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CartoHeritage 2011: Georeferencer & MapRank Search


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Presentation from the workshop: Digital Approaches in Cartographic Heritage 2011: 6th International Workshop, The Hague, 7-8 April 2011.


P. Pridal, Georeferencer: Collaborative online georeferencing tool for scanned maps.

P. Pridal, MapRank Search: Intuitive geographical searching in map collections and metadata catalogs.

Published in: Technology
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CartoHeritage 2011: Georeferencer & MapRank Search

  1. 1. Petr Přidal GEOREFERENCER:COLLABORATIVE ONLINE GEOREFERENCING TOOL FOR SCANNED MAPS Moravian Library Brno: & TEMAP R&D grant of the Czech Ministry of Culture (DC08P02OUK006) International Cartographic Association: 6th International Workshop on Digital Approaches in Cartographic Heritage The Hague, Netherlands, 7-8 April 2011
  2. 2. INTRODUCTIONLarge collections of old maps are scanned and publishedonline in digital repositories. But ...MAPS ARE NOT ONLY IMAGES!... once they are georeferenced, they are much moreattractive and useful: visualizations, comparing, locationcontext, annotations, geographical search...
  3. 3. PROBLEMS• Hand made georeferencing is time consuming process• The scanned collections are two large (thousands of maps to handle)• There are more technical approaches how to georeference old maps, not always clear workflow especially for pre-1850 - you need to keep this “how”• Disk space: georeferenced copy next to the original scan• GIS software and knowledge necessary• Workers need to have access to large files (JPEG/TIFF/...)
  4. 4. GEOREFERENCER AS A SOLUTION• User-friendly online tool: runs in a web browser• Simply visit a website, log-in and you can start• Easy and enjoyable process• Open for online visitors, organized volunteers, crowdsourcing• No GIS software necessary, no local files to handle• GIS-ready outputs possible - you can easily create GeoTIFF/GeoJP2 if you have access to the high-resolution images• Service for EU libraries, archives & citizens• Developed in a library - for libraries and other culture heritage institutionsGEOREFERENCER: TURN AN IMAGE INTO A MAP.
  5. 5. MOTIVATION FOR GEOREFERENCER INSTITUTIONS: INDIVIDUALS:• Enrichment of metadata • Georeference any online (MARC, DC, ISO 19139) image on the Internet• Engaging visitors • Combine images from• Attractive 3D visualization different institutions (Google Earth) • Create your own virtual• GIS services (WMS, WMTS/ collection TMS, ...) • Conduct research online,• Statistics & crediting compare, analyze, share, ...
  6. 6. INSTITUTIONS: PILOT APPLICATIONS• Moravian Library, Czech Republic (students)• Nationaal Archief, Netherlands (organized volunteers)• National Library of Scotland (online visitors, anybody) TRY THE GEOREFERENCER PILOT: HTTP://NLS.GEOREFERENCER.COM/ OR THE PUBLIC SERVICE FOR INDIVIDUALS: HTTP://WWW.GEOREFERENCER.ORG/
  7. 7.
  8. 8. GEOREFERENCER PILOTSPilot: Nationaal Archief. 13 volunteers. Great feedback!
  9. 9. GEOREFERENCER PILOTSResult: 650 maps georeferenced in less then one month! Metadata enrichment.
  10. 10. GEOREFERENCER PILOTSCrowdsourcing: Retired volunteers. Excellent local knowledge. Competition & a public winner.
  11. 11. GEOREFERENCER PILOTSFirst public pilot: the National Library of Scotland.
  12. 12. GEOREFERENCER PILOTSAnybody can participate. It is easy & fun.
  13. 13. ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY • Unique scalable architecture. One centralized service for all libraries and maps. Upgrades and new functionality deployed automatically. • Runs “in the cloud” - Google AppEngine / Amazon. • Server side based on open-source GIS stack (Proj4, GDAL, MapSever). Closure Library on the client side. MINIMAL EFFORT TO PARTICIPATE.IMAGES ARE USED DIRECTLY FROM EXISTING ONLINE REPOSITORIES!
  14. 14. NEXT STEPS?
  16. 16. SPATIAL REFERENCE SYSTEMSCoordinate systems with map projection, for example OSGB or S-JTSK and in general any reference system from EPSG database usable in Georeferencer
  17. 17. IMPROVED BASE MAPS Out-of-copyright base maps, agreements with local authorities for using official mapping data (WMS).Fast and visually appealing version of OpenStreetMap as an alternative - probably from MapQuest. OpenAerialMap.
  18. 18. HIGH QUALITY GEOCODINGFast and reliable search in gazeteer database based on OpenStreetMap or data. Online service, without license restrictions of Google GeoCoding API - usable both in GeoReferencer a GeoParser services.
  19. 19. API FOR DATA INTERCHANGE AND 3RD PARTY FUNCTIONALITY REST API based on JSON for exchange of data between Georeferencer and third-party applications.JavaScript API for easy integration into library websites.
  20. 20. COLLABORATIVE EDITING Technical solution of the problem of concurent team editing of map georeference by serveral people in thesame moment - locking and communication a la online chat in a web browser (via HTTP Comet)
  21. 21. CROWDSOURCING Social aspects:Motivation. Team. Competition. Guiding. Rewarding.
  22. 22. DUPLICATES + AUTOGEOREFERENCINGResearch and development of algorithms and application for raster image analysis.Target: detection of scans of the same map (via “image hash”) and following automatical assignment of ground control points.
  23. 23. NEATLINE DETECTIONAutomatic detection of map sheet borders based on the image analysis algorithms.
  24. 24. GEOREFERENCING OF MAP SERIESDatabase of Czech map serieswith GIS-ready map indexes. Integration withGeoreferencer: georeferencingwith the help of existing map indexes.Authorities for cataloguing of map series. Maybe a new project:
  25. 25. WEBGL EARTHGoogle Earth-like visualization of georeferenced maps in a web browser or on mobile devices.100% open-source, no license restrictions, runs withouta need to install any extra software. Under development.
  26. 26.
  27. 27. COOPERATE. CONTACT US.• Institutions interested in participation• Share expectations - ideas for improvement?• Sources of support on international level: development of a service for EU institutions and citizens?• We are seeking research partners: image processing, ... HTTP://NLS.GEOREFERENCER.COM/ HTTP://WWW.GEOREFERENCER.ORG/ PETR.PRIDAL@MZK.CZ
  28. 28. Petr Přidal KLOKAN TECHNOLOGIES - Museo 300 KLOKAN TECHNOLOGIES - Museo Sans 500 KLOKAN TECHNOLOGIES - Museo 500 KLOKAN TECHNOLOGIES - Museo Sans 500 KLOKAN TECHNOLOGIES - Museo 700 KLOKAN TECHNOLOGIES - Museo Sans 700INTUITIVE GEOGRAPHICAL SEARCHING IN MAP COLLECTIONS AND METADATA CATALOGS International Cartographic Association: 6th International Workshop on Digital Approaches in Cartographic Heritage The Hague, Netherlands, 7-8 April 2011
  29. 29. GEOGRAPHICAL SEARCHING • Research, scientific articles, work on Ph.D. thesis (Petr Přidal), Computer Science + Geodesy and Cartography • Alternative projects tested in (R&D project in MZK): • Lucene with GeoTemporal Ext. (LGTE) from • Alexandria Digital Library • ( • Google GeoSearch API • Knowledge of traditional GIS search methods (PostGIS, ...)Result: Development of a new geographical search engine for map collections.
  30. 30. Explore library catalog by browsing a map.
  31. 31. CORE FEATURES• Map-driven interface: Simple. Intuitive. Web 2.0. Users love it!• Combined queries: Where, When, Who & What• Results sorted geographically with an advanced spatial ranking algorithm.• Instant search. Immediate delivery of the results by moving the map or typing.• It is fast. Even for large databases (million+ records).
  32. 32. METADATA & CUSTOMIZATION• Indexing metadata in MARC, DublinCore, ISO 19139 formats, ...• Batch import or harvesting: OAI-PMH or OGC CWS• Numerical geographical boundaries necessary! (MARC 034, DublinCore DCMI) - enrichment with Geoparser or Georeferencer tools• Possible customization of the user interface, integration into products or websites• For developers: REST API (JSON format), queries following
  33. 33. Try it at:
  34. 34. Try it at:
  35. 35. Try it at:
  37. 37. MAPRANK RANKING & SCALABILITY• MapRank ranking: an advanced algorithm calculating similarity of geographical area of query and area covered by every document and combining it with map scale, time range, predefined categories and traditional full text search.• Data indexing implemented specifically to provide ranked real-time results even for large databases. Traditional R- Tree indexing or Lucene are failing.• Server component: FastCGI, C++• Default user interface developed with Closure JavaScript Library + Closure Compiler.
  38. 38. ENRICHMENT OF METADATAGeoparserText parsing and semi-automatic assignment ofbounding boxes to map records with detectablegeonames (gazetteer), known physical size and mapscale.GeoreferencerCrowdsourced georeferencing. Higher accuracy, moreoutputs beside geometadata such as visualization, 3Dview, comparing of maps, OGC WMS for use in GIS.
  39. 39. NEXT STEPS?
  40. 40. IMPROVEMENT OF THE SYSTEM• The ranking: new requirements in Switzerland, union catalog. Boosting some maps, etc.• Improvements related to map series - visualization of map indexes in the search interface• Faceted search - refine the query: suggested authors• Advanced search options: alternative sorting, ... IDEA: FEDERATED MAP SEARCH SYSTEM
  41. 41. CONTACT & LINKS Try the applications: More details and enquiries: INFO@KLOKANTECH.COM