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Gps Program Brochure


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Generate Profits from Shrink with the GPS program from P&L Solutions!

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Gps Program Brochure

  1. 1. The P&L Solutions GPS Program will help you generate profit from shrink. Our revolutionary approach to loss prevention that utilizes the latest technology and innovative strategies that offer the quickest shrink reduction in the industry is available in one comprehensive package. Only P&L Solutions provides a complete 21st century loss prevention program. We have discovered the keys to low shrink and we use the latest technology available to drive your shrink to lows you never thought possible. - Ken Blanchard Renowned Leadership Expert
  2. 2. “I used another loss prevention outsourcing service before finding out about P&L Solutions. The difference was tremendous. We saw P&L Solutions is different because we reduce shrink, results immediately.” increase sales and generate profits for our clients! The results - CFO speak for themselves. Retail industry shrink results have historically Specialty Retail Chain remained constant, but our clients see major profit enhancement through reduction of shrink to levels well below the industry norm. 2.50% 2.00% 1.50% P & L Clients Industry Avg. 1.00% 0.50% 0.00% 2004 2005 2006 2007 P& L Clients 2.37% 1.70% 1.63% 1.21% Indus try A vg. 1.59% 1.59% 1.57% 1.60% The difference is clear. - We reduce shrink more consistently and effectively than any other LP program. - We focus on Performance Excellence and not accepting excuses. - We teach every employee in your organization how to help reduce shrink. - We guide their performance to ensure they are implementing the strategies they learn. - We don’t hold use investigations and audits to measure our results. - Shrink reduction and profit building is all that matters.
  3. 3. Elements of GPS The Early Response Program (ERP) is the heart of preventing shrinkage in retail stores. The ERP is designed to monitor the performance of all of the stores in an organization to identify locations that are showing indicators of signs that are consistent with stores that have high shrink and to ensure that steps are taken to reverse the negative trend. The Measured Response Program (MRP) is designed to implement a consistent process in high shrink stores that ensures that managers are following the basic strategies for low shrink. The program partners management at all levels to work together to help these stores reduce their shrink. The Shrink Aware Program is designed to engage, educate and empower employees to drive down company shrink. By heightening awareness and educating employees, the program will spur employees to act in a way that is in the best interest of building profitability in the organization and will promote a culture of honesty.
  4. 4. The STEPS program is P&L Solutions’ management training and certification program. The objective of the training is to ensure that all levels of management have been thoroughly trained to battle shrink in their stores on a daily basis. This 10-module program will provide management with a solid foundation for building up a successful store team that is focused on reducing losses and increasing sales. The Forensics Investigations (FI) program is designed to provide a comprehensive investigative program to help root out and resolve suspected internal theft issues, along with other serious violations of company policy and other types of business abuse. The Remote Audit program is designed to monitor compliance to company policy, identify customer service issues, and review employee integrity. The audit program will provide corporate with a snapshot of the performance of the store and effectiveness of the store management so they can respond by taking appropriate disciplinary action or rewarding excellent performance. Albert Einstein Legendary Genius
  5. 5. The Loss Prevention Audit program is designed to monitor compliance to company policy. The audit program will provide corporate with a snapshot of the performance of the store and effectiveness of the store management so they can respond by taking appropriate disciplinary action or rewarding excellent performance. The Integrity Shopping Program is designed to measure the integrity of your employees. Our highly trained shoppers will conduct tests on the employees to ensure they make the right decisions while working. Our shoppers will help you identify employees deserving of recognition for good performance and help you weed out the problems. The Mystery Shop Program will ensure that you can measure the execution of your customer service standards at store level. Our Mystery Shop Program features online reporting through the 4-KAST database, customized reporting, and double verification for accuracy on all reports. When you match your mystery shop program with an incentive program you can receive maximum benefit and ensure quality customer service for all of your customers at all times!
  6. 6. P&L Solutions builds deep partnerships with our clients to effectively reduce shrink. We believe in working together to change past trends. The partnerships lead to long-lasting, consistent results. With the use of our 4-KAST online database we have the ability to share information and track the history of results from regions, districts and stores. This allows for better strategic planning to address consistently poor performers, as well as acknowledge the top performers. P&L Solutions offers everything you need in a world class LP program, and a lot more! The best part is that we can offer our services at a substantially lower price than in-house programs because we leverage our costs. That allows us to do more for less! Why wait another moment to call and schedule your Free ROI Analysis of your current LP program? Let us evaluate your current program to determine how much your program is bringing to the bottom line. We will also let you know what additional steps you can take to reduce shrink in your company. 7151 Oak Tree Place, Fontana, CA 92336 CA PI License #12516 -- Phone: (951) 675-3846
  7. 7. 7151 Oak Tree Place, Fontana, CA 92336 Phone: (951) 675-3846