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A Poetry of Absence: Creating Erasure Poems (826michigan)


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This presentation was used as part of "A Poetry of Absence: Creating Erasure Poems," a workshop taught by Julie Judkins at 826michigan to 12 -16 year olds.

Course description: "Interested in writing poetry but not sure where to find the words? Take a page from our book! In this workshop we’ll experiment with “erasure poetry,” where words on a printed page (newspaper, discarded book page) are crossed out until the ones remaining form a brand new work: your poem! We’ll look at the history of the art form, discuss techniques, and then uncap our permanent markers and try it for ourselves."

Please visit my blog for more information.

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A Poetry of Absence: Creating Erasure Poems (826michigan)

  1. Welcome to “A Poetry ofAbsence”! Created and taught by Julie Judkins at 826michigan, March 17, 2012
  2. What is anerasure?A poem created out from anotherperson’s text (often publishedmaterial, like a newspaper articleor book page) Image Credit: Austin Kleon
  3. MaterialsText (newspaper, digital text file, book page)“An eraser”: Marker, text editor, scissors, white-out…or anythingyou can imagine! Credit: Safran Foer, Ruefle
  4. Is it art? Is it text? Both? Credit: Tom Phillips
  5. Tree of CodesJonathan Safran Foer (2010) Die-cut adaption of The Street ofCrocodiles by Bruno Schulz
  6. Darkness Yedda Morrison (2009)Erased any mention of humans from Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness.
  7. The Ms of My Kin Janet Holmes (2009)Political commentary about theIraq war cut out of The Poems ofEmily Dickinson (poems from1861 and 1862)
  8. Newspaper Blackout Austin Kleon (2010)Sharpie &
  9. WaveBooks Erasure App:
  10. Credit: Kleon, Eastern Michigan University English, Anna Maria Johnson
  11. What’s next? Use a line from your poem as the first line of a story? Link several poems into a short story? Create your next poem by making an image or patternwith the words? Or…? Credit: Off The Front Porch blog