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Sinterklaas information


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Powerpoint giving information about the Dutch tradition of Sinterklaas and Zwarte Piet.

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Sinterklaas information

  1. 1. Hij komt, hij komt, de lieve goede sint!
  2. 2. Sinterklaas De lieve goede sint!
  3. 3. Zwarte Piet Sinterklaas’ little helper!
  4. 4. Sinterklaas and his Zwarte Piet helpers arriving by steamboat from Spain
  5. 5. The Feast of Saint Nicholas , by Jan Steen Take note! The ‘good golden girl’ in the middle has got her presents! But her brother (to the left) is crying and his older sister is showing the empty shoe – he’s been naughty!
  6. 6. Sinter Claes depiction at a 16th century house near the Dam in Amsterdam . Saint Nicholas is the patron saint of the capital of the Netherlands . Why are there children in the image?
  7. 7. A chocolate letter, typical Sinterklaas candy Quite dangerous to wobbly teeth!!!!
  8. 8. Kruidnoten or pepernoten , small, round ginger bread-like cookies Mmmmmm! Lekker! Ik hou van Kruidnoten!