptiler.comMac App StoreGDAL / GDAL2TilesTileMillVector dataOSMwww.tilemill.comMapnik
  9. 9. DEMO
  10. 10. Hosting
  11. 11. StandardsWMTSOpenGISOGC Web Map Tile Service (WMTS)OSGEO Tile Map Service (TMS)Microsoft QuadKeyEPSG:900913EPSG:GOOGLEGoogle XYZ+ TileJSON? + TileServer.JSON?+ XYZ?
  12. 12. TileServerPHP files + tile folder or .mbtilesAlternative implementation in Python + C/C++Amazon S3 / Google Cloud StorageUsage: upload PHP + .htaccessDrop the tile files in the same folder
  13. 13. TileServer - DesktopclientsQuantumGIS Desktop 1.9+ESRI ArcGIS Desktop 10.1+ArcBruTiles TMS plugin for ArcGIS 9.3+GAIA - native WMTS
  14. 14. TileServer: CapabilitiesProtocols:OpenGIS WMTS 1.0.0, TileJSON.js, XYZ = OSGeoTMS 1.0.0 (invertedTMS!)Clients:iOS (RouteMe) + Android (OSMDroid)QuantumGIS Desktop 1.9+ESRI ArcGIS Desktop 10.1+ArcBruTiles TMS plugin for ArcGIS 9.3+GAIA - native WMTS
  15. 15. DEMO
  16. 16. Hurricane Sandy
  17. 17. NOAA (Nautical Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration),BRGM (Bureau des Recherches Geologiques et Minières)US Forest ServiceEuropean Commission: Joint Research CenterNational Library of ScotlandMobile operators: Three, Orange, ...Companies from: USA, UK, France, Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, Italy,Spain, Chile, ...David Rumsey ( (Bureau des Recherches Geologiques et Minières)Moravian Library Brno, Czech RepublicUsers of MapTilerGDAL2Tiles
  18. 18. forclientsMapTiler Pro / ClusterServicesConsulting + SupportAdvanced version in C/C++ with additional
  19. 19. Thank you!email