Cosmetics & Toiletries USA


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This annual report is an insightful analysis of the vibrant personal care market focusing on key trends, sales, recent developments, and the future outlook of the market.

Cosmetics & Toiletries report (2013 base year) is comprised of a written analysis and an interactive database offering the flexibility to sort and view information efficiently. The 2013 data is NOW available!

Product categories covered:
• Fragrances
• Hair care products
• Skin care products
• Makeup products
• Oral care products
• Other toiletries

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Cosmetics & Toiletries USA

  1. 1. Report #CIA4L | © 2014 Kline & Company, Inc. Consumer ProductsConsumer Products 39th Edition Data To Be Released 1st Quarter 2014 Report To Be Published 2nd Quarter 2014 Base Year: 2013 Regional Coverage: United States The authoritative source of information on the personal care industry focusing on key trends and develop- ments, challenges and business opportunities and containing market size and share data, key insights, competi- tive assessment, channel breakdowns, and forecasts for 26 product categories and about 30 leading marketers. This Report Answers Such Questions As: n How is the industry and each of the categories per- forming? n What are the key product trends and market dynam- ics? n Which marketers are winning and losing? n How are the channels shifting? n What is the future outlook? n What are the implications for industry player? Cosmetics & Toiletries USA
  2. 2. Consumer ProductsConsumer Products Cosmetics & Toiletries USA Report #CIA4L | © 2014 Kline & Company, Inc. Tentative Report Contents* Introduction Executive Summary An executive briefing covering developments in 2013, the impact of key trends and issues in the personal care business, and their future implications for industry participants. Industry Analysis A summary of industry developments in 2013 and a five- year forecast. n Market overview n Companies n Retail channels n Private-label activity n Advertising and promotion n Consumer insights n Outlook to 2018 The Products Pertinent information and insightful analysis of 26 major categories, including category trends and developments; manufacturers’ 2013 sales; sales and market shares for leading brands; new product activity; sales by retail channel; private-label sales; advertising and promotion; and outlook to 2018. The product categories covered are shown in Table 1. Major Companies Profiles for about 30 major companies, including company activities; sales by product category and brand in 2013 and related analysis; recent developments including acquisitions and new products; corporate overview; and outlook to 2018. The major companies to be covered are shown in Table 2. Advertising An analysis of media spending for 2013 is provided for each of the product categories and major companies. * Subject to charter subscriber input Table 1: Product Categories to be Covered Fragrances Oral Care Products n Fragrances for men n Denture products n Fragrances for women n Lip balms Hair Care Products n Mouthwashes n Conditioners n Toothbrushes n Ethnic hair care products n Toothpastes n Hair coloring products n Tooth whitening products n Hair styling products and sprays Skin Care Products n Shampoos n Baby care products Makeup n Facial treatments n Eye makeup n Hand and body lotions n Face makeup n Skin care products for men n Lipsticks and lip glosses n Sun care products n Nail polishes Other Toiletries n Deodorants and antiperspirants n Depilatories, waxes, and bleaches n Personal cleansing products n Shaving products Table 1: Major Companies to be Covered n Alticor n Henkel n Avon n Johnson & Johnson n Beiersdorf n Kao n Brynwood Partners n Limited Brands n Chanel n L’Oréal n Church & Dwight n LVMH n The Clorox Company n Markwins n Colgate-Palmolive n Mary Kay n Combe n Merck n Coty n Procter & Gamble n Elizabeth Arden n Revlon n Energizer Holdings n Sanofi n Estée Lauder n Shiseido n GlaxoSmithKline n Unilever n Guthy-Renker
  3. 3. Consumer ProductsConsumer Products Cosmetics & Toiletries USA Report #CIA4L | © 2014 Kline & Company, Inc. Scope This report covers all cosmetic, toiletry, and fragrance products sold through all domestic consumer outlets in the United States. n Two key deliverables: an interactive online database and a comprehensive written report (approximately 1,000 pages) n Fragrances, hair care, makeup, oral care, skin care, and toiletries (see Table 1) n All mainstream as well as alternate channels: department stores, direct sales (person-to-person, internet, television shopping), drug stores, food stores, mass merchandisers, professional outlets (salons, spas, doctor offices), and spe- cialty stores n Manufacturer, unit, and retail sales n Professional use products excluded n United States only Key Benefits Kline & Company has been serving the personal care products industry for over 50 years. Cosmetics & Toiletries USA is a detailed assessment of personal care products and the players who market them. n Assess category and product trends n Identify acquisition and alliance partners n Capitalize on consumer trends n Develop market-entry strategies n Efficiently allocate financial, marketing, and manufacturing resources n Develop competitive strategies for increased market share n Understand industry dynamics
  4. 4. Consumer ProductsConsumer Products Cosmetics & Toiletries USA Report #CIA4L | © 2014 Kline & Company, Inc. Methodology Kline’s approach places principal emphasis on primary research techniques to ensure that the foundation of business intelligence and insight is accurate, current, and reliable. Building on our 50-plus years in the business and leveraging our worldwide network of offices, our teams of seasoned professionals draw upon pragmatic industrial and commercial experience to understand and interpret global impacts and local perspectives. Primary Research We Know Who to Talk to. We Know How to Listen. A high number of in-depth discussions are conducted by each analyst. All interviews are done with true industry insiders. Kline’s analysts draw upon pragmatic experience to understand global impacts and local perspectives. Our interviews engage experts across all pertinent fields and sectors including: n Marketers/manufacturers n Distributors n Government agencies n Retailers n Suppliers n Trade organizations Secondary Research We Know Where to Look – Mining the Details. Analysis is further supplemented by secondary research, consisting of constant tracking of annual company reports, national statistics bureaus, trade/ industrial/professional associations, and the like. Relevant developments are diligently followed and their impact closely monitored. Reports also draw upon non-confidential data from Kline’s internal database, consisting of over half a century’s syndicated research. Comprehensive Market Intelligence We Know How to Verify. Data are rigorously analyzed, cross-checked, distilled, and validated. Kline’s proven methodology allows exceptionally effective, precise, and reliable market intelligence procurement and assessment, giving subscribers a solid foundation on which to grow, refine, and expand their business with confidence. Kline Credentials Kline is a leading global management consulting and market research firm offering the complete spectrum of services. The firm has served the management consulting and market research needs of organizations in the chemicals, materials, energy, life sciences, and consumer products industries for over 50 years. A FULL SPECTRUM OF SERVICES CUSTOM RESEARCH MARKET RESEARCH REPORTS MANAGEMENT CONSULTING n n North America +1-973-435-3407 Latin America +55-11-3079-0792 Europe +32-2-770-4740 China +86-21-6012-6500 India +91-124-4546-100 Japan +81-3-3242-6277