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Amazing edison


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Amazing edison

  1. 1. Amazing Edison Kitty Taylor EFDP 18/11/1115/03/2012 Kitty Taylor 1
  2. 2. Thomas Alva Edison• 1847-1931• American Inventor• Only 3 month at school• 1093 patents to his name• Great technologist15/03/2012 Kitty Taylor 2
  3. 3. Thomas Alva Edison15/03/2012 Kitty Taylor 3
  4. 4. Edison’s Most Famous Inventions and Achievements• Electric light bulb• Electric generating system• First recording of the human voice – Himself saying “Mary had a little lamb”• Film projector• Gramophone• First sound film• First to observe moving electrons15/03/2012 Kitty Taylor 4
  5. 5. His Most Famous Invention15/03/2012 Kitty Taylor 5
  6. 6. Over 500 failed experiments to create a working light bulb If at first you don’t succeed Try try again15/03/2012 Kitty Taylor 6
  7. 7. Column370006000500040003000 Column320001000 015/03/2012 Kitty Taylor 7
  8. 8. kitty •abbie kitty •abbie15/03/2012 Kitty Taylor 8