Uk structure of sport 2014


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Uk structure of sport 2014

  1. 1. Opportunities and pathways in sport: • The Sports Development Pyramid and Sport England’s Sports Development Continuum and socio-cultural factors influencing movement between the different levels • Mass participation v Excellence / Elitism • Talent identification and development initiatives. The concept of talent in sport and links with methods of identifying talent from other countries (for example, SportsSearch in Australia and state-sponsored identification programmes of the former East Germany). • The structure of the World Class Performance Pathway
  2. 2. Factors affecting movement up the pyramid: (Ability/performance,) Finance/income, leisure time, education, physical education, resources, family, peer pressure, role models, facilities, transport
  3. 3. World Class Podium (a max. of four years away from the podium). UK Sport has a very clear remit at the ‘top end’ of Britain’s sport, with no direct involvement in community or school sport. 1,200 of our leading athletes at the Podium and Development levels benefit from an annual investment of around £100 million World Class Development (realistic medal winning capabilities for 2016.) typically 6 years away from the podium, WorldClassTalent maximum of 8 years away from the podium World Class Performance Pathway
  4. 4. Promoting Sport in the UK Elite Sport UK Sport - No Compromise - World Class Performance Pathway (Podium, Development, Talent) Talent Identification: Olympic Specific Girls for Gold Pitch2 Podium Tall and Talented/ Sporting Giants Fighting Chance Paralympic Potential Talent 2012  (UKSI) EIS Support for Athletes- The EIS has more than 250 sport science and medicine practitioners working across 10 areas of expertise. The give 4,000 hours support to over 1,500 athletes weekly working with over 40 Olympic sports. Mass Participation Sport England – Grow, Sustain, Excel Creating a sporting habit for life -Sport England strategy 2012-17: Funding for : NGB – £450 Million, Facilities- £250 million, local areas and schools Develop 40,000 Volunteer ‘Sports Makers’ School Sports Partnerships: SSCO, UK School Olympics ,Junior Athletic Education programme , PESSYP/ PESSCL – no longer! ‘The 5 hour offer’ “Playground to podium” – nurturing disabled young people and adults with potential to be elite athletes. £1 Billion National Lottery Funding and money from Central Government(DCMS) to be spent between 2012-17 CCPR represents sport to government
  5. 5.  Power2Podium: Skeleton is a nationwide search for fast, powerful and competitive male and female athletes who have the passion and drive to become Olympic champions in Skeleton. It is a golden opportunity to develop your potential and become part of Britain’s Sporting Elite at the 2022 Olympic Games. Are you: A male or female athlete aged between 17 and 25? Fast, powerful and competitive? Currently competing in any sport at a regional level or above? If so we want to hear from you! No previous experience in Skeleton is required; we are looking for athletes with the raw talent and capacity to develop under the guidance of elite coaches in a world class environment. The closing date for Power2Podium: Skeleton is midnight on 6th April 2014.
  6. 6. UK Sport – No Compromise
  7. 7. No Compromise  A commitment to channel the resources needed towards athletes and sports with the greatest chance of succeeding on the world stage, both in the immediate future and in the longer term.  No Compromise demands we reinforce excellence, support talent, challenge under-performance and reject mediocrity.  Put simply, we strive to invest the right resources, in the right athletes, for the right reasons.  This approach, along with record levels of investment from the National Lottery, Exchequer and Team 2012 helped Great Britain achieve 65 Olympic medals and 120 Paralympic medals at London 2012. UK Sport 2014
  8. 8. UK SPORT – No Compromise!  Some 1,300 of the nation’s leading athletes at the Podium and Podium Potential levels alone.  The Programme works by ensuring that athletes get the support – delivered through their sport’s national governing body – that they need at every stage of their development.  Having run the Programme since 1997 and with the benefit of lessons learned over the Sydney and Athens Olympiads, UK Sport developed a 'No Compromise' approach, which ultimately means taking no short cuts in resourcing the best athletes to realise their medal ambitions.  Podium and Podium Potential level athletes will be surrounded by a performance programme that includes coaching, training and competition support, medical and scientific services and access to the best facilities that the UK (and often the World) has to offer. UK Sport 2014
  9. 9. The Government’s main sporting focus should be on winning as many Gold medals as possible at the London Games in 2012. Discuss. (10 Marks) Sport England Grow Sustain Excel Gold Medals Important for National Pride and World Recognition Health of The Nation – Cost £30.7 Billion Healthy Lifestyles Lifelong Involvement DCMS 1 million more Sporting Participants by 2013 Obesity and CHD directly related to Exercise. Obesity is estimated to cost £2 billion from 18million Sick days The Legacy of the Games- ‘Places People Play’ Social and physical Benefits of Participation Personal Choice Sainsburys Active Kids Your Opinion