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Barcelona oldmapsonline

  1. 1. Great Britain Historical GIS Project: A Vision of Britain though Time Old Maps Online: Enabling global access to historical mapping Humphrey Southall and Petr Přidal (University of Portsmouth and Klokan Technologies GmbH)
  2. 2. Great Britain Historical GIS Project: A Vision of Britain though TimeFunded via JISC: • Joint Information Systems Committee – Of Higher Education Funding Councils for England, Scotland and Wales, plus Department for Education of Northern Ireland • Digital Content Programme 2011-1 3 has three strands: A.Digitisation and Open Educ. Resources B.Mass Digitisation C.Clustering Digital Content (HEFCE-only): • ENGrich: visual teaching and learning resources in engineering (Liverp’l) • Integrated Broadside Ballads Archive (Oxford) • Linking Parliamentary Records through Metadata (Kings Coll London) • Manuscripts Online: Written Culture from 1000 to 1500 (Sheffield) • Old Maps Online (Portsmouth) • Online Veterinary Anatomy Museum (Royal Veterinary College) • Stepping into Time: WWII bombing maps (Portsmouth)19th April 2012 2
  3. 3. Great Britain Historical GIS Project: A Vision of Britain though Time About the Old Maps Online Project • 15 months, Nov 2011-Jan 2013 KLOKAN TECHNOLOGIES - Museo 300 • Four partners: KLOKAN TECHNOLOGIES - Museo 500 – University of Portsmouth KLOKAN TECHNOLOGIES - Museo 700 – Klokan Technologies GmbH – British Library – National Library of Scotland • Main deliverables: – Building global search portal for geo-referenced maps – Helping UK map libraries geo-reference existing scans – Developing best practices for referencing maps • Discussed at LIBER but not today19th April 2012 3
  4. 4. Great Britain Historical GIS Project: A Vision of Britain though Time About the Old Maps Online Portal • Based on close partnership: • University of Portsmouth – Run OMO server -- basic hosting funded until 2018 – Control publication rights for metadata • i.e. libraries license metadata to UK not-for-profit – Assemble metadata (except first version!) • Klokan Technologies Gmbh – Develop software and free license to Portsmouth until 2018 – Own domain • UoP own but this is not promoted – Set certain limitations to use of software • Impossible to narrow search by collection • Maps in portal must be open access: no payment or passwords – Payments for downloads and other value added services OK19th April 2012 4
  5. 5. Petr Pridal <>
  6. 6. Project goalsThe gateway to high-resolution onlinemaps in libraries around the worldIntuitive search by locationIndexing maps from several institutionsOne click to view the zoomable mapFree to access and open for contributionsAudience: general public, genealogists,historians, researchers, experts
  7. 7. How? We want to...Bring online visitors to the websites ofparticipating institutions to view the mapsPromote the map libraries and their contentDo proper crediting: logo and links backStore only minimal metadata & thumbnailsMake it easier to discover the scanned mapsBoost the number of online visits of mapsAllow users to find maps from “deep web”
  8. 8.
  9. 9. FundingProject actively developed with the supportfrom JISC (UK) until January 2013Basic maintenance covered until 2018Google Ads to help cover the hosting costsParticipation on a future research projectsfor improvements of the technology andoptimizations of the map management
  10. 10. TechnologyBased on the MapRank Search technology in 2010 by Klokan Technologiesfor Swiss project, improvedfor Czech libraries and for David RumseyApplicable on other large metadatacatalogs + geospatial repositories.Details in the article published in D-Lib:doi:10.1045/september2011-oehrli
  11. 11. We need your help...Use the system & submit ideas forimprovement and report bugsShare: blog, twitter, facebook, google+We are calling for institutions who wouldlike to include their maps. It is for free.Institutions retain all the rights.Submission of maps from individuals atlater point (technically more problematic)
  12. 12. Requirements for inclusionHigh resolution (300dpi+ or 2 Megapixel+)maps with a zoomable viewer onlinePermanent URL with direct access - nopassword or payment requiredMetadata with DublinCore elementssupplied in a spreadsheet (XLS). Later OAI-PMH harvesting.Bounding box (MARC 034, DCMI BOX, ...)
  13. 13. Bounding box
  14. 14. Bounding box encoding MARC: field 034034: $$dE0055700$$eE0102900$$fN0474800$$gN0454900255: $$cE 5°5700"-E 10°2900"/N 47°4800"-N 45°4900" DublinCore: DCMI BoxDCMI BOX: westlimit=5.9559; southlimit=45.818;eastlimit=10.4921; northlimit=47.8084 ISO 19115 / FGDC
  15. 15. BoundingBox ToolBoundingBox Tool: Cataloguing whileholding the physical maps - manualselection of an area(used by Swiss libraries, David Rumsey, ...)Geoparser: Semi-automatic rapid process -with suggestion of the area by analyzingexisting textual metadata.
  16. 16.
  17. 17. Georeferencer ToolTurns the scanned maps into geodata/GISSupports true collaborative editing in aweb browser3D visualization (GE) + analysis + overlaysUses volunteers for metadata enrichmentSuccessful pilots in several institutions
  18. 18. GeoreferencerSupport for crowdsourcing: Motivation, competition, rewarding, progress indicators, graphs - live widgets to include in the websites of the libraryRuns as a service, no new software in-houseThe scans are displayed from the originalinstitution repository or websites*Integration with the image gallery* (Zoomify, MrSID, Djatoka, IIPImage JPEG2000, ContentDM, DigiTool, Luna, etc.)
  19. 19. GeoreferencerTarget: open platform for personal onlineresearch with mapsDevelopment started and continues incollaboration with R&D department ofMoravian Library in Brno, Czech RepublicShared development costs with allparticipating institutionsFuture: Annotations (LinkedData), detectionof duplicates, support of map series, etc.
  20. 20. Old Maps ... thank you ... Petr Pridal <>