The Global Business Outlook for Brightstocks


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To Be Published 4th Quarter 2013
Base Year: 2012
Forecasts to 2022

A comprehensive business report on the global future for brightstocks specifically focusing on:

Current and forecast supply and demand by region
Key formulation approaches
Brightstock substitutes
Current and future pricing scenarios
Competitive forces
Business opportunities and threats for suppliers and buyers

Regional Coverage:
North America
Latin America
Africa and the Middle East

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The Global Business Outlook for Brightstocks

  1. 1. EnergyIn-Depth Report Series The Global Business Outlook for Brightstocks To Be Published 4th Quarter 2013 Base Year: 2012 Forecasts to 2022 Regional Coverage A comprehensive business report on the global future for bright- stocks specifically focusing on: North America Latin America Current and forecast supply and demand by region Asia-Pacific Key formulation approaches Europe Brightstock substitutes Africa and the Middle East Current and future pricing scenarios Competitive forces Business opportunities and threats for suppliers and buyers Report #Y604B | © 2013 Kline & Company, Inc.
  2. 2. The Global Business Outlook for BrightstocksReport ScopeThe Global Business Outlook for Brightstocks will provide subscribers with a comprehensive, accurate, and independentappraisal of global supply and demand of brightstocks and the business opportunities and threats for brightstocksuppliers and buyers. The study is designed specifically to provide subscribers with the information and insights requiredto construct sound business plans and capitalize on emerging opportunities in the very dynamic lubricant basestockbusiness.The study will focus specifically on paraffinic and naphthenic brightstocks used in commercial automotive, consumerautomotive, and industrial lubricant and functional fluid applications. The base year for the supply and demand data willbe 2012. The study will include forecasts for 2017 and 2022.The study will cover the global market; however, the study will be broken into the following regions: North America, LatinAmerica, the Asia-Pacific region, Europe, and Africa and the Middle East. International trade will also be examined in thereport, as the basestock business is increasingly becoming truly global.Key BenefitsIt is clear that the basestock business has changed significantly in the last 10 to 15 years. Brightstock producing GroupI plants have closed in the past, creating a short supply of brightstock. The recent enormous Group II capacity expansionhas overloaded the market, substituting Group I from a number of applications. Thus, Group I producers face tremendouspressure to shutdown plants. GTL basestocks are now a reality. These with other plants supplying Group III haveincreased the supply of light viscosity basestocks and reduced the relative supply of heavy visocosity basestocks.The Global Business Outlook for Brightstocks is a syndicated analysis designed specifically to help subscribers navigatethe challenging “white water” of change that lies ahead. In addition to providing an objective and through analysis ofbrightstock supply and demand, the study will present an unbiased, forward-thinking assessment of what the businessfor this viscosity grade will look like in the next 10 years on a global basis. It will also address the opportunities that willbe presented to the suppliers, as well as threats that might loom for the buyers through this period of rapid change.The report will provide subscribers with: An objective evaluation of where the brightstock business is today and where it is going A clear understanding of supply and demand drivers A pragmatic analysis of competitive forces An unbiased assessment of future supply and demand – Insights into projected plant closings, expansions, and grass roots investments that could affect supply – An assessment of decommissioned or mothballed PDA units that could be restarted to increase supply – Demand that could move to alternatives Manufacturing technologies: what changes could be made to enable greater production of brightstocks at existing facilities? Intermaterial competition – When would the PIBs and other substitutes become more interesting in a greater number of applications? A critical examination of current and likely pricing scenarios Forecast scenarios from which to build solid business plans Valuable insights and information on business opportunities and threats Report #Y604B | © 2013 Kline & Company, Inc.
  4. 4. The Global Business Outlook for Brightstocks Methodology Kline is unmatched in our ability to gather hard-to-get market and competitive intelligence with a high degree of confidence. Klines market analysis approach places the principal emphasis on primary research techniques to ensure that the foundation of business intelligence and insight is accurate, current, and reliable. During the course of field research, Klines professional staff of industry experts will conduct in-depth discussions and personal interviews with a wide range of knowledgeable industry participants and opinion leaders, including finished lubricant manufacturers and marketers, distributors and suppliers, basestock refiners, lubricant additive suppliers, leading OEMs, key end users, and other direct influencers on supplier purchase decisions. This approach has proven to be the most effective and reliable approach to obtaining accurate market data, capturing expert insights, and identifying business opportunities. Primary research will represent the bulk of our research efforts. In addition, this analysis will be supplemented by secondary research drawn from the review of suppliers product literature and price lists; a search of recent trade and technical literature; Internet sources; and analysis of statistical data from government, industry, and trade associations and agencies. Kline Credentials Kline is a worldwide consulting and research firm dedicated to providing the kind of insight and knowledge that helps companies find a clear path to success. The firm has served the management consulting and market research needs of organizations in the chemicals, materials, energy, life sciences, and consumer products industries for over 50 years. Recently published or in-progress research for the Energy industry includes: Klines research and consulting services extend across the entire Competitive Analysis for the Global Lubricant energy industry value chain. Our solutions have helped clients Basestocks Industry develop better ways to create and profit from new business Global Lubricants: Market Analysis and Assessment Global Synthetic Lubricants: Market Analysis and opportunities, respond to competitive and economic threats, Opportunities improve productivity, achieve sustainable growth, and optimize LubesNet Database: Annual Online Subscription performance. Kline provides clients with facts, forecasts, and Opportunities in Lubricants North America recommendations based solidly on the realities of the market. Our market research reports and services are designed to provide subscribers with a deeper understanding of their markets, an outlook for their business, and accurate information about their competitors. Our clients tell us they often use Klines market research to validate their own internal analysis, and many clients rely on Kline reports as their most critical source of information. For more information about this study or Klines other services, e-mail us at, visit our website at, or contact us at any of our regional offices listed below. North America Latin America Europe China India Japan +1-973-435-3407 +55-11-3079-0792 +32-2-770-4740 +86-21-5292-5353 +91-124-4546-100 +81-3-3242-6277 Report #Y604B | © 2013 Kline & Company, Inc.