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Olive Leaf Extract with OlivX


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Olive Leaf Extract with OlivX

  1. 1. Olive Leaf Extract with OlivX™ This one liquid product made from the Olive Leaf with OlivX ™ containing Cumerone , has the potency to work on so many diseases and problems affecting this aging population. The Olive Leaf is as old as history yet its properties to correct health problems with the unique addition of OlivX™ is as advanced as the newest nutriceutical.
  2. 2. FACTS:HEALTH AND DEATH • “PNG people are dying at an early and young age due to life style diseases. As per the list of diseases, I would say many PNGans are dying ,infected or affected by: 1.Diabetes 2. Hypertension 3.Cardiovascular complications 4. Prostate Cancer 5. Cervical and Breast Cancer 6. Hepatitis B is on the rise 7. Sexually Transmitted Infections 8. HIV 9. Tuberculosis Areas most affected are the (5) highlands provinces of PNG, Morobe,National Capital District and Madang.” Manager Margaret Sepi-Munjin Marketing &Alliances National AIDS Council Secretariat
  3. 3. Olive Leaf Extract Containing OlivXTM Health Benefits •Inflammation / Rheumatism / Gout •Hypertension (Blood Pressure) •High cholesterol •Diabetes mellitus •Anti-ageing (powerful antioxidant) •Chest/heart pain due to cardiovascular disease •Irregular heart beat •Respiratory tract infections: bronchitis, flu, common cold, sore throat •Fever •Ear infection •Sinusitis •General viral and bacterial infections
  4. 4. Olive Leaf Extract Containing OlivXTM exclusively for K-Link Special extract from the leaf of the Olive tree. •Olive Leaf Extract has 30 times more antioxidants than best virgin olive oils. •Olive Leaf Extract has a 400% greater antioxidant capacity than the equivalent amount of Vitamin C and approximately double the power of Green Tea extract and Grape Seed extract. •Olive Leaf Extract, contains natural plant nutrients and the main antioxidant known as oleuropein. •Olive Leaf Extract containing OlivXTM does not contain any artificial flavours, colourings, preservatives, alcohol, sugar, lactose, starch, yeast, gluten or animal products.
  5. 5. Olive Leaf Extract Containing OlivX™ More Health Benefits •Fungus and yeast infections •Urinary tract infections •Fluid retention •Chronic fatigue syndrome •Antioxidants protect cells from damage •Glandular fever •Herpes/cold sores •Gastrointestinal tract infections Dosage - 200ml bottle 5ml per day
  6. 6. Health Benefits Hypertension (Blood Pressure) Angina pectoris (Chest/heart pain due to cardiovascular disease) Arrhythmia (irregular heart beat) High cholesterol Anti-ageing (powerful antioxidant) Respiratory tract infections: bronchitis, flu, common cold, sore throat Fever Ear infection Sinusitis General viral and bacterial infections Antioxidants protect cells from damage Epstein - Barr virus (Glandular fever) Herpes/cold sores Gastrointestinal tract infections Fungus and yeast infections Urinary tract infections Diabetes mellitus Inflammation / Rheumatism / Gout Fluid retention Chronic fatigue syndrome Dosage 5ml per day
  7. 7. Comparisons between Olive Oil Olive Leaf Extract containing OlivX TM Food Commodity Special extract for K-Link from Squeezed or chemically extracted from the fruit and the leaf of the tree. Biochemistry different from the seed of the olive oil: research shows Olive Oil is available is Therapeutic olive leaf extract contains 30 times commercial supermarkets more antioxidants than the Benefits Omega 9 and a small equivalent amount of the best amount of Omega 3 virgin olive oils.  Essential Fatty Acids which Olive leaf extract has a 400% have been shown to be greater antioxidant capacity than beneficial for heart and the equivalent amount of Vitamin nervous system health. C and approximately double the Olive Oil is the principal power of Green Tea extract and source of fat and a healthy alternative to animal fats Grape Seed extract. and butter in the Olive Leaf Extract, contains Mediterranean diet. natural plant nutrients and the Olive Oil's health benefits main antioxidant known as are attributable to several naturally occurring oleuropein. Olive Leaf Extract containing components such as oleic M OlivX does not contain any acid, a monounsaturated acid and artificial flavours, colourings, fatty preservatives, alcohol, sugar, polyunsaturated fatty acids. lactose, starch, yeast, gluten or Dosage animal products. 50-100ml per day Dosage and
  8. 8. Professor Dr. Ian Brighthope developer of K-Link’s EXCLUSIVE Olive Leaf Extract Containing OlivX™ •Graduated in Agricultural Science, 1965 • Founded the Australian Institute of Agriculture, Science & Technology Specialising in the field of plant & animal nutrition •Prof. Brighthope was awarded the ACNEM award for 25yrs outstanding service in Nutritional & Environmental Medicine •Graduated with a Bachelor of Medicine and a Bachelor of Surgery in 1974
  9. 9. World Recognised Nutritional Specialist • Prof. Brighthope pioneered the Graduate School of Integrated Medicine and was President of the Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental medicine • He is a world recognised expert on plant nutrition and was a keynote speaker in the landmark interview, ”Food Matters”. Check it out on YouTube. • Nutrition Care Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd, Australia, is a world leader in natural therapeutic product manufacturing and was built by Prof. Brighthope to the highest Australian TGA and world standards.
  10. 10. • The Nutrition Care factory –TGA approved
  11. 11. Olive Leaf Extract Containing OlivX™ If you are looking to purchase this product you can contact the Olive Leaf Extract Product Ambassador in your area. Elizabeth Palibutu Kimbe contact: 73301732 Victoria Mok Fane Port Moresby contact: 71433237 Camilla Baiwan Port Moresby contact: 73303119 Mary John Jigembe Kimbe contact: TBA