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Transfer of learning 2012


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Published in: Sports
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Transfer of learning 2012

  1. 1. Transfer Of LearningEffect of one skill on another
  2. 2. Heptathlon• What fundamental skills is Jessica using in each event?• Is there more than one in an event?•
  3. 3. Jessica Ennis • 100 m hurdles• Throwing • high jump• Jumping • shot put• Running • 200 m • long jump • javelin throw • 800 metres
  4. 4. Learning Outcomes• Explain 6 types of transfer using examples from sport• Analyse transferable fundamental skills in sport• Describe 4 ways a coach can encourage effective transfer
  5. 5. Analyse the Pictures - Group Together• Sports that are similar (3 separate groups)• Identify one sport that is left out
  6. 6. Is all transfer helpful?Role Play• Tennis V Badminton• Netball V Basketball• Tuck jump V Somersault• Dribbling basketball using both hands• Golf swing & Swimming
  7. 7. 6 Types ? – No Probs (NPPRBZ)• Negative – one skill hinders another• Positive – one skill helps learning of another• Proactive – effect on future skill• Retroactive – effect on previous skill• Bilateral – limb to limb (side to side)• Zero – No transfer available
  8. 8. Look at your pictures again• Pair sports to identify the following types of transfer• Negative• Positive• Proactive• ZeroWrite definitions on your task sheet
  9. 9. Ensuring Transfer• Practice original task• Realistic practice situations• Learn task well then progress• Make performer aware of transfer potentialScenario task on worksheet
  10. 10. Exam – Peer Marking• 1 mark for correct definition x 3• 1 mark for correct example x 3= 6 marks• 1 mark for each bullet point x 3• Divide your score by 9 x 100 = % mark