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Piecing it all together meaningful service handout


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Piecing it all together meaningful service handout

  1. 1. Meaningful Service Projects??1. 10th graders counting change for the Veteran’s Day penny drive.2. US history students conducting interviews to collect, record, and preserve oral histories from elders in the community.3. A 7th grade Global Studies class going to work at the local community garden that grows food for a local food bank.4. Elementary students sponsoring a sled dog team at the Iditarod.5. Middle school students developing and maintaining relationships through letter writing with community members in a local assisted living facility.6. Senior citizens coming into class to read to 2nd graders.7. 8th grade art classes studying, creating and selling ceramic bowls to earn money to be donated to a disaster relief organization.8. Student council led school-wide can drive before Thanksgiving.