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Kittys computers finial


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Kittys computers finial

  1. 1. Kitty’s Computers Kitty Taylor
  2. 2. Background• We are a new company, however I have plenty of experience with building computers.• Currently we are a small business but we are aiming to expand and grow the number of employees we have• We have 2 close competitors• The company is set up in my spare room in my house so we don’t have a shop as of yet.
  3. 3. Scenario 1• Market research has been done and the findings are on the next slides.• Kitty’s Computers are going to specialize in building new computers specially to how the customers wants them.• Research will need to be done to find out what the majority of families in Grantham are looking for.
  4. 4. Which of the Below options apply toyou when buying a new computer? Views on New Computers Brand New Second hand Restored Happy with current one Only buy from big chain
  5. 5. How Much are you willing to Spend on a brand New laptop designed to suit you? Spenditure on computers £200-£300 £301-£400 £401-£500 £501-£600 £601+
  6. 6. How long would you be prepared to wait for your computer? Time for Computer to arrive Under 1 week 1-2 weeks 2-3 weeks 3+ weeks
  7. 7. What is the most important part of a computer for you? Important in a laptop for you Big memory Big screen High definition screen Technical software Lots of software
  8. 8. Scenario 2• The target market that I have chosen is families.• We need to now Market our company this involves getting people talking about us.• People will be able to place orders by post or by Telephone.• We will set the price of the computers depending on the results of the market research.
  9. 9. Scenario 3• We are going to be building computers to the preference of the customer.• We are going to stick with our current supplier.
  10. 10. Scenario 4• We will produce the products as the orders come in, this is because the orders will all be different.• We will hold little stock to begin with probable 3 of all the components that we are offering.• When we expand we will employee someone to build the computers as I wont have time.• Delivery will be done in a week and will be done by hand to begin with.• Each laptop will be tested before it goes to the customer.
  11. 11. Scenario 5• It is possible to get a part time job• Asking family and friends• Selling some personal assets• Theses are all possible ways to raise finance, but in my eyes the best option is to ask the bank for a loan.
  12. 12. Scenario 6• There are very complicated laws to do with maternity leave.• One bonus with using my pregnant friend would be that I wouldnt’t have to pay her during her maternity leave because she has not worked for me for over 26 weeks.• However this isn’t a reason to employ somebody and it would mean not having an employee for 26 weeks.• I have decided to take one of the other candidates.• There is also a need to fill the position of receptionist/administrator.