Ogrodzieniec Castle


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Castles of the Trail of the Eagles' Nests. Castle in Ogrodzieniec

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Ogrodzieniec Castle

  1. 1. „Castles of the Trail of the Eagles’ Nests” AUTHORS: THE KNIGHTS OF THE RECTANGLE TABLE http://www.ruinyizamki.pl/rozne/zamki.html
  2. 2. What is the Eagles’ Nests’ Trail?  The Trail of the Eagles’ Nests is one of the most popular tourist routes from Cracow to Częstochowa.  It’s 163 km long.  On the trail there are many castles and ruins of the castles. It’s here http://gminyturystyczne.pl/region/jura
  3. 3. Czestochowa Map of the trail Cracow miriabili.blox.pl
  4. 4. Who, when and why built this trail?  The Eagles' Nests castles, many of which survived only in the form of ruins, are perched high on the tallest rocks between Czestochowa and the former Polish capital Cracow.  In the 14th century Polish king Kazimierz III Wielki (Casimir III the Great) built this trail  The castles were built to protect Cracow, as well as important trading routes, against the foreign invaders. Later, the castles were passed on into the hands of Polish aristocratic families.
  5. 5. Castles: http://www.ruinyizamki.pl/rozne/zamki.html
  6. 6. Royal castle in Ojcow It has two parts. The first one is a residential building. The second one is fortified. It has a distinctive tower. http://www.tenpieknyswiat.pl/2006/04/17/jura-krakowsko-czestochowska-dolina-pradnika
  7. 7. Royal castle in Pieskowa Skala www.czestochowa.simis.pl
  8. 8. Knight’s castle Lipowiec in Wygielzow http://winnicaczak.pl/agroturystyka/index.php?id=atrakcje
  9. 9. Knight’s castle in Smolen pl.wikipedia.org
  10. 10. Knight’s castle in Pilica Old castle walls from 1651.
  11. 11. Palace in the castle in Pilica
  12. 12. Knight’s castle in Bydlin Ruins are on the top of a rocky hill.
  13. 13. Knight’s castle Bakowiec in Morsko Castle ,,Bakowiec’’ was built on lofty rock on the plan of the irregular polygon . http://www.marcinkrysiak.pl/pl/zdjecie/890/Zamek_zamki_szlak_orlich_gniazd_Morsko_Polska/
  14. 14. Knight’s castle in Mirow wolfik.bikestats.pl
  15. 15. Knight’s castle in Korzkiew
  16. 16. Royal castle in Olsztyn http://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plik:Castle_in_Olsztyn.JPG
  17. 17. Knight’s castle in Rabsztyn In Rabsztyn there are ruins of a medieval castle and fragments of a palace from 17th century http://www.odkryjmalopolske.pl/zamek-w-rabsztynie.html
  18. 18. Reconstructed royal castle in Bobolice Castle before the reconstruction This castle was built in 1350-1352. Its reconstruction started in 2004 and ended in 2011. http://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zamek_Bobolice
  19. 19. Knight’s castle in Ogrodzieniec  The castle in Ogrodzieniec is one of the most impressive castles of the Trail of the Eagles’ Nests. http://www.zamek-ogrodzieniec.pl/kategorie/historia http://www.travelin.pl/region/wyzyna-krakowsko-czestochowska
  20. 20. History of the Ogrodzieniec castle (part I)  In the12th century Ogrodzieniec was a small village with a few wooden houses. Knights of family „Włodkowie” lived in this village.  In 1241 Tatars burnt the village. Then knights built a new, gothic castle. They used stone to do it. They were living in this castle up to 1470. http://rzeczpospolitaobojganaro dow.pl/forum/viewtopic.php?f= 91&t=114 http://www.zamek-ogrodzieniec.pl/kategorie/zamek
  21. 21. History (part II)  Later, the castle had different owners. In 1523 its owner was Jan Boner. His family extended the castle.  Sweden attack in 1655 damaged southern part of castle’s walls. Stanisław Warszycki built new, bigger walls.  In 1702 Swedes attacked again and burnt half of the castle. This event started the devastation of the castle which was never rebuilt. http://www.zamek-ogrodzieniec.pl/kategorie/historia
  22. 22. Now in ruins  In summer there are many interesting events in the castle like knight duels and the shows of historical dances.  „Knights’ inn” is a restaurant with a medieval decor situated near the castle. The food is delicious.  „Evening with ghosts” – in the evenings you can go with a guide to visit the ruins.The guide tells the visitors many scary legends about the castle and the ghosts and monsters come out from the darkness.  Castle museum – there is a small museum near the castle. You can learn a lot about the castle’s history.
  23. 23. Thank you for watching!!! The knights of the Rectangle Table Rafal Ines Martyna Malgosia