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Angela Ridpath KCDMA Presentation


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Creating a Killer Marketing List KCDMA Bootcamp 2019

Published in: Marketing
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Angela Ridpath KCDMA Presentation

  1. 1. Creating a Killer Marketing List From Scratch July 2019 Angela Ridpath VP Marketing MCH Strategic Data
  2. 2. Key takeaways. Tips for better understanding your audience. Defining the right collection points. Identifying gaps in your data—and how fix them. Simple ways to segment data—and why it’s important. Using your list across different marketing channels.
  3. 3. Tips for better understanding your audience. The more you know about your audience– the better! • Who are you targeting? • What are their interests? • Where do they hang out? • When do you talk to them? • Why do they need you? • How do you talk to them?
  4. 4. Tips for better understanding your audience. Creating your audience persona(s) Name and Job Title Where she works What she does Message Value prop Elevator Pitch Goals Challenges Values Fears Demographics Age Gender Salary Education Family
  5. 5. People don’t give data away for free. • After you identify your audience segments, offer them something of value. eBook White paper Webinar Discount Exclusive content Product or service
  6. 6. Common collection points. • Be present. Collect data in multiple collection points. Website/landing page Call center/in person Trade Shows/Events Email Social media Direct Mail Contest/Give- Aways Referrals
  7. 7. Non-traditional collection points. • Add a link to employee signatures. • Create a social media campaign to encourage sign-ups. • Add a call-to-action button on your Facebook Business Page. • Publish gated content on social media (LinkedIn groups, etc.) • Add engagement features to your YouTube channel. • Ask website visitors for feedback. • Offer to be a guest blogger on high-traffic websites. • Collect emails at point of purchase (in-store). • Create virtual events.
  8. 8. Landing page best practices. Compelling headline Subhead Form with strong call-to-action Compelling visual Value prop/trust builders TEST
  9. 9. Simple ways to segment data. • With a clear understanding of your audience and how they spend their time, you can not only provide the best experience and influence the path to purchase, but identify new consumers. Demographic Age, gender, education level, family size, occupation, income, and more. Behavior Focuses on specific reactions and the way customers go through their decision making and buying processes. Geographic Differences in interests, values, and preferences vary dramatically throughout cities, states, and countries. Psychographic Traits can range from values, personalities, interests, attitudes, conscious and subconscious motivators, lifestyles, and opinions.
  10. 10. Simple ways to segment data. • Avoid these common pitfalls. Creating segments that are too small. Failing to update your strategy when segments change. Targeting the segment instead of the buying power.
  11. 11. Identifying gaps in your data– and how to fix them. • You’ll find that some of the data you collect is incomplete. • Some of the data may be different that what is stored by your purchasing dept – or operations dept. • Some of the data will be decayed by the time you ingest it into your marketing campaigns.
  12. 12. Identifying gaps in your data– and how to fix them. • Poor quality data costs American businesses up to $900 million per year. Most common data errors (according to CIO Insight). 56% 51% 39% 37% 2% Lost Sales Opportunity Wasted Time/Inefficiency Diminished Relationships with customers/prospects Negative Cultural Impact on Employees Other Impact on businesses (according eMarketer). 60% 54% 51% 37% 30% Incomplete Information Outdated Information Duplicated Data Inconsistent Data Typos
  13. 13. Identifying gaps in your data– and how to fix them. Real-time verification Append missing fields Data Hygiene
  14. 14. Using your list across different marketing channels. • Digital/Display • YouTube • Social Media • Search Custom Audiences • Email • Direct Mail • SMS/Text Lifecycle/Nurture • Traditional media (TV, Radio, Print) • Content Marketing • SEO Audience Expansion
  15. 15. Using your list across different channels. Engage and Nurture Convert Acquire new leads Data Email outreach, social media, direct mail, word of mouth, seminars Lifecycle programs, lead nurturing, loyalty programs, cross sell campaigns New customers, repeat customers, brand advocates
  16. 16. Questions?