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Collaborate, communicate,


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Published in: Education
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Collaborate, communicate,

  1. 1. Kate MacMillan It’s Not Your Mother’s Library!Michelle Holguin
  2. 2. “….it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness…”
  3. 3. closing libraries & cutting staff
  4. 4. in a revolution of information retrieval
  5. 5. how to provide innovative solutions to free range learners?
  6. 6. time to transform
  7. 7. digital citizenship cultural literacyglobal knowledge
  8. 8. the future requires•letting go of stereotypes and misconceptions • commitment to change •vision of the library as relevant • participatory librarianship
  9. 9. library of the future •collaborative •continually changing•conduit for innovation, creativity & knowledge
  10. 10. interact, create & communicate
  11. 11. relationships are the cornerstone of libraries and participation
  12. 12. now is the timemodel transliteracy to encourage digital fluency
  13. 13. explosion of information & gradualdisintegration of traditional publishing
  14. 14. provide content in various formats •eBooks •digital textbooks •audio •visual •print
  15. 15. no shelf required
  16. 16. free range learners are device agnostic
  17. 17. smartphones, iPads, tablets, notebooks,Kindles, eReaders, iPods, computers and print
  18. 18. connect, communicate, collaborate & construct
  19. 19. provide content through partnerships
  20. 20. Napa County Library Collaboration SNAP eCards SNAP Databases TumbleBooks BookFlix Homework Help Study Center Homework Hold Forms Visual Catalog for Kids & Adults
  21. 21. American Canyon High School•Follett Shelf•AXIS 360•One Search•Kindles•ECHO•Digital Resources
  22. 22. NVUSD Digital BlueprintHigh Schools, Middle Schools = BYOD •Digital Textbooks •Increase eBook collections 25% •audio •Device Agnostic /Platform Specific
  23. 23. I believe the best days of librarianship are ahead of us….” (Lankes)
  24. 24. Thanks to Bobbi Newman & Buffy Hamilton