How to Simplify Your Job Search


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How to Simplify Your Job Search

  1. 1. The internet, a great resume, and strong interviewing skillsare crucial to finding a job in todays market and can make the job search process much easier.
  2. 2. The internet provides numerous, credible job sites that can save time and energy when looking for a job. Jobseekers no longer need to drive across the state or country in order to apply for a desired job opening. Internet job search sites allow registered users to: search for jobs by field, geographical location, and education level; upload their resume for public viewing so that potential employers can contact them; and access many otheruseful tools that can ease the stress that often comes with trying to find a job.
  3. 3. One top job site is the well-known,, whichallows users to post up to five resumes to their job profile. Account users can then easily see how many employers have viewed their resumes, receive e-mail alerts whentheir resume has been viewed, and even receive e-mail or phone calls (depending on the users preferred method ofcontact) regarding a job opening. Monster makes it easy to search for jobs by job title, skills or keywords, andgeographical location, along with other advanced features to narrow down search results.
  4. 4. Similar legitimate job search sites include Careerbuilder,Indeed, and even social networking sites such as Facebook or MySpace, which feature their own pages dedicated to jobs. LinkedIn is a social networking site designed specifically for career networking and is another resourceful site. Glassdoor is a great site for finding industry or company specific information including; company reviews from current employees, salary information by position, and potential interview questions.
  5. 5. Some people still prefer going directly to an employer tofill out a physical application, and some companies do this, but many will refer job seekers to their website where the application goes into a pool that is often viewed by their corporate human resources personnel. To save time and speed the process along, it is often best to visit an employers website from the beginning. A follow-up phone call can sometimes be a good thing, but many employers frown upon this, as they will often say that they will contact people if they are interested. They oftendo not have time to speak with every applicant, especiallywhen there are hundreds, even thousands to sort through.
  6. 6. A strong resume is also essential to landing most jobs these days. The internet offers many resume writing tipsand even provides services that will write them, although often for a price. A resume, which is usually presented atthe time of an interview, ideally should be no longer thanone page in length. It provides an employer with a concise look at a potential employees work history, educational background, and skill set. Basically, it summarizes what someone can offer that employer and and provides a foundation for them to ask any questions they may haveduring the interview. Its beneficial to know the resume inand out and to be prepared to elaborate on any positions held, job responsibilities, or to explain any gaps in employment. It is best to be straightforward and honest on both the resume and during the interview, as most
  7. 7. The resume and the interview are the time to shine and present oneself in the best possible light; its the time to brag a little, to sell oneself. Its important to be well- prepared for the interview and to make the best firstimpression. Aside from being well-groomed, appropriately dressed, and to arrive 10-15 minutes early, it helps to set aside time doing some homework prior to the interview. The internet is a great tool to research the employer, including their mission and values, what products or services they offer, and in general, to be able to displaycompany knowledge and a genuine interest in becoming a member of their team.
  8. 8. The internet is also a great place to find information on possible interview questions and even the best answers!Being able to anticipate what the interviewer will ask and having a well-thought out, succinct response will both ease any nerves, and provide an advantage during a one-on-one, panel, or phone interview. Confidence and a great smile are icing on the cake.
  9. 9. In todays economy, it is ever more important to have an edge when it comes to conducting a job search. The internet is an essential tool to have in the arsenal and provides immeasurable information to give anyone an advantage in the job hunt.
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