Culminating Project


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Culminating Project

  1. 1. Adam Yeany Cindy Dixon Leah Kroll Kate Gilson
  2. 2. “Mechanical Amusements” By Woody Jones Tom Ridge Environmental Center Erie, PA
  3. 3. Picture Slideshow Click on the Picture to Go to the Slideshow!
  4. 4. What did we expect to see?  Always moving  Just wooden  Outside  Dark  Not too colorful  We expected only one tower
  5. 5. Noticings
  6. 6. Noticings Continued  What did you feel? different colors  We felt calm, like we were part of  Small figurines made of wood nature  words on the floor What did you hear?  Little flags  Waves on a beach  Different heights  Wind blowing  Connected by metal chains and  Birds chirping wooden pulleys  Trees rustling in the wind  Wheels on the towers  Cranking of the structure  Back and forth motion  What did you see? Scenes separated by platforms  3 tall structures  Encased in glass, metal corners  land, air, and water  Orange letters, blue square, beige background  Lighthouses
  7. 7. Noticings Continued What did you smell?  Salt water  Suntan lotion  Flowers What did you taste?  Salt water  Marshmallows  Smoke
  8. 8. Questions  Did the architect purposefully plan to put the towers beside the windows to make it seem like they were outside because there was a natural flow of daylight?  Were the towers built in the Tom Ridge Center or were they built somewhere else and moved into it?  Why lighthouses?  Are all the scenes supposed to represent Erie in some way?  What made the architect make three different structures instead of one?  How long did it take to make it?  What are the scenes made out of?  Do the colors of the structures serve a purpose?  Why are the lighthouses different heights?  When the structures were designed, were the words a part of the original plan?  Do the different shapes that the lights were enclosed in represent something?  Why did he include motion into the structure?
  9. 9. Social, Cultural, and Historical Context  The piece of art that we are focusing on is called Mechanical Amusements. It is located in the Tom Ridge Environmental Center. The art piece is made up of many one foot by one half foot wooden, animated vignettes. There are three glass towers that hold vignettes, the vignettes are stacked on top of each other; together the stacked vignettes are nearly two stories tall. Each vignette was hand made by the folk artist, Wood Jones from Decatur, Georgia. Woody Jones is storyteller who tells his stories through working with wood. His wood vignettes are custom, animated sculptures that depict everyday life, personal stories and unusual tales. We have found that this artist is very private and that not much information is available about him or his art work. The people working at the Tom Ridge Environmental Center do not know more about him other than what information appears on the signs on the art piece. Also there is really no information about Woody Jones or his art work, although it appears that a Woody Jones website is in the works and will be coming soon. Because there is little information available about the art piece, we can only assume that the wooden vignettes were made especially for the opening of the Tom Ridge Environmental Center in 2006, since it was the first visitor’s center in Presque Isle and because the vignettes so perfectly match scenes and experiences in Presque Isle.  The piece of art, Mechanical Amusements is housed just inside the entrance of the Tom Ridge Environmental Center, near the entrance to Presque Isle State Park. This setting makes the piece of art even more meaningful because the wooden vignettes depict Presque Isle wildlife and environments. The scenes in the vignettes give visitors who have not yet entered the park a taste of what they may see and experience while in the park.  Tom Ridge Environmental Center Website:
  10. 10. Personal/ Curricular Connections Kate Personal Connections Curricular Connections  Fishing among the cattails with my father  An engaging, active activity is best: on our farm’s pond wheels, binoculars  The notorious Erie wind that blows all year  “art is not apart. It is a continuum within round which we all participate”:interactive art  Hiking to the tip of Presque Isle with my  Booth idea that art engages people: family interactive art  Spending hot summer evenings with my  Gaining insights by searching for meaning family at Presque Isle in art   Picnicking with my summer campers at Noticing, giving attention: noticing things Presque Isle early in the summer about the art work I had never noticed before  The Presque Isle lighthouse  Fowler’s idea of infusing education with  Airplane runway lights art: art within the TREC center, which is also a learning center
  11. 11. Personal/ Curricular Connections Adam Personal Connections Curricular Connections The lighthouses reminded me of last summer  I could connect the experience of viewing the  three towers by having the students give other when I was in Australia and I visited a ideas for what topics they could use for the lighthouse beside the ocean. towers instead of air, land, and water.  In seventh grade my teacher had us make  I could connect what I saw at the Environmental little scenes from a book we read inside a Center to the classroom by realizing that shoebox. The action scenes in the succeeding at doing the little things in life are lighthouses reminded me of when I had to what shapes a person’s life. I need to encourage make my scene. my students to work on the little things, and in  One of the scenes I saw was of two skiers, and time they will start to turn into the big picture. I realized this because several little scenes are reminded me of my first and only time skiing, what make the three lighthouses so unique and about ten years ago. It was very fun and I special. wish I could do it again. The picture made me want to get out there and give it another  The lighthouses are all very similar, but at the same time, they are very different. I can teach try. my students that while everybody is similar,  Another scene was of a rainbow which there are certain things that make everybody reminded me of a Thomas Kinkade picture unique. my mom has at home. Looking at it made me  I will teach my students that it doesn’t matter wish I were at home. how big you are or what you look like on the outside, it’s what’s on the inside that matters. This relates to the lighthouses in that they were all different sizes and had different flags, but the main idea and what made them special were the little scenes on the inside.
  12. 12. Personal/ Curricular Connections Cindy Personal Connections Curricular Connections   Looking at “Mechanical Amusements” This work of art can be used in the reminded me of being at home. I live right classroom to learn about environment and on Lake Erie in Ohio and the scenes were weather. Each scene had a different activity similar to places in Ashtabula. going on in a specific environment. And there were scenes that incorporated rain,  I was reminded of days spent at Presque wind, and sun. Isle with my friends. Some of the scenes had many people on the beach, and made  Students can create their own vignette that me reminisce of times I had with friends. they would incorporate into one of the towers. This can help them learn more  I was also reminded of dioramas we made about a particular topic and relate it to a in elementary school that depicted one personal experience to create a work of art. scene of a story. The small vignettes in this  work were similar to what we did Students can use this as a brainstorming and writing topic as well. There is a lot  The way the small scenes moved reminded going on in the towers, and discussing me of children’s toys in a toy store that what they see and writing about it can be a move and make sounds. great thing to do.
  13. 13. Personal/ Curricular Connections Leah Personal Connections Curricular Connections  It reminds of my time spent at Deep Creek  We need to educate our students about Lake, where my family hikes and spends helping the environment, and this work of time on the like. art encourages this.  It was a very calming experience, and was  There were so many stories that could be similar to the calming quality of nature. created from each scene in the towers. Students could write about/explore  The work of art shows the unlimited individual scenes. possibilities for learning and experiencing  It is important for students to have an that nature provides us. appreciation for where they come from,  The polar bears that were depicted caused and the “Mechanical Amusements” me to think of Global Warming, and the encourages this appreciation for Erie and possible extinction of certain species due Presque Isle. to this.  The “Mechanical Amusements” creates not only an appreciation for nature, but also gave me a greater appreciation for Erie.
  14. 14. Lines of Inquiry
  15. 15. Experiential Activity Ideas Math  Students can estimate and eventually measure the height of the towers and compare the different heights.  Students can determine if the time between the turning of the wheel and the actual movement is the same each time a tower is used. Language Arts  Students can use the contents and movement in the tower to think of a writing topic.  Poems can be written about the small scenes in the towers and can be shared with the class.  Scenes can be acted out to tell the stories about the small scenarios in the vignettes.
  16. 16. Experiential Activity Ideas Science  Students can learn about weather and how the weather relates to each vignette in the towers that represent air, water, and land.  Habitats can be taught and learned about after viewing the towers.  Students can learn about how to be aware of the environment from the scenes and themes of the towers. Social Studies  Architecture can be taught and understood by students.  Students can learn about and research different areas in Erie that are depicted in the structure.
  17. 17. Experiential Activity Ideas Art  Students can draw their own vignettes and how they would incorporate them into themed towers. Music  Instruments can be used so students can try to portray the sounds that would be pertinent to the scenes, or towers.
  18. 18. Mind Map
  19. 19. Our Group “Mechanical Amusements”
  20. 20. Sources  Wordle  Glogster  Inspiration  Music- Green Forests, Lush Meadows, and Soft Rain Falling from Pure Sounds