Edinburgh OldMapsOnline Workshop


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Edinburgh OldMapsOnline Workshop

  1. 1. Who am I?Managing director of a small Swiss company:Klokan Technologies GmbH.Innovative geo applications in culture heritage.Software development services & customizationof open-source projects, participation on grants.Clients: BL.uk, NLS.uk, David Rumsey (USA),NationaalArchief.nl, MZK.cz, Swiss libraries, ...
  2. 2. Petr Pridal <petr.pridal@klokantech.com>www.oldmapsonline.org National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh, UK, December 13th 2012
  3. 3. www.oldmapsonline.orgThe easy-to-use gateway to historical maps in libraries around the world.
  4. 4. Search engine for mapsLibrary catalogs & fulltext search fail on maps.Search by geographic location / area on amodern world mapIndexing maps from many different librarycollectionsOne click to view the map in high resolutionFree to access and open for contributions
  5. 5. Contributor friendlyBring online visitors to the websites ofparticipating institutions to view the mapsPromote the map libraries and their contentDo proper crediting: logo and links backStore only minimal metadata & thumbnailsBoost the number of online visits of mapsMake it easier to discover the scanned maps
  6. 6. Partners
  7. 7. More to come...Open for new contributors. Institutions canlet index their map collections. It is forfree. The contributor retain all the rights.Ongoing negotiation with additionallibraries.Submission of maps from individuals at alater point (technically more problematic)
  8. 8. ContributeHigh resolution (300dpi+ or 2 Megapixel+)maps with a zoomable viewer onlinePermanent URL with direct access - nopassword or payment requiredMetadata with DublinCore elementssupplied in a spreadsheet (XLS). Later OAI-PMH harvesting.Bounding box (MARC 034, DCMI BOX, ...)http://project.oldmapsonline.org/contribute
  9. 9. Bounding box
  10. 10. Bounding box encoding MARC: field 034034: $$dE0055700$$eE0102900$$fN0474800$$gN0454900255: $$cE 5°5700"-E 10°2900"/N 47°4800"-N 45°4900" DublinCore: DCMI BoxDCMI BOX: westlimit=5.9559; southlimit=45.818;eastlimit=10.4921; northlimit=47.8084 ISO 19115 / FGDC / OGC
  11. 11. How to create such records? BoundingBox Tool + Geoparser Tool Georeferencer Tool
  12. 12. BoundingBox ToolBoundingBox Tool: Cataloguing whileholding the physical maps - manualselection of the area on an online map(used by Swiss libraries, David Rumsey, ...)Geoparser: Semi-automatic rapid process -with suggestion of the area by analyzingexisting textual metadata.
  13. 13. http://boundingbox.klokantech.com
  14. 14. Georeferencer ToolEnrichment of the online scanned mapsA tool which runs in a web browserAn online service - no software installationUses volunteers for metadata enrichmentSuccessful pilots in several institutions
  15. 15. 16
  16. 16. 17
  17. 17. CompetitiveCrowdsourcing
  18. 18. GeoreferencerIt allows to turn the existing online scans intogeodata in a web browserMetadata enrichment, with 3D visualization asa side productSupport true collaborative editingIt retains log of all operations (a la Wikipedia)- you can adjust it with a few clicksLibrary can receive GeoTIFF / WMS / ...
  19. 19. Project launched in the end of February inNew York and LondonOver 30.000 visitors per day on the websiteafter launchTwo servers in a load balancer to handle thetraffic after launch.An amazing feedback from general public
  20. 20. PublicitySocial Networks: Twitter, FacebookGoogle Developer Showcase + Google I/O 2012BBC History magazine online slideshowLa Stampa (Milan, Italy) newspaperGizmodo, Ars Technica, The VergeWired.jp (Japan), About.com Genealogy,Playtech.r (Romania), Portsmouth News(UK), ... TV spot in Catalonya: link
  21. 21. 120.000 high-resolution historical maps covering the whole world(by the end of the project it is going to be close to 150.000 probably)
  22. 22. During the last 10 months we have helped over 400.000people to find maps and visit online map libraries
  23. 23. We have encouraged all libraries holding mapsto think about their metadata in a geographical context.
  24. 24. TechnologyBased on the MapRank Search technologyhttp://www.mapranksearch.com/Released in 2010 by Klokan Technologiesfor Swiss project Kartenportal.ch, improvedfor Czech libraries and for David RumseyUseful for large metadata catalogs +geospatial digital repositories.Details in the article published in D-Lib:doi:10.1045/september2011-oehrli
  25. 25. TechnologyMapRank ranking: an advanced algorithmcalculating coverage similarity of geographicalarea of query and area covered by everydocument and combining it with map scale,time range, predefined categories andtraditional full text search.
  26. 26. TechnologyDefault user interface developed with ClosureJavaScript Library + Closure Compiler.Server component: FastCGI, C++, runs on UNIX/LinuxData indexing implemented specifically toprovide ranked real-time results even for largedatabases. Traditional R-Tree indexing orLucene are failing.
  27. 27. with # of records: 70.000 Performance 125.000 250.000 500.000 for 70.000 test queries 1.000.000900675 Time in seconds450225 0 old implementation new implementation
  28. 28. Google indexing1-3 position on Google for “old maps” phraseThe intuitive geographical search interface usesAJAX, it is only one page for Google bots :-(The project must expose the metadata in a wayindexable by traditional full-text search enginePhrases such as the “Old maps of Edinburgh”,“Old maps of British Isles”, “of ...”, ...World coverage, high quality geodata required
  29. 29. Linked network of geodataNatural Earth Data - possible export as RDF/LinkedData in future
  30. 30. The futureProject actively developed with the supportfrom JISC (UK) until January 2013Basic maintenance covered until 2018Google Ads to help cover the hosting costsParticipation on a future research projectsfor improvements of the technology andoptimizations of the map managementCooperation with libraries on improvement
  31. 31. Old Maps Onlinewww.oldmapsonline.org ... thank you ...