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Why choice?


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Slides to help start a discussion on providing student choice. Samples are from a grade one classroom but can be modified for other grade levels. Questions are designed to promote discussion around providing choice for student learning.

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Why choice?

  1. 1. A Conversation Presented by Karen Lirenman, Connected Ed, May 2013The Power of Providing Choice
  2. 2. Karen
  3. 3. WHY?
  4. 4. Excite
  5. 5. Empower
  6. 6. Engage
  7. 7. Inspire
  8. 8. What does choice look likein my grade one class?
  9. 9. Choice with how to practice word work.
  10. 10. Choice with writing topics and tools for writing.
  11. 11. Choice with how to learn math concepts.
  12. 12. Choice with what and where to read.
  13. 13. • Choice with where towork in the classroom• Choice with who towork with• Choice on topic ofstudy• Choice on how to showlearningOther Choices Include
  14. 14. How?• Mind set • Relinquishingcontrol• Figuring out thelearningobjectives andbeing okay withhow they are met
  15. 15. How hasincreasedchoiceimpacted mystudent’slearning?
  16. 16. •Increased engagement•Increased problem solving•Increased ownership of learning•Increased authenticity of learning•Increased collaboration•Increased cooperation•Increased peer assessment•Increased pride withaccomplishments
  17. 17. Choice ...• Shows we care about students and valuetheir decisions• Creates a supportive classroomenvironment• Helps develop life long learning• Increases collaboration amongst students• Puts the student at the centre of theirlearning
  18. 18. What are some ways that you are proving your students with choiceswith their learning?What are others ways you can provide your students with choice?How do you manage and support the choices your students make withtheir learning?Is it possible to provide your students with too much choice?What do you see as the stumbling blocks to providing choice for youstudents?How can we over come those stumbling blocks?What benefits have you seen with providing choice with respect to you,and/or your students?If you could remove all perceived barriers to choice how would yourclassroom run?Questions to Ponder and Discuss
  19. 19. Karen