Skin Care Market


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Hair care product (for at-home use only) sales
increase across all hair care product categories, with
shampoos leading the pack. Manufacturers’ sales of
hair care products were up 3% in 2011.

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Skin Care Market

  1. 1. SKIN CARESkin care continues to be the largest product classduring, the top three product classes account foralmost two-third of the total industry sales. Salesof skin care products grow 3.7% in 2011.Skin care is dominated by facial treatments products,which are used on a daily basis by a large consumerbase across all age groups.Facial treatments remains the largest productcategory in sales, whereas sun care products poststhe highest growth. 2010 2011 Fragrances Baby care Facial Hand and Skin care Sun care products treatmenst body lotions for man productsWith Kline’s Cosmetics & Toiletries USA research you will gain pertinent information on 26 major per-sonal care categories, as well as category trends and developments, manufacturers sales for 2011, sales andmarket shares for leading brands, new product activity, and an outlook through 2016. Read more...
  2. 2. PROFESSIONAL SKIN CARE Anti-aging products account for 40% of retal products sales in the professional skin care market. This group of products is the most sought after in the U.S. and European markets. Acne is the fourth largest skin condition. Manufacturers’ Sales of Take-home Professional Skin Care Products by Channel of Distribution and Skin Care Concern, USA, 2011 0 Medical Care Spas and salons Retail Providers Hyperpigmintation Rosacea/hypersensitivity Dehydratation Acne Aging All otherOur Professional Skin Care Global Series will help you tap into this market with an in-depth assess-ment of key trends and new product launches, sales by skin care concern, sales for take-home and back-barproducts, and brand sales by channel. Read more...
  3. 3. Dollar sales of cosmetics and toiletries are forecast toincrease at CAGR of 2.9%, and skin care, along withmakeup are projected to show the highest growth during View the depth and quality of our research bythe forecast period. browsing through selected free reports’ samples. Some upcoming trends REGISTER FOR YOUR FREE TRIAL ACCOUNT. Technology backed with claims helps drive the market Professional results at home continues Men’s skin care sees best growth in several years MyKline Trial Multi-benefit products are gaining market share Consumer trends and trends affecting ingredients market are INTERCONNECTED FINISHED PRODUCTS ACTIVES Natural or natural-inspired products are Actives with a natural image are preferred favored by consumers by formulators Anti-aging skin care products enjoy Anti-aging actives are a focus for actives the largest growth suppliers Product line are increasingly segmented Suppliers of active ingredients develop and target specific consumers / skin conditions dedicated product ranges Educated consumers are looking for Actives suppliers are offering highly substan- really efficient products tiated productsBEAUTY VIEW: SKIN CARE - This revolutionary report is a one-stop source for information about thedynamic skin care market. With the research you will understand the MARKET, the CHANNEL, and the SHOPPER!