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Barcelona georeferencer


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Barcelona georeferencer

  1. 1. A British Library / Klokan Technologies / Moravian Library partnershipImprovements to crowdsourced georeferencing using Georeferencer, and its implementation at the British Library Petr Pridal, Managing Director, Klokan Technologies GmbH Kimberly C. Kowal, Lead Curator Digital Mapping, The British Library Vaclav Klusak, Moravian Library
  2. 2. Georeferencer• Work by Klokan Technologies and the Moravian Library, part of the project.• A free, on-line tool for georeferencing of map images already published on the web in digital repositories.• Provides metadata enrichment and crowd- sourcing ability to libraries and other institutions for their scanned maps.
  3. 3. Workflow• The library provides data for their map collection in the form of an Excel of CSV file (identifier, link to zoomable image, metadata).• Members of the general public work on georeferencing these maps through a customized web interface.• The library receives geographical coordinates for their maps, usable eg. in MapRank Search.
  4. 4. Principles• We use the original image repository. Integration & full credit (institution logo).• We provide customized design, progress indicators, eye-catching graphs, live widgets, and 3D visualizations (Google Earth) to motivate collaborators.• We are able to deliver geodata or WMS service for the maps.
  5. 5. Status• Stable. Work in progress.• Public version at• New features public soon: –Improved design for the user interface –Browser plugins (Chrome/Firefox/..) –Authentication with Google/Facebook/Twitter• Pilots in libraries –Customized design & crowd-sourcing widgets –Integration with library web, export for lib. catalog
  6. 6. Quick Facts• 725 maps assigned spatial metadata• finished in 5 days: 13-18 February 2012• Publicity minimal – social media *key*• ~90 participants• Top five completed half the work• Data quality good: <3% had errors >. 005
  7. 7. Ordnance Survey drawingsOriginal large-scale drawingsmade for the famous one-inch-to-the-mile maps. England andWales, 1780-1840.Part of Staffordshire Containing 100 Square MilesSurveyed by Mr Field and Drawn by Mr Stevens(detail). Pen and ink on paper. 1817.British Library shelfmark: OSD 210. Crace Collection of maps of London Illustrating development of the city and its immediate vicinity from ca 1570 - 1860 BAYNARDS CASTLE AND FARINGDON WARD WITHIN with their Divisions into Parishes according to a new SURVEY. (detail). Cole, B. engraver. 1754. 7 British Library shelfmark: Maps Crace VIII.25
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  20. 20. CompetitiveCrowdsourcing 22
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  24. 24. What made it work…Content relevantAccessibility and convenience of applicationActivity engagingImmediate results and feedbackCompetitive crowdsourcing toolsRecognition and visible overall contribution
  25. 25. Thank you. 27