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6 tips for a successful food truck campaign


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Guide to putting together a successful food truck street marketing campaign. Including examples of methods employed by familiar brands, including: Fritolay, Microsoft, Fox, Food Network, Namco, and the State of Louisiana.

Written by Kathryn Harriman, Social Media and Creative Marketing Consultant

Published in: Business, Technology

6 tips for a successful food truck campaign

  1. 1. Make the most out of your street promo event
  2. 2. This one is a no-brainer.You’re there to make an impression so don’t skimp on the fare. Consider partnering with a chef or an established food truck. ESPNs World Cup Experience Food Truck event featured a partnership with the popular Kogi Korean BBQ Taco truck chefs, who created a special menu for the event. Photos courtesy of 6Tips for a Successful FoodTruck Campaign
  3. 3. Invest in professionally designed, eye-catching vinyl wraps for your truck. It’s all about branding so make full use of your billboard on wheels. Big companies like FOX know how important it is for the truck to look right. They have strict standards for design teams working on promotional trucks for their street campaigns. Photos courtesy of 6Tips for a Successful FoodTruck Campaign
  4. 4. It’s not all about food. Your goal should be to maximize the time spent with your patrons (and potential customers!). Consider adding entertainment. 6Tips for a Successful FoodTruck Campaign When NAMCO used a food truck to promote their “Ninja Storm” video game at various gamer conventions they installed large screen tvs for live game play. Photos courtesy of
  5. 5. Research a spot to set up shop that is unique as well as relative to your target market.Think outside the box.Avoid places you could be lost in the crowd. 6Tips for a Successful FoodTruck Campaign Louisiana Economic Development Agency had the right idea when they parked their promotional food truck outside the Los Angeles Convention Center for the E3 gaming event. They even set up a seating area. Photos courtesy of
  6. 6. Use social media to promote the event and invite your active followers. Make it easy for newcomers to connect with you online for future marketing efforts. 6Tips for a Successful FoodTruck Campaign Camarena Tequila and Tostitos are two brands that maximized social media for their food truck campaigns. QR codes, on-site Facebook/Twitter following and Facebook pages dedicated to the event are some of the ways they engaged with their audience online. Photos courtesy of
  7. 7. A food truck promotion is a huge undertaking and you may find that you need additional help to make it happen. On private listing sites like, you can deal directly with the truck owner. If you feel like you can handle the rest this is a quick, and often very affordable, option. But if you’re already overwhelmed, contact They’ve successfully done it before for some pretty big brands: Microsoft, Live Nation, ESPN, FOX, Food Network, to name a few.. 6Tips for a Successful FoodTruck Campaign